Yeast infection and early pregnancy

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I had a yeast infection very early on in pregnancy as well and my doctor prescribed a one dose treatment called Gynazole that worked quite effectively. It was expensive even with insurance but it worked really well for me. I would definitely call your doctor however before doing anything.
I had a yeast infection in early pregnancy and was told to take monistat since it is safe. It took 3 days for it to clear up completely but I'm now 30 1/2 weeks and she is fine.
Usually yeast infection you would have discharge, itching maybe, dryness. While early pregnancy sometimes shows no symptoms, maybe morning sickness or no period.
so,i am worried,is my baby safe?is it dangerous to have a yeast infection in such an early pregnancy?
i just got my antibiotics this morning but my midwife says to take it at night to minimus leakage. this is my first yeast infection and its terrible!!! i feel raw, it is very swollen, and it itches like crazy. I'm not sure what to do what the symptoms until tonight. i saw that yogurt helps but I'm not really down for that. i have to go to schooland i need help. any advice??
im 31w pregnant and i just found out i have a yeast infection and i have to put the cream everytime i go to sleep my question is if its bad for my baby because i have to insert the tube all the way inside my vagina..
I like the vagiasil wash...
Your OB/Midwife should give you a paper on what's safe to take for a yeast infection/other infections throughout your pregnancy. I had a yeast infection a couple times while pregnant, and I took the cream from the pharmacy that was prescribed. It's best, IMO, to get it properly diagnosed as it could be a different vaginal infection (unless you're positive it's yeast) and get it treated. At the very least, your doctor can advise you on what brand/type to take OTC.
In fact I will work hard on trying to avoid baths and soap. I will start using preseed. I started treating the yeast infection after the ovulation period. Did you ever experience low abdominal pain and sometimes low back pain? I have done so many tests: ultrasounds, food allergy prints, smear tests, high vaginal swabs tests ecc to see from where this pain is coming from.
I took a blood test it was negative, but I have a yeast infection. Today I talked to her and asked about my yeast infection, cause it's really bad and irritating, she said wait a couple of weeks to see if my period comes down. I'm fusrtated because my blood test is negative. So I guess my question is howw long does it take to detect pregnancy in the blood? What can I do about this yeast infection?
Hello, It can be an early sign of pregnancy if there is a history of any unprotected intercourse and if the discharge is foul smelling then it can be due to bacterial vaginosis. It is vaginal condition that can produce vaginal discharge and results from an overgrowth of normal bacteria in the vagina. Treatment is by antibiotics. I hope it helps.
I got a yeast infection 3 days after I had sex (on the 12) and I was looking at one of my pregnancy apps and it said that I ovulated on the 12. I started my period January 30-February 3. I dont know how long my cycles are buying they are always normal. I start on the same day every time or just one day late. I was just wondering  am I pregnant? I cant test yet its way to soon but does it seem like I could be pregnant? My fiance and I are TTC! so please help!!
Well I'm a little nervous because I don't know if what I am experiencing is my first yeast infection or possible early signs of pregnancy. My boyfriend was in town about 8 or 9 days ago and we messed around quite a bit, but we have never actually had sex. However, there was an instance or two when he accidentally went inside me. He didn't come or anything, but I still don't think it's good . A few days ago, my vagina started itching and burning.
it can however cause you to spot, as any vaginal infection during pregnancy can do that. But if your in early pregnancy your safest treatment is a 7 day treatment cream.I had one around 10 weeks and im now 15 weeks!
which was the 7 day cream inserts and he had said to try and wait it out as long as I could. Anyone have had yeast infections and what did you dr. reccomend? I am 12 weeks 3 days lmp and 13 weeks via ultrasound.
I got this in my early weeks of pregnancy, before i found out, and i just tried using a regular otc application for a few days and it didnt seem to help, just more irritation, so i went to the dr and got on an antibiotic. I've always used otc stuff in the past but this time around it didnt work for me, however there are many types of yeast infections. I don't have a good answer but probabbly the best thing is going to the Dr.
dr told me today i had blood done on friday and monday and dr said was fine..but very early in pregnancy right now. (i have never been preg before and was told i would have to take fertility treatments to have kids...10 years of knowing this..but too scared to go ahead with it) anyway, out of the blue im pregnant...Lords doing for sure.. but ive been getting these sharp pains in my lower abdomen..a couple days ago it was on the left and then on the right..
After the miscarriage happened, my husband and I did not wait for my first cycle and had intercourse. I went to the Dr. this past Friday and I had another yeast infection. I am treating it now with Monistat 7. Could I be in the early stages of pregnancy again? Thanks so much?
OK so I have my very fist Yeast Infection of my whole life and I am 30 years old and 17w4d pregnant. Everyone blames it on my tight pants. OK, so I understand that you should NOT wear tight pants while you are pregnant but I've worn tight pants like my whole adult life!! My doc says it's because of the extra vaginal discharge from being pregnant that keeps the moisture down there, on top of wearing tight pants. I've gained like 13 pds and I am not really showing yet..
Then it's probably not a yeast infection. And if it's BV, you need to get in to see the doctor to get antibiotics. It will NOT go away on it's own. It's the only way.
I had my tubes tied so pregnancy isn't something I am considering, but i have never had a yeast infection and assumed the discharge and cramps were from that but now that I have the yeast infection cleared up there is still the discharge and cramps.
Multiple infections is common during pregnancy, and I went into preterm labor with DS because I got an infection and didn't treat it. As long as you're treating appropriately, don't worry about it, but keep an eye on things! You should also ask your doctor why you went into preterm labor with your previous pregnancy because many things can cause that, that need to be watched, incompetent cervix, etc. Good luck!
Well I'm starting to itch and I know it's because of hormones and such and I don't know what I can do since I'm not 12 weeks yet!! I just hope it doesn't get worse!! Anyone deal with it so early before?
The good news is I'm dilated and baby is head down and expected to be a little early. The bad news is I haves mild case of a yeast infection. I was told I need to stick this cream IN my vagina with like some plastic applicator. I don't have any yeast infection symptoms. Not even my discharge is bad. She didn't test me for this she just automatically said I have it. I don't like the idea of sticking anything with medicine up my vagina.
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