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Avatar f tn It sounds to me that you may have a possible dry socket although packing the socket should help. If it is a dry socket, it may need to be packed more than once, sometimes even daily returns to the dentist to pack the socket. Unfortunately, there's no way to speed up the healing time on a dry socket. At this point, I would recommend trying to rinse the socket out and try to keep the area clean. The ache may be from food being stuck in there and rotting away resulting in a bad taste.
Avatar n tn I am 67 and have only had 2 wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago with no problem or pain... 12 days ago I had the left lower rear tooth pulled with pain and a little problem removing it... Then every thing was go well for the frist 3 day... My dentest is in Tucson Az and I live 350 miles down into Mexico... REAL pain came the 4,5 and 6th day, I went to see a Dentest down here in Mexico...., He said that I had a little infection and wrote out 2 meds., for me to get at the drug store...
Avatar f tn Hi there, Im wondering about getting dry socket in my front tooth I had pulled yesterday. I have a flipper in place, and it seems to be doing pretty well...no pain. I do smoke...and never had an issue with my wisdom teeth when I got them out and smoked as usual. Ive read that the front tooth isnt as suseptible to it...and that I have the flipper in to protect it better that I might be ok? Its been 24 hours and the bleeding has stopped mostly...little pink still sometimes....
Avatar n tn What is the time-frame for developing dry socket? 2. Are there cases of dry socket where the pain is dull and not excruciating like most people report?
Avatar f tn Dry socket is the most common complication following tooth extractions, such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth. If you develop dry socket, the pain usually begins three to four days after your tooth is removed.
Avatar f tn I had a wisdom tooth removed today and I didnt get the chance to ask the doctor if it was safe to use my asthma inhaler or advair( Oral Steroid) since taking them requires me to inhale much like a cigarette? What are the chances of getting dry socket due to this? I have already had to use my rescue inhaler today and I really dont want what seems like a very painful dry socket. Also what should I be taking to promote clotting? Should I be on an antibiotic?
Avatar f tn hiya... i wanted abit of advice, I had two teeth removed one was a wisdom tooth 4 days ago and the swelling hasnt went away and pain is unbearable i went back to the hospital and was told i had dry socket the doctor there packed it but still im in alot of pain and i was wondering if oil of cloves would help? should i put it over the packing or take it out?
Avatar n tn i had a dry socket once after my wisdom tooth was extracted... the best possible way to know for sure is to go back to the dentist and have them check. the way they treated mine was by putting a medicinal 2in clove strip in the open area. It takes two times of doing this process to heal it... believe me its worth the pain of putting the strip in...
Avatar m tn I got my lower wisdom teeth extracted last Saturday and I have as of yesterday developed dry socket on both sides. I just purchased clove oil. I know that I need to rinse with warm salt water. Can I place some diluted clove oil on a gauze and just dab it on or do I need to leave the gauze on my gums for a bit? How long will I need to repeat this process before it has healed because I have no more money to go back to the dentist to have then repack?
Avatar f tn is this pulsing pain the result of a dry socket? Can a dry socket occur the same day as the extraction?
Avatar n tn Post-op pain of lower wisdom tooth extraction is probably the worst among all intraoral surgical procedures. Pharmacologic management is generally highly effective. If the pain killer prescribed by your dentist yields too much complication, you may inform your dentist and he/she probably will switch to another pain killer.
Avatar n tn I had a molar removed on 8-8-07. The tooth was infected and cracked at the time of extration. The throbbing I felt before the tooth was pulled has never gone away. Today is the 12th, and the pain hasn't gotten worse, but it isn't any better either. I wake up each moring with some blood in my mouth, and I have horrible breath and a bad taste in my mouth all day. The clot has gotten smaller, but it's still there. I've been very careful when brushing, and I've been rinsing with salt water.
Avatar n tn i've had sry socket for 3 weeks now, and the pain in the socket is not that bad any more, but from time to time starts up for no reason, but the pain that continued is the one that radiates on the side of the head, you get eveything from a headach to pulsing pain, and i feel that theres still some inflamation in there, the side of my face gets tingly and kinda numb, it comes and goes though its really weird. are these all dry socket symptoms that will go away?
Avatar f tn Hi. I had a lower wisdom tooth removed on the 1st of April. It was fairly complicated lying on it's side, gum had to be cut and bone chiseled away to access the tooth which was then cut in to 4 pieces and removed then stitched up. On the 2nd day after the procedure I got dry socket. The most immense pain I've ever felt throbbing down my jaw line from my ear. Pain killers didn't even touch it. I've since had it packed 4 times and the stiches removed. And on second round of antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Prevention and treatment of dry socket may be best managed by insertion of collagen product in the socket and primary wound closure with proper suture. Systemic administration of appropriate antibiotics is extremely helpful.IMO, clindamycin and metronidazole is highly effective for dry socket. Going back to your dentist to have a post-op evaluation and management is advised.
Avatar f tn You may want to contact your dentist and find out if you have dry socket. They usually will pack the socket with some medicine to help alleviate the pain. Are you taking any antibiotics or pain meds?
Avatar n tn Has anyone who has experienced a dry socket had this occur during the healing process? It seems as if a dry socket goes through various stages of healing. If JoTown is out there, please let me hear from you. You were so helpful to me.
Avatar n tn The question is if I had a dry socket at the right side or ist it that it didn't heal correctly and at the left the teeth beside the extraction hurts when I bite and has that horrible taste and also have bad breath is this a dry socket or not?
2074452 tn?1331941668 Your dentist probably will pack it again and check for infection. If you have been this long with out smoking, don't start again. Get some nicotine patches because they do help with the cravings.
Avatar f tn ok i had my wisdom tooth cut out on april 25 and i got a dry socket the following thursday. i had to wait until yesterday to be seen by my dentist. he had his assistant put clove in it. it tasted horrible and did nothing for the pain, except numb my tongue. it felt worse after she poked around in my mouth. after calling every dentist in the area, many refused to help me since they didnt do the extraction, i finally get into a dentist.
Avatar f tn Is this pain caused by my teeth moving now that there is space? Is it residual pain from the dry socket or the trauma of having a tooth pulled? It is a constant pulsing pain made worse by pressure, and it hurts even more when I sneeze. It also is constantly hitting my top row of teeth and causing pain. I have already seen a dentist and an oral surgeon.. they tell me its nothing and to keep packing my dry socket. Any help/suggestions/ideas would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Do NOT disturb that area. It's protecting the socket and will keep you from getting a dry socket. It's all part of the clot formation and tissue reconstruction filling in the space left by the tooth removal. The reason it gets colored like that is that the tissue is in a wet environment. Don't use a straw, smoke, or do anything that could create a suction in your mouth until it heals. Sounds like everything is normal. Try not to worry.
Avatar f tn Right now, the area where I was bleeding, top right, is hurting quite some. Could I be developing dry socket? Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I had a wisdom tooth removed Monday..the doctor gave me no meds for pain. it is now Friday and my ears are blocked,my mouth hurts,and I have a slight fever..is this normal?
Avatar f tn I don't think this is a dry socket, as it sounds like the area is healed over, being that they removed the stitches. I think that this is a normal part of healing. Give it time.
Avatar n tn How long does dry socket last. I had my lower wisdom tooth (17) taken out 8 days ago, developed dry socket. They packed it yesterday and said I would have immediate relief and a day later nothing has helped. How long will it be before it's better? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/421072'>dry socket pain</a>.
Avatar f tn After having a wisdom tooth extracted on Tuesday, i went back to the dentist yesterday (Thursday), because i was having more pain with this extraction than i ever had in the past. My dentist said it was "a little open", and packed it with medicated guaze. He did not tell me to come back, he simply said the gauze would make it all better, and would "work itself out". It's been a little over 24 hours, and the guaze is already trying to come out.