Why do some farts hurt

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12380259_tn?1424967891 It all has to do with our present day society and culture. Back when my grandma was a teen if you weren't married at 18 and having children you had to hurry it up. It was hard for a woman of 20 to find a man who wanted to marry her because she was considered "old". Girls were getting married at 15! I'm not saying I agree that girls that young should be getting married and having kids so early BUT it just shows that opinions on when a woman should have children depend on our society.
1045086_tn?1332130022 I cope with embarrassment by trying to cover it with humor.) I do hope though that someone out there has some ideas so I didn't just reveal for nothing. Mary, who is beginning to wonder if there is any such thing as an underwear muffler???? and if I'll still be invited to forum lunches?? (private conversation with myself: Just hit the 'post question' button girl and be done with it.
Avatar_n_tn The public school has to take him(encopresis is covered under disabilities) but I am not going to do that with him...kids can be cruel. Can some tell me what to do about school? They will not let him wear pullups to school(tried that) because when he has an accident, he has to go clean himself up and they say it is a health hazard to the other children.
1401023_tn?1280784958 , but I don't get the same results from tea, diet coke/pepsi or any other caffeinated beverages - a little bit, but the coffee is definitely the best (and I fix my hot tea the same way as my coffee, so I know it's not what I'm putting into the coffee that makes it work better). I do have some gastroparesis, so I think the caffeine in teh coffee just kind of helps get the intestines to contract better than mine can do on their own.
Avatar_f_tn how much money do you get. none? wow you f*cked up didn't you? why would you do something so stupid. you got screwed. you could post it yourself and not let someone steal it." before that when i told him about it he said, "a sports writer? who would hire you to do that? you don't know enough. you still ask me questions. why set yourself up for such a disappointment?" i was crushed. how does a man who supposedly loves you say such mean and hurtful things? then today he got p!
406584_tn?1399591666 Why, Why, Why? Why do we press harder on a remote control when we know the batteries are almost dead? Why do banks charge a fee on 'insufficient funds' when they already know there is not enough money? Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars; but have to check when you say the paint is still wet? Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard? Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?
1580318_tn?1452015597 My doctor said to go dairy free for 2 weeks to see if we can figure out my tummy troubles. In the meantime I have to do blood work and stool samples. I'm not sure if I can drink lactose free milk. But I've come to the realization I can't even have ice cream, cheese etc.... Blech! This is gonna be a long 2 weeks!
Avatar_n_tn They're just "***** farts" or "queefs" some Brits call them "fanny farts"...it's just trapped air and quite natural. I cannot believe all the negativity on the web I find about this natural occurance. A farting ***** to me means a happy *****. It's wet! It's relaxed! and for God sake...it's talking to me!! It's saying I'm doing it right!! LOL ! There is no foul odor. IT'S JUST AIR! So lighten up and enjoy yourselves.
1793575_tn?1315412970 i'm extrememly exhausted, i keep getting horrible headaches, i constantly feel like i'm on my period (with the occasional hour or so throughout the day that i dont), i'm nauseated to the point i feel like i'm going to puke every time i burp (which is a lot).
Avatar_f_tn Every time I do I'm in the bathroom trying to do #2. When I do go to the bathroom I need to sit for a long time and fart quietly until the deed comes out. My gas is always quiet, yet everyone always knows it's me. Please if you know of a way to stop this or can tell me what's wrong with me ? I never excessive and to stop gas I always have to got to the bathroom. I go once a day.
Avatar_n_tn I think you are around week 30? Why not reduce or stop riba again, what harm can it do? What do doctors who prescribe this stuff know anyway?
Avatar_n_tn Children are so desensitized by today's media, and parents need to stop hiding the parts of the world that upset their own feelings - it's a losing battle. Instead, promote healthy discussions with your children about why adults do things like flaunt the figures they work hard for, and keep pictures of loved ones readily in sight.
Avatar_n_tn I feel your pain. I've had this problem for more than 10 years and I am now 30 years old. I find that when I am at home alone I don't have any gas. However, as soon as I go to work or anywhere else I find myself in worry mode and than for the rest of the day I have gas. I to have received dirty looks and complaints. It can be really hard to concentrate on the task at hand and feel normal.
Avatar_f_tn ) 3. If one and two are yes, do I have to share the chocolate bunnies? hmmmm....
Avatar_m_tn - there was no reason for me to be in that random neighborhood - why are there two fingerprint sized bruises on my waist? - why did my anus have irritation 2, 3 and 5 days after the night in question? (that is when I started suspecting the worst though, so that might play into the feelings) - I have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck for the past 2-3 days, also felt armpit lymph node pain yesterday There are too many signs pointing to the worst situation happening.
476246_tn?1418874514 ROTFLMAO, Why Marcia you’re exterminating them virions from within and they’ll be sending the screamers here shortly, lol. What to do about it? Nothing but stay away from open flames.
Avatar_f_tn Okay ladies, since pregnancy is more intense on some women than others, I decided to do a fun-post! What do you wish you would have known(about pregnancy) before you got pregnant? I'll go first! I wish someone would have told me about being SO picky over food, whenever I would have eaten anything pre-pregnancy.
Avatar_n_tn same goes for your brother who is equally under her thumb.As for inventing some things to argue about she cant do that if you dont listen, walk away when she starts it, leave the room, the house. good luck let me know how you get on .....
Avatar_n_tn Did I see you sharpening the point on your emery board? okay, enough of my sickness.
Avatar_m_tn Nobody can explain why I am unable to feel when I have to go. Do any of these symptoms sound like MS? It is the only thing that I can come up with. I have spent hours researching the symptoms and episodes. If it doesn't sound like MS to you, what could it all be?
638458_tn?1222960291 However, in public he does not have these habits and when we were first together he did not have those habits. I have even asked him why he didn't do that stuff when we were first dating. He said because he was trying to impress me. Also, he doesn't cuddle with me like he used to, touch me as much or play with my hair. Why? Does he love me less? So, why is he not trying to impress me anymore? I still try to remain attractive and do special things. I plan to do this for our lifetime together!
Avatar_m_tn My farts are very foul in odor, and I see a connection between the smell of my farts with the intensity of the bad odor in the nose. The less farts and/or better smelling the farts are, the less smelly the air that comes out of my nose is. I am healthy and exercise. Also, when I don’t think about the bad smell, it goes away. I also stay very calm and sometimes the smell goes away.
Avatar_n_tn i am having something similar, but have no idea if it is in my head. for some reason i smell it most at school as well (i am in college) and it seems to linger in my nose (?). it's been happening for about three weeks now and have no idea if other people can smell it, they don't seem to stay away, but i am finding myself trying to keep distance while having a conversation or the like.
Avatar_n_tn Those odds are higher if a person is with many partners(don't know why). My husband and I had been together 3 years when I was diagnosed. He tested negative and the Dr. said if he hadn't gotten it by then, he never would. If it makes you feel safer to use condoms, that's an option. I would get tested if I were you, but when you come up neg., relax and enjoy the joys God gave us.
Avatar_f_tn I don't see why it wouldn't be safe as long as he's not rough, but I agree it is not very comfortable lol..my bf keeps wanting to try it but I used to do it for my ex and hated it, and my ex is smaller than my bf..
1099361_tn?1258665857 I know your not trying to hear about baths and walks and all that but truth is, nothing but that pill or time is going to turn you back into a person again. Reality is, you have to make a decision if you want to do the detox fully or bale at some point. I've done both multiple times. When I am in a detox I usually just wrap my mind around it and tell myself lets get on with it. I don't take a half a pill here and there. I just end it.
Avatar_m_tn Put a finger across your top lip if you don’t like the salty water getting in your mouth. After about 20 seconds, snort inward, so the mucus goes into your throat, then do some hawking, and spit it out of your mouth. Repeat once or twice. Then, close one nostril, and blow out the open nostril as slowly and gently as you can. Open both nostrils, then close the opposite nostril, and blow out the open nostril as slowly and gently as you can.
Avatar_f_tn This man or should I say boy is really getting on my nerves since we had our first fight its been nothing but fights just now I wakes him up three different times for work then he gets up all mad I'm like you tired baby (had a good night watching ESPN n cuddling) he like no all snappy then farts n I'm like eww open the door and I turn on the air He like turn that fn air off I'm like u stink he like get up n cook me some food n hurry up I'm like please he like can you get up I don't have a lot o
Avatar_n_tn I always thought Metamucil *increased* transit time, but this article suggest it can also decrease it. Think I've got some experimentation to do with Metamucil. Any other suggestions -- basic symptons are stomach bloating, increased frequency of bowel movements and some occasional "gurgling". No pain or real discomfort but things aren't exactly like the way they were before. I've upped my exercise program to see if that can help. Here's the article: http://www3.mdanderson.