Why does my finger joint hurt

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Are you diabetic? My brother has had two trigger fingers and was told it's a complication of his diabetes. Since hcv can bring on diabetes, you might want to check that out. And don't check it with a fasting blood sugar. You can have high blood sugars after meals for years before your fasting reading indicates any problem. Best to eat a carb laden meal and then test.
I was cronically tired and was progressively mentally less sharp. My feet hurt and my hands and neck hert it has go to the point that I have had to give up my job. All the time I was going to my doctor and giving the symptoms to him. He insisted that I had arthritis Finally a friend suggested that I look up the side effects of lipitor on the net. It was all there and I had more than half of the symptoms on the list, severly.
I have type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and am moridly obese. I am still active and my job does consist of standing and working with my arms so I would really love some help on which to turn.
the pain was not constant, but i feel it periodelically. Besides that finger, more fingers started to hurt, my wirsts were mildly hurting and had 1 or two episodes or elbow pain. And of course the musles in my forearm (under the elbow) started huring. To top it all of I felt abdominal pain in the bottow left and right quadrant. I did a normal blood test (no hiv, cause i wasn't concerned at that moment), and the result was that my monocyte count was higher than normal, suggesting an infection.
I'm noticing pain my my wrists, neck, lower back and in my shin bones, and radiates up my leg and into my pelvis. This is not constant, just dull achy pain that i notice way more at night when i'm laying in bed. i just want to know how the joint pain started for most of you. Was it all at once, or did it come on slowly...?
Its been 5 months and now every joint in my body hurts including my wrists. when i say every joint i mean my ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows, pelvis, and even my back. no type of acne is worth immobility. Theyve done every test you could imagine. ive endured the radiation equivelant to 50,000 x-rays, and take almost every blood test you could imagine. None of my 6 doctors can figure it out. Stay away from this drug.
It's been one year, almost to the date, since I began this forum...and still no change for the better. I did find it very encouraging though to see that I'm not CRAZY like all the doctors would like to believe, and that other people are also experiencing these bizarre symptoms. It has begun to "spread" to my hands and hips now. My finger joints hurt when I'm using them in a repetitive manner for a period of time. But they also hurt more when it rains or when cold weather sets in.
I fractured my proximal phalanx left small finger on 07/24/08. The break was so bad, that my finger bend down, and so far over, that it could touch my middle finger with it. The break is apparently "one of the worst" places to break the finger. the break required surgery, including the insertion of 2 K-wires .035 (aka-pins). My recommendation to all of you is to research your hand surgeon before allowing them to perform the procedure.
My first pregnancy was by far my easiest. My other two got more and more painful. By the end of my last pregnancy, I hurt all over and it hurt to walk. Sometimes I couldn't walk. My carpal tunnel gets worse also, and my hands and arms always fell asleep. Good luck on the external version! When my first was breech, I opted not to have it done. I just went with the c-section. I can't remember all the reasons I chose not to, but it was after having a long talk with my doctor.
and I am desperately trying to figure out why I continue to break out in hives and have joint pain in my elbows, feet, hands and legs. I too started breaking out in hives after taking the antibotic Solodyn for acne. After a trip to the ER, it was assumed that I had an alergic reaction to the medicine. I stopped taking the medicine after only 3 weeks and needless to say, I am still breaking out in hives and have joint pain. I have been tested for allergies and that was negative.
The pain, swelling and heat in my right index finger-big joint at the bottom, is what lead to my being diagnosed with Hep C. My primary sent me to the RA doc because my RA factor was slightyly elevated. Doing further blood work, the hep was found. My feet are also giving me trouble. I am just now able to walk comfortably after 16 weeks of dealing with plantar fascaitis (sp). And a bone spur. I am not taking any meds for either.
Since then, I have developed bizarre joint pain in my feet, knees, wrist, fingers.. etc. Some days my left knee and right finger will hurt.. some days my wrist... it seems to move around, and doesn't necessarily occur on both sides of my body. I also have general fatigue, low libido, and my appetite seems to have faded. I'm 5'6 and 128 pounds and have a lot of muscle. (I lift weights and generally feel strong, but tired..) Definitely not having weight gain...
My hands have been swollen and my fingers hurt pretty bad, especially both my index fingers at the first joint just past the nail, also on that joint is a blister-like bump that is very noticeable and extremely painful. What are these blister-like bumps and are they related to Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid?? I have been diagnosed with Osteo in my knee...is it possible to have both osteo and rheumatoid?? I'd appreciate any comments and thanks in advance...
Thank you for your response, Back in December and January, I had an EEG because of my migraines and seizures, I was put on Topamax for both, I told my Dr then about the burning in my head, the feeling of bugs or like bugs running under my skull, the intense pressure, the balance issues, my left pinky and ring finger has been tingly and numb since October, it's going to my left foot now, but no one knows. I was supposed to go to a 24 hour EEG, but that got cancelled due to me moving.
I recently stopped taking a daily and have notice a tremendous change in my physical body. I haven't had an ulceration, BUT I have noticed my sacral region and my finger joints HURT!!! If you read the link, it is called viral arthritis. IT SUCKS...BAD!!!
My right leg showed that I had problems coming from my L4-5 area where I have my problem. So that does explain the pain I get on my right side.I was supposed to have an emg done on my arms by my doctor but I didn't know if I was losing my job so I was afraid to run up any bills with my co-pay. I recently got my co-pay for my MRI and have to figure out how to pay that. The guy who gave me my emg thought I was crazy because Ilove shocks.
I mean the biggest knuckle on my actua finger, not the one that connects it to my hand. It is my dominant hand, and I am very rough on my hands....however, none of my other knuckles have a ny soreness or pain. The Urgent Care told me to follow up this week- whick I am doing Thursday- with my primary Dr if the pain has not gone away. They said xrays would happen and blood work to look for Uric acid and i think RA as well. The swelling grew on Sunday but has since gone down.
It's been almost a year now since my break of my PIP joint on my right pinkie finger. Since discontinuing PT at my doctors recommendation, the stiffness has not improved. On the other hand, it hasn't apparently gotten much worse either, so I'm resigned to the fact that I have very limited movement in that finger and it feels like it was injected with cement. It's got maybe 20 degrees of movement and is stuck at a very inconvenient angle.
how to explain these joints pain that does not go away; my flu (or whatever) has not gone away quite yet, even after 7 weeks; I still cough. Please without dismssing this; these joint pains must be serious; you do not get joint after the flu?
I have been fighting body aches, tiredness, massive weight gain, my ears itched so badly, I was always in a bad mood. my knees hurt along with my ankles and wrists. my hips and lower back hurt all the time no matter what I do. I am starting to work out again and trying to get my body to start working again but I don't know what is going on. It seems like everything is falling apart. Here are my labs. January 7th 2013 TSH 25.30 0.34-4.82 uIU/mL FREE T4 0.63 0.59-1.
It feels like my brain is being over-protective of my eyes. Closing my eyes usually does not 'help'. The sensation of "about to be poked in the eye" is still there. Shielding my eyes from the culprit (putting my hand between my eyes and the fork) is a quick remedy. Belonephobia/Aichmophobia is the fear of Needles, Pins & Sharp Objects, but I have no problems giving blood, needles, or having the 'sharp objects' pointed or touching elsewhere at/on my body.
i have had fibromyalgia for about 6 years,the muscle and joint pain thru out my whole body, i would say it started after i had my first treatment of interferon, and just got worse as time passed. i also have swelling of my hands and ankles, they say its not arthritis, the specialist i go prescribed fentanyl patches for the fibromyalagia, they seem to help,but after 1 year i had to have the dosage increased.
It first started with one finger on my left hand and now all my fingers on my left hand are wrinkles. The strange thing is that there are no wrinkled fingers on my right hand. Im starting to get paranoid about this now and need someone to ease my mind that i dont have a medical condition. Can someone help?
I always keep a sinus infection and chest. My lymph nodes stay swollen, especially under my ears and my chin. I hurt in my back all the time. I can't stand for long at all. Brushing my teeth is a chore. Taking a bath should be relaxing...I do thank God when I first get in bc it feels so good then I can't feel the temperature of the water and the pain is always there. I don't know if I do have what u do, but I bet ur suffering and I am so sorry 2 here that.
I can barely touch my toes so maybe why I have spinal issues but not sure. I use to crack my neck myself in my early 20's and one day I couldn't crack my neck myself. I have honorable posture. I have the worst posture when I feel sick. If you've done or have these things please mention it in your posting. I'm just curious. Please, Please, Please, if you have had a small or large break through POST IT.
My Doctors don't seem to know what has caused this condition and one said it was probably congenital??? I think it is related to my Hep C treament because that made all my cartilage and skin hurt at the time. Has anyone else had these symptoms?
I have really bad times still. My Doctors are looking into ECT now. My life ironically does get better. I have been in a stable relationship for 12 years. I gave up alcohol 28 years ago and have not gone back. I have many of friends. The disease of depression has not changed but how I deal with it has. It has not been easy. Sometimes it has been hanging on by my finger nails when I had no insurance and no professional help. My depression with out medication goes to the psychotic.
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