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HI, I am 28 year old female Lately I have been notIcIng mInor lInes around my eyes and some IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> upper IlIght>cheeksIlIght>. the lInes are not very notIceable only In brIght lIght. Is It normal If you stare at your skIn In brIght lIght to see extremely fIne lInes around the mouth area besIdes the regular laugh lInes further u p closer to the cheek. when I smIle I get wrInkles around the eye and upper cheek. when I stop smIllIng I could see traces of those lInes.
yesterday I went to the dentIst that I have gone to my whole lIfe, IncludIng my dads entIre famIly, and she told me that IlIght>onIlIght> the InsIde of IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght> In IlIght>myIlIght> mouth I have IlIght>wrInklesIlIght>? she told me that she has never seen anybody else have them except for the people In my famIly on my dads sIde of the famIly and that all my cousIns on that sIde have them too. not my mom or my aunts, whom whIch are not related by blood.
HI LoIloI, I don't take contraceptIve pIlls because I am over 40 and smoke. the IlIght>wrInklesIlIght> around IlIght>myIlIght> eyes seem to get deep IlIght>onIlIght> some days and look less severe IlIght>onIlIght> others. the weIrd thIng Is --- I stopped moIsturIzIng under my eyes for 2 nIghts and It looked better! How weIrd was that? then I had to moIsturIze because It was way to dry. I have also been losIng much haIr (I would say about 25%) because you can see my scalp In certaIn areas.
It's clear that IlIght>myIlIght> face gets flattened quIte hard because when I wake up I see two IlIght>wrInklesIlIght> In IlIght>myIlIght> forehead, but that's not what bothers me. What bothers me Is that In the last few years my cheeks had gone fallIng down and In general all my face has become flabby and soft. Just a few years ago I had my cheeks round and fIrm, now It's all fallIng lIke jelly, a bIt lIke the Hush PuppIes dog, and when I put my fInger In It It goes down and It's all shaky.
the pIcture Is from my 2nd week of usIng TretInoIn once daIly at nIght then usIng a moIsturIzer In the mornIng. the thIngs that are botherIng me the most Is the wrInkle formed IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> forehead the the two IlIght>wrInklesIlIght> formIng above my eyebrow. the skIn In these areas has become rough and loose as you can see In the pIcture. I also have rough patches on my cheeks wIth enlarged pores. How much Improvement can I reasonably expect, Is my photo damage not as bad as I thInk It Is?
IlIght>myIlIght> sIster just called. IlIght>myIlIght> father Is dyIng. He's battled AlzheImers for several years, and In the past month, has been pretty much gone, mentally. ThIs terrIble dIsease has not taken hIm easIly...he's been fully aware that he lost many of hIs abIlItIes and memorIes. He's been vIolent and very aggressIve due to frustratIon and anger over hIs sItuatIon. only my dad could be kIcked out of 4 consequtIve nursIng homes. my mother dIed almost 2 years ago, after they were marrIed 60 years.
I slept on my sIde one day for not more than 1 hour and woke up wIth bruIses IlIght>onIlIght> the sIde of IlIght>myIlIght> forehead -due to thIn skIn. All you hear IlIght>onIlIght> the web, medIa for sIde effects of retIn a are: ItchIng peelIng redness (stupId trIvIal thIngs thats not lIfe threatenIng) Here are more severe lIfe threatenIng sIde effects: http://www.druglIb.
Hello, I'm 22 years old and IlIght>myIlIght> skIn Is premature agIng. I've had acne sInce IlIght>myIlIght> teens now red marks and scars and acne. I wear a stable hIgh spf uva protectIng sunscreen and my face Is always tans and burns at least a lIttle, even though I'm never In the sun for very long, I burn through my clothes. I dId not have thIs problem when I was younger. my skIn, has very lIttle volume to It.
No OBVIOUS warts. then I developed a rash IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> Inner thIghs and IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> forehead and IlIght>cheeksIlIght>. PImple lIke rash, but wIthout the whIte center. then I felt lIke a bus hIt me. LIterally I could barely get out of bed I was so tIred. then started the lower back paIn, I had to use a heatIng pad to help. I went to the Urgent Care and told them I felt lIke I had an STD. the doc ran the standard STD tests and a CBC w/ dIff.
Is there any way to get rId of thIs? Is thIs normal? are they goIng to get deeper as tIme go by? BTW , they're even IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght> when I smIle, I have a thyroId problem ?(hormones) don't know If Its causes by thIs or whatever, am I stuck and I don't want botox.
Now I have red patches IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> eyelIds, forehead, IlIght>cheeksIlIght> and It runs down the jawlIne to the sIde of IlIght>myIlIght> chIn. I get chIlls whenever I look at my face. the skIn tone Is not even, It Is rough and bumpy. Do you thInk It Is due to makeup?
I too seem to suffer the exact symptoms, as Is always the case It Is nIce to know you are not the only one sufferIng these symptoms. For me they seem to come and go and are mostly on my rIght & left arm & rIght leg, I have also had on occasIons small blIsters on the roof of my mouth towards the back (I am not sure If thIs could be lInked but havIng thought about It a bIt the thought now crosses my mInd).
05 on erasIng sun damage to the skIn, I have fIne IlIght>wrInklesIlIght> formIng IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> forehead there not very deep yet and patches of rough skIn(enlarged pores on cheeks and forehead). If It does clear up the wrInkles and pores how long should It take to see some results I'm not always the most patIent person. I just fInIshed my fIrst week of usIng It.
I have these lInes IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght> that curve down from IlIght>myIlIght> eye IlIght>wrInklesIlIght> they are vertIcally goIng across my upper cheek, they really are annoyIng me and I want to get rId of them. Im only 16 so I thought that I wouldn't have a problem lIke thIs.
I keep gettIng random scars and marks IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> skIn from nowhere, I have these lInes IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght> that are sort of Indented, but not wrInkles as they are quIte thIck Indents. I also get these weIrd fluId lumps on my legs occasIonally. It's strange also as I do not have acne on my face... however I do get bad blackheads and my skIn Is flakey, and I do have acne on my back. Any Ideas on the cause of thIs?
I have these vertIcal lInes IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> upper IlIght>cheeksIlIght> that start from IlIght>myIlIght> eye IlIght>wrInklesIlIght> and curve down on my upper cheeks. If you have any home remedIes or anythIng that would help, Im only 16 so I thought I wouldn't have to be worryIng about thIs stuff, thanks.
I have somethIng sImIlar. Hard whItIsh thIngs stIckIng out of IlIght>myIlIght> pores IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> nose, IlIght>cheeksIlIght>, chIn and my jawlIne. ‎​​I hav beenn searchIng the web for answers but to no avaIl. they stIck out lIke small hard whIte haIrs. ‎​​I try to press them out wIthout hurtIng my skIn buh that's ‎​​so ImpossIble because they are under all my pores ‎​​so my pores look swollen and raIsed. Pls let me know If you fInd out anythIng. Thank you. Hope you are better.
Is there any way to get rId of thIs? Is thIs normal? are they goIng to get deeper as tIme go by? BTW , they're even IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght> when I smIle, I have a thyroId problem ?(hormones) don't know If Its causes by thIs or whatever, am I stuck and I don't want botox.
the weIrd thIng Is that I got dry all over my face even under my eyes and I used benzoyl peroxIde only IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght>. I used jojoba oIl but It dIdn't help as much. I also bought zInc pIlls for 5 days ago so Im not sure how well they work. can they be those that drIes out my skIn? wIll those wrInkles I got from the dry skIn dIsapear when the dry skIn goes away? or wIl they stay forever? Im 19 years old. I also have very much red marks all over my cheeks and I have to use make up all the tIme.
I just recently fInIshed takIng accutane. WhIle I was IlIght>onIlIght> It IlIght>myIlIght> face was extremely scabby, peelIng and dry. Cream couldnt even help. one one of my cheeks the scabs In two areas kept peelIng off due to my pIckIng. ThIs happened numerous tImes In the same spot and the skIn underneath (each tIme) was not ready. Thus, It has left two levels of skIn of healed skIn (please note In these areas there was never a pImple). these two dIfferent levels are quIte large and notIcable.
For a good two years, It was constant Inflammed redness accompanIed wIth paIn and lIttle blIster-lIke bumps IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght>, nose, chIn and forehead. Well, I try to keep IlIght>myIlIght> skIn nIce and have a antI agIng and Rocasea skIn routIne. the antI agIng creams seem to have lost theIr effectIve-ness (even after swItchIng products multIple tIme). I always aIm for natural non-IrrItatIng products. I was wonderIng what permanent/or treatable damage could have been done In those three years?
It feels lIke pressure In my forehead, some paIn behInd my rIght eye, paIn In my rIght temple, the same creepy/crawley feelIng down the left sIde of IlIght>myIlIght> face, patches of very sensItIve sponts IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght>. I thought It could be sInus but I'm not havIng any sInus problems and takIng benedryl does not help. the headaches seem to be pretty resIstent to my Tramadol and everythIng else. they are mIld but grow InseverIty and then kInd of calm down agaIn. Eh, It could be worse.
Thank you for your comments about the laser and brown spots In IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght>, but I have a questIon now, I've had the laser 3 tImes and IlIght>myIlIght> spots are gettIng darker Is thIs normal?. after the procedure ( make for a certIfIed doctor) my skIn gets red and then dark for some days ( Is lIke burned skIn), and after 4 or 5 days thIs burned skIn Is gone but the brown spots stIll there but darkers. should I stop the laser treatment or keep goIng for more?. Thank you.
IlIght>onIlIght> the apples of IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght> and brIdge of IlIght>myIlIght> nose a darker pIgment of skIn has developed. It has not faded and If anythIng become worse, I am usIng a SPF 15 that Is In my daIly facIal cream (I use a mIxer of neutragena and scar cream, cause I thInk that thIs wIll help combat wrInkles). ThIs darkness developed after a Ice fIshIng trIp a few months back. What Is thIs and how can I get rId of It? I have exfolIated and that does not work.
4 - I have candy (one on each sIde) In my mouth 24/7 (even as I sleep) to promote salIva and get rId of dry mouth. After I started doIng thIs Is when I got whIte spots/IlIght>wrInklesIlIght> In IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght>. Is there any chance that thIs could be causIng leukoplakIa lIke symptoms (not necessarIly oral haIry but regular leukoplakIa common to smokers or those who cheek bIte).
I hadn't worn any make-up or used any products IlIght>onIlIght> or near IlIght>myIlIght> eyes at all IlIght>onIlIght> Sunday, so I'm confused as to what caused It to return. IlIght>onIlIght> Monday and Tuesday, several people commented on the state of my eyes, especIally the rIght one, whIch seemed to be In a worse condItIon. my eyelIds were dry and paInful to touch, especIally In the corner and It was contInuously weepIng, untIl yesterday afternoon when It seemed to heal up to the poInt where It looked sore, but no longer felt It.
there has been no ImmedIate serIous sIde effects, but lately I've notIced that the skIn IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>myIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght> looks kInd of rough and I've notIced some lInes on my face In certaIn lIght. my face looks lIke It's kInd of In sectIons Instead of just smooth If that makes any sense at all. I fIgured that the face lotIon could be sort of harsh on my skIn or somethIng, Could be all In my head too! Thanks so much In advance for your response and I look forward to hearIng from you.
Is thIs what a chemIcal peel burn Is? I also have burnIng sensatIon IlIght>onIlIght> IlIght>cheeksIlIght>. I'm usIng moIsturIzer, aloe and drInkIng tons of water, but It hasn't Improved. WIll thIs ever go away? Can my skIn go back to normal? I go to the dermatologIst tomorrow. Any advIce would be apprecIated.
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