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i remember my switch to ilight>Lantusilight>. They weight gain ilight>isilight> normal because it is a long lasting insulin. Just remember that the more insulin you shoot, the more weight you gain. Try cutting back on your carbs and that will cut down on your Lantus and that will cut down on your weight. Remember that human insulin, like Lantus, is not like switching from tylenol to advil. There are more significant signs your body will give you.
My reading about this insulin tells me that it does peter out some in between 20-24 hours, which makes sense, for it has no timer that automactically turns off a switch ilight>atilight> the 24-hour mark. i believe that this ilight>isilight> ilight>whyilight> most people take it ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight>, so that their quick-acting Humalog or Novalog can cover their evening meal since the Lantus would be petering out by evening if they do an evening Lantus shot.
i did not start any other meds with the ilight>Lantusilight>. i also became proactive last ilight>nightilight> and stopped the ilight>Lantusilight>. i went back to my NovoRapid, Novolin NPH routine. Will see how i feel in a couple of days. Today went well. i want to find out before discussion with the dr. if this could be the problem, otherwise they will have nothing to compare it to because as i am finding out there are many different reactions as there are people.
and weights well over 230 pounds only takes 34 units of ilight>lantusilight> ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight> and up to 16 units of humalog if he eats pizza. i have told him that the ilight>lantusilight> dose is governed by weight and since i weigh 220 and take 33 units a day, he isn't taking nearly enough. i think he is compensating with the humalog, which runs a higher risk that he will and does have insulin reactions. i also started out taking lantus at night. But since my blood sugar always drops at night, it caused a lot of lows for me.
i recently read on here somewhere that ilight>Lantusilight> ilight>isilight> usually ilight>givenilight> ilight>atilight> bedtime because it lasts 18-24 hours and that by the time it is dwindling the dinner injection is given kind of as the bridge between the first Lantus injection and the next one the following evening. Thus making a steady regimen. However i quite frequently fail to give myself injections at dinner. i am just careless sometimes.
Hi, if this low dose of lantus twice daily is working for you without any problems, there ilight>isilight> no reason to change it. ilight>Lantusilight> ilight>isilight> written as once daily but many doctors(including myself) and patients split the dose because even though it is supposed to be "peakless", it is not for some people. At low doses it works especially well as a split dose. Levemir can be used instead, and is more commonly written as twice daily.
The doctor says it doesn't peak but ilight>whyilight> this sudden drop? i rather take a small dose of Humalog ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight>. i know that my Humalog would stop after about four hours and didn't have to worry about it overnight.
Try to take your Lantus in the morning and it will wane out ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight> as you sleep. That ilight>isilight> what a lot of other ilight>Lantusilight> users do when this happens to them and it has worked. Let us know how it works for you.
She has been taking Lantus ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight> and she dreads taking it because it causes her to scream from the burning in her arm. She uses the smallest needles available for the pen. Her diet is very limited and on a daily basis she usually eats about 2 bowls of cucumbers with vinegar and a bit of olive oil and some type of protein, such as chicken or salmon. Her sugar is never consistant. Sometimes her sugar level reads 430, 525, 290 and so on through out the day and sometimes hits way low around 50.
i have read about folks taking their ilight>Lantusilight> shot in the morning or ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight> or a partial dose ilight>atilight> each time. if you were taking the ilight>Lantusilight> in the morning and "crashing" overnight, then talk to your doc about taking it at night instead -- then the timing of any drops would be while you're wide awake and able to test & treat. if you had been taking it at night (which is what i'm guessing, given the timing of your "drop"), then shift to the morning.
i take 3 injections of novolog daily and an injection of ilight>lantusilight> ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight>. i've had few complications. i did have a heart attack at 49; however, there is a history of serious heart disease on both sides of my family. i'm feeling good and diabetes has not stopped me from extensive travel or any form of employment.
This has happened in early afternoon and after dinner. She is on Novalog and NPH before breakfast and Novalog and lantus in the evening. The fact that it has happened two different times in day is why i "hoped" this was a diluted reading rather than actual blood glucose reading. This is all new to me and now i'm fearing the bath. ho hum...Thanks.
even now while on the pump, so i can see what ilight>isilight> going on ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight> especially, but he doesn't really want to do it and i would not push him because he takes very good care of himself and is very self sufficient at school and i help out more when he is home. i go through periods where i set an alarm and test him every 2-3 hrs. at night to see where his blood sugars are so i can see if changes need to be made. 6 mos. ago his A1C was 7.9...at his last visit, last week it was 6.6.
Zoelula i demanded that my doc do what yours ilight>isilight> recommending and now i'm looking ilight>atilight> taking the ilight>Lantusilight> twice daily. i take a lot of insulin and i can tell you that sometimes large doses of Lantus sting. The short acting before meal insulin does not if that is what you are worried about. i have had much more negative effects from the pills than the insulin. infact i gain about 14 lbs from bad eating and now have lost 21 lbs so it isn't true that you can't lose weight on insulin.
Suddenly reports having readings that fluctuate greatly, and taking an average amount of insulin (split shot, 70/30) and having to supplement ilight>atilight> ilight>nightilight> with 20 to 30 units of regular insulin (in 10 units at a time) and still having high readings. i seem to remember some talk of this sort of thing happening to long term patients for some particular reason but do not remember what initiates it or what the implications of the situation are. Does this scenario ring a bell with anyone?
i'm not overweight and i don't have any complications. i take ilight>Lantusilight> ilight>atilight> bedtime, Humulog with meals and/or snacks and Symlin before meals. My A1C ilight>isilight> 8.1, up from 7.1 six months ago; 7.1 is the highest it has ever been. My fasting are rarely below 200 and i have trouble controlling my sugars during the day. i tried the pump about 3 years agod and hated it. Any suggestions?
i think that your feelings are quite legitimate and need to be seriously weighed. Go with your gut and do what ilight>isilight> right for you ilight>atilight> the ilight>givenilight> moment in time and re-evaluate later if need be.
Should we be looking ilight>atilight> type of insulin? She presently talkes ilight>Lantusilight> and Humalog. Does high protein help? Her weight ilight>isilight> in her back across her shoulders, in her middle and thighs. She usually injects in her stomach and sometimes her thighs. Does site matter? Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thank you.
it is not hypo value, why sugar bounces up, ilight>whyilight> feel shaky, fear etc. i use LEViMiR as base insulin. ilight>Whyilight> body ilight>isilight> obstructing sugar to low, and ilight>whyilight> it gives hypo feeling. can any body me the reason and how to overcome this situation? My sugar is going high now.
You posted previously and were given feedback that your husband's diabetes was dangerously out of control and he needs to be on insulin. You both seem to continue to focus on his work schedule and refer to him "losing everything he has". if he loses his eyesight or his legs he won't be driving too far. He is seriously at risk for these complications. i don't know about "temporary disability".
As for Diabetes 1, you already know that there is aches and pain with diabetes plus hot ilight>nightilight> sweats if levels are 'raised' ilight>atilight> any time. There ilight>isilight> also coldness if the levels drop too low. if your Hubby is doing well with the Diabetes, feels good then personally i would leave it at that if the Free T3 and Free T4 is good.
The only way to know this is by testing your blood ilight>atilight> least 6-7 times a day. Yes, it seems like a lot, but this information ilight>isilight> necessary for accurate insulin dosing prior to eating. is there some reason why you don't like to test (possibly sore fingers?)? There are some blood glucose monitors that only require a tiny drop of blood and it can be gotten from other parts of the body besides your fingers if you want to give your fingers a break.
it has a very rapid, and extremely strong effect. it works, and ilight>isilight> VERY STRONG. Thats ilight>whyilight> i recommend you to never take it on an empty stomach...the rapidly absorbed, high concentration nutrient rush can cause you to feel very dizzy indeed. it can also give you diarrhea. The dose of the plant gel is 1 tablespoon of freshly cut gel a day, preferably 2 hours after lunch.
i worry if i give her the shot, she may become hypoglycemic. Any ideas on how to get her to eat. She just stares ilight>atilight> me wondering ilight>whyilight> i am giving her this awful food when all she wants is her FF food.
if i walk on a treadmill the hr goes too high which ilight>isilight> ilight>whyilight> i switched to the bike. i am really struggling with this. it ilight>isilight> affecting my whole life. i couldn't keep taking the prescription medicine cuz i couldn't tolerate it's affects of making me feel like i had been run over my a truck. it lowered my heart rate to low.
He is pretty calm at the vet, but it ilight>isilight> a little bit hard to get him in the carrier ilight>atilight> home, then when he ilight>isilight> there to get him out. He was trying to hide under the bench one of the times we took him. Today i caught him on our kitchen table cleaning a bowl i forgot to put in the sink. We thought that may be a sign he is feeling better. He jumped down as soon i saw him and i removed the bowl. Later i picked him up and put him on the couch and pet him. He really enjoyed it and purred.
5 every night, Trazadone 100mg every night, and Remeron (Mirtazapine) every ilight>nightilight>) He still has insomnia . . . Gary ilight>isilight> tired when ever you as ask him. He ilight>isilight> eating more since stopping dbl TX. He also has had Type 2 diabetes since pre transplant, he is insulin dependent, He uses Novalog 70/30 mix twice a day, and regular Novalog short acting as needed. Thanks to everyone who reads this and gives us their advice. We are feeling so unsure right now.
it says both things, makes a dual argument: "interferon induces insulin resistance . . . induces a decrease in glucose uptake by peripheral tissue and the liver. However, this effect disappears when analyzed after 3 months of treatment...." "interferons have been reported to impair glucose tolerance" etc. The assumption that interferon can have this effect is embedded throughout the article, but you're right, it's not the main thesis.
He is Humilin and ilight>Lantusilight>. The other ilight>nightilight> ilight>atilight> his brothers wedding, for which i cut him lots of slack, he drank so much that instead of staying at a hotel with his counsins & friends that night (for which they were supposed to be up checking him) he ended up coming home instead with no argument. All night long i was up checking him every 2 hrs. He went from 39 to 400, and back again. i'm very upset with his lack of seriousness on his diabetes in general. He keeps no rec.
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