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I wish everyone who has never been pregnantt, yet still thinks they can say I'm 'overreacting' or telling me to 'stop complaining' could go through pregnancy. Even just for a week and then they can complain to me. Men and women! It's so frustrating! If you've never been pregnant you do not have the right to judge pregnant women, WE ARE GROWING A HUMAN BEING (sometimes more than one at a time) WE CAN COMPLAIN AS MUCH AS WE WANT TO COMPLAIN!
I told him I would change and to give me time cause I won't change over night. For two months I managed to avoid everything that bothers him, but I slipped up once. When he found out, he completely disregarded my efforts and questioned my love, loyalty and devotion to him. I got very frustrated and after an emotional outburst, he told me not to change anymore and that he will change. I asked him how, and he said that he will act the same way I do.
Woah.... I really dont understand how you have jumped to this conclusion. I really wouldn't consider you're comment "Advice". You are not giving reasons to justify you're (sorry but..) rather harsh response to a problem that i hope you understand is a rather sensitive subject. If he didnt have arousal problems there would be no issues. Even with the arousal problems we are so compatible that it would never be enough to end the relationship over.
maybe there's something in ur personality that's more intriguing to men than your sister's....maybe ur marriage made you a more mature individual than ur single sister..and that may be attractive to men... or jus the fact that..since ur married...ur "harder to get" than ur single sister...and that poses a challenge for men...
Strange title right? Well I just realized that women have evolved into something that I had only expected from men. I don't know if this is the "modern" woman or they have just no respect for other women nowadays, but it is quite disconcerting. Let me give you the back story. Richie and I went out to a nightclub on Friday night. Granted, he always seems to get some type of attention from other women, maybe looks and stares, but so do I from men, so it's not an uncommon occurrence.
Heart disease His findings show men languishing far behind for decades, but now starting to get closer to women. If current trends continue, Prof Mayhew predicts, both sexes could, on average, be living to the age of 87 in 2030. He said: "What's interesting at the moment is that in the last 20 years or so, male life expectancy at 30 has jumped by about six years and if it jumps by the same amount in the next 20 years it will converge with female life expectancy.
He's doing this because he can, and because both you and the other girl are allowing him to. He won't change just because you want him to. All you can decide is what YOU want, and what YOU are prepared to do about it. You can either choose to continue with this relationship the way it is right now, or you can tell him that you are no longer happy to keep going this way and he either has to commit to being only with you, or you will leave.
Yeah it takes two to have sex but if a man don't want to be supportive of his pregnant women, don't want to be understanding and help her to the best of his ability. Then yeah he could have pulled out. Just as using a rubber, birth control or abortion.
Seems mania turns me into a sexual animal where I want to do everything there is to do with sex whether with women or men or both or anything that brings mere pleasure, sky is my limit. But then when I'm back to in-synch or to my true senses I start feeling the shame the guilt and it kills me from inside and causes me to isolate myself for fear of looking into a loved one's eyes as I feel transparent and readable.
others may disagree, but I (and my friends) personally believe that most men put the same premium on sex that women put on thoughtfulness. If a man is not getting what is important to him, he's not going to hesitate to get out of the relationship. If you stopped showing your appreciation in the way that mattered to him, he would not be asking himself (or strangers) whether to leave you or not - not for ONE second!
If a guy keeps falling into pornography and having a lot of trouble with it, does it greatly affect his relationship with women? How are men psychologically affected by pornography addictions? How does this affect their sexuality as well? My boyfriend was into pornography, but he would tell me whenever he was struggling with it. he seemed to be looking to see if i would accept him for this struggle of his....
These facts have long since taught sensible men to beware of beautiful women--to sound them carefully before they give them their confidence. Beauty is shallow--only skin-deep; fleeting--only for a few years' reign; dangerous--tempting to vanity and lightness of mind; deceitful--dazzling often to bewilder; weak--reigning only to ruin; gross--leading often to sensual pleasure. And yet we say it need not be so. Beauty is lovely and ought to be innocently possessed.
Hi Lil, You have come with a big problem, thats as I see it, and from what your saying verey sexy with it, but I dont think he is, so its up to you to get him to turn that corner which you have been, it seems you have tried most things that would have most men jumping, men and oral sex some of us love to do it and some men just cant do it, and it would not matter how clean you are, its just repulsive to them, and as for him losing his erection, its not such a big problem we all get at some time,
Needless to say I found myslf dating older men) I had a tendency to date men that didn't want sex. I guess I was looking for my lost relationship with the most important man in my life, my dad! There is nothing wrong with that, they say girls look for men that are like there dad! Therapy could help when dealing with the sexual issues at hand here. And don't forget that a partner who truley loves you will be patient, loving kind and understanding, no matter what the age!
You need to wait until the baby is born and have a DNA test done. Dates are all too close together to be able to tell. If you suspect you may be pregnant you need to take a pregnancy test to confirm.
You could be having sex with him and change your mind, tell him to stop and if he didn't, that's rape. What country do you live in?
We studied the prevalence and incidence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in the ongoing Omega Cohort Study of men who have sex with men (MSM). Methods. From January to September 2001, consenting men (n = 1085) attending a follow-up visit to the ongoing Omega Cohort Study were tested for HCV.
That only started happening a week ago. It sucks not being able to have an orgasm while having sex. I have wanted to talk to my doctor, but I really dont know what to say to her. If you talk to a doc, let me know what they say, and if I talk to one, I will be more than happy to let you know what she says. Good luck.
Is there is good list out there somewhere of hypothyroid symptoms that MEN are likely to experience, as opposed to women? A quick search reveals many similar lists, with symptoms such as "hair loss," "weight gain," and "abnormal menstrual cycles." The first two of these are things that I would guess the vast majority of men experience later in life, and the third is meaningless. Now in my mid-40s, I have started to feel sluggish and want to sleep more.
Ideally you need to participate on the weekend so that you can have the whole next day in bed - to rest! I expect you know this but it's very common for women to cry afterwards. In your situation, having taken the stopper out of the emotion bottle you're probably crying the tears which you bravely hold back each day. and, this closeness does remind you of "the way we were" and sharply underlines the massive difference of before and after poorliness.
This seems to be a good frank website that will help you with your questions: http://ca.askmen.
He says it's because in his prior marriage he had to beg for sex, and with me he doesn't so he feels more secure and doesn't need sex to feel close to me. For me, when I am ready to have quality time and he isn't I sometimes feel rejected. Now since we decided to conceive, I made him a schedule. This way he can prepare himself to come home in the mood. I told him he better not act like that man in those commercials... "Got to make the donuts" LOL!
My husband never wants to have Sex & I want to have sex everyday ! Does he not get that once the baby gets here I won't be about to have Sex for a Long time ?!!!!!!!
lmao this thread is too funny...thanks for the laughs. FYI, for anyone in Toronto area, this weekend is the "everything to do with sex show" ... and I know that there are more toys for both women AND men there. I have worked in the 'adult toy boutique' once before at a sex show, had great fun, and got paid, and hopefully, if not sick with Sx, will be working there this weekend. Here is the link to the website: http://www.everythingtodowithsex.
I feel bad because I told myself I would never to it again and I know all well that jumping in the sack to soon can back fire. Most men view sex as sex right? I think maybe moving out and being with the kids is just scary for me.
Gender is the wide set of characteristics that are seen to distinguish between male and female. It can extend from sex to social role or gender identity. As a word, "gender" has more than one valid definition. In ordinary speech, it is used interchangeably with "sex" to denote the condition of being male or female. In the social sciences, however, it refers specifically to socially constructed and institutionalized differences such as gender roles.
1) Fine: This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. (2) Five Minutes: If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. (3) Nothing: This is the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine.
They tend not to be tuned in to feelings, as much as women, and more to sex, which is why women complain, understandably. Not all men are like that, but, infuriatingly, it's the gay guys who are less like this. Find a heterosexual who’s “tuned in” and you've got a real find, assuming he's not too neurotic. As for your your particular man: he, like all men, need to be taught what women need. If he's particularly thick about this, point out to him that a relationship is a two way street.
The honest answer to this is yes, & when a fella doe's have sex it seem's like they take foreva to come, Sorry if that sounds crud but its true. Do u sed eny drugs yourself ?. Why have you chosen to get together with an addict. I myself am addict to heroin & so is my partner, we have ben together 16 years now & how 2 ace boys. But i wasn't a adddict b 4 i met him, This is in no way blamin him for my own addiction we all am our choices. I'm just wonderin what atracted you to him ???
I need to no that a women going through a change in life have to go through where sex is concern. I was and still is going through this but when I started I didn't no what was happing. And when I had sex with my husband I felt dirty, I cried but he could never see the tears. After sex I would curl up in a ball like a child and shake. Then I would lock myself in a room and cry. I went through this until I was placed on hormon medicatin, but in the mean time my husband had an affair.
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