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I had some itching in my vagina about 5 days before my period and assumed it was a yeast infection. I read online that one home remedy for this was to use unsweetened yoghurt. I used yoghurt with xylitol and had some relief. However, because I wasn't sure it was safe to apply yoghurt with xylitol to my vagina, I stopped using it. My vagina however still itches and I feel a little bit of pain/discomfort a few times a day.
He also has a sweet horrible odour (especially earss) so I'm assuming a yeast infection. He is very uncomfortable so I was wondering if there is anything OTC I can use that may alleviate his itching and soreness until his owners come back next week and take him in to the vet. The only thing I have at my work that could help short term would be a hydrocortine spray which I think would make the probable yeast infection worse.
you have to be in good higene conditions to avoid yeast infections... one of the best home remedy to avoid yeast infections is use of yogurt (good bacteria for our body) to help avoid yeast infections...
Does yeast viginal infection considered STD? Does yeast viginal infection is transferrable? many thanx.
Good afternoon all. I thnk i have a yeast infection i have been pretty itchy far two days now and there is white stuff in the fold if my vagina (sorry tmi) i have had only one before and i didnt even know i had it. My questions are: 1. Can i self medicate for this or must i call my doc tommorrow 2. i am also on the pill if i can self med. then will it interfer with that? 3. what brand is good?
Recently I came down with an upper respiratory infection and the doctor prescribed me a penicillin to clear it up. I told the doctor that I had a yeast infection the last time I took an antibiotic. I purchased a probiotic but didnt take it till after the 3rd day of medication and the damage was done already. I got a yeast infection and I have had one before due to antibiotics so I knew what it was.
Your itchiness in the genital area is highly likely to be caused by a fungal problem called Thrush. Your groin joint pain and back pain may be due to arthritis or from urinary infections or bowel problems. You can get itchiness and soreness in the groin area in the folds of skin if you are overweight.
umm i think its yogurt that is good during a yeast infection, well i think to prevent yeast infections soemhting ot do with the bacteria inn it......yours doesn't sound like it's that bad for now,,,although i would be concerned with the itching...i had a prescription with mine,,,,these little egg like things to put inside and they dissolve inside and after taking the third one,,,its all over and done with....
Boric acid doesn't even sound safe to take internally or externally. Boric Acid is a toxin used to kill rodents. I have heard of one home remedy for boric acid, and that is for ear aches...and that doesn't even sound safe to me. Only your OB can tell you what is safe to treat your yeast infection. I know Monistat is safe to use. Please don't ever try to self diagnose or treat yourself during pregnancy, it's not worth the consequences to your baby.
In order to get rid of a yeast infection, women have had success in applying a watered down tea tree oil to their vagina using an applicator-type tampon. There has yet to be any trials on humans. I won’t mention yogurt as you don’t want to try it. You can find many home remedies for yeast infections online, some women have reported success using coconut oil, some like pomegranate gel, and there is talk that echinacea purpurea liquid is also effective.
Did he do a culture on any of the spots? It doesn't sound like yeast, or an std. You should try posting in the dermatology forum.
I was misdiagnosed with a yeast infection last June and was creams and eventually Diflucan pills to remedy. The symptoms of swelling just underneath the head of my penis went away, however, unfortunately, my penis went through several days of skin flaking off and losing its elasticity and has also had a reduction in its flaccid state and sensitivity. There are times where I feel like it is not even there. I use to be extremely sensitive and responsive to even my own touch.
Hello, I've had a yeast infection since a little after Thanksgiving 2010. I came in a month before to the E.R. at Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA for what I thought was a urinary tract infection (I've had a few in the past and the feeling was very similar.) They took a urine sample and it came up negative for a UTI, I was examined and the Doctor thought it'd be best to prescribed me Levaquin in a 3 day dose. A week later I was feeling back to normal.
The area surrounding there is also very red, irritated, and I feel some really small bumps I guess. Is this a yeast infection? I finished up a 10 day course of antibiotics for a sinus infection like a week and a half ago. I have never had a yeast infection before. As a matter of fact, I am 30 and have never been to a gynecologist. I have big time anxiety regarding going to doctors. Anyway, is this something I need to go regarding?
I often don't know if I have a yeast or bladder infection. I think you should try taking home remedy treatment first before taking any medication, such as wearing all cotton white underwear, drinking plenty of fluids especially the ones that make you pee, such as cranberry juice, avoid too sweet stuff, because yeast will grow uncontrolled with sugar, eating lots of garlic.
for the past month and a half, I have been suffering with a yeast infection that won't go away. it first came about from penecillin antibiotic that I took after my wisdom teeth came out. I have been to 2 doctors that have confirmed yeast infections, and been tested for STD's to make sure and they came back negative. My first doctor prescribed me with a terazole (3 night applicator cream) and when that didn't work prescribed me 1 diflucole pill.
Or.....your partner can have a yeast infection and you two keep passing it back and forth, have him checked too.
I am 16 weeks and I have been constantly keeping a yeast infection with this pregnancy. I took the meds the doctor prescribe but it goes away and come right back. Is it normal or should I try some home remedies? I didn't have this while pregnant with my son.
Hi, I have researched this and have found that a yeast infection is the closest description to what I have. I have had a yeast infection before only lasted a few days, itching, etc, But not as sever as this one i have now.... well.. i think i have....
Could this be from wiping with tolite paper or me rubbing it when really itchy??? Also are there any at home remedies for a yeast infection???
I might as well suck it up and take the terazol ...this yeast infection is killing me! I may also try that home remedy now I do feel better knowing that I am not the only one who has had more than one UTI during seems that no pregnant women I know personally have had to take any type of antibiotics....thank you all!
I took her to the pediatrician who insisted little kids can't get BV (why not?) and it must be a yeast infection. So I've been treating her with an anti-fungal cream for 4 days, and have seen no diff. IN fact it's more red than before. And there's no way that she's being abused, just to get that right off the table. She stays home with me and I'm super sensitive to that type of thing, so that doesn't enter as a possibility for me.
byw, topical cream (like vagisil) applied to the affected area will not cure a yeast infection..
We both have been tested for stds,stis,(negative results for both of us)he has had a cystoscopy done twice,been told he definitely doesn't have a yeast infection or bacterial infection. How do I keep getting it back after we have sex then?
then i searched online and i found that it might be yeast infection. i started home remedy using yogurt and later i started eating garlic also. it kinda went away and i stopped doing all that but it came back again and i started it again. Its still there. My concern is that is it yeast infection or somthing else like herpes. I will mention this also that i kinda bought this local handwash by mistake and used it on my penis to wash it before.
I began to notice in April that I was having yeast infections that seemed to occur the week of my period or sometimes the week before that. Classic yeast infection symptoms of external irritation, cottage cheese like discharge and burning. the symptoms disappear when my period starts.This has happened just about every month since. My mother told me she used to get them before her period and that they were mild. So were mine.
did u tell ur dr about this that u think its getting worse.thats what i know too that yogurt& canberry juice is the bset natural way to cure yeast.i even heard if u want to get cure soon u can apply yogurt as a cream to that place ,u know what i mean where u have infection if u apply there directly its more effective but i dont know u can do it while ur embys r inside .
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