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Avatar_n_tn i have a lump just on the botom of the opening of my vagina at first i thought it was a blister but it is hard so im now getting a bit worried and i cant get an appointment at the doctors for another 2 days, its a little bigger than a pea and sort of a pearl colour it not herting me but i know its there if u know what i mean. thankyou and please get back to me.
Avatar_f_tn I have a lump near my vagina, its on the labia Major kind of close to my thigh. its pea size and its solid. sometimes if i squeeze it round-color: #dae8f4'>white stuff comes out or sometimes even blood. Its been there for a couple months now and i don't know what it is. i went on vacation and i dont know if it was from the heat or from being in a bathingsuit so much but it went down to basically completly flat, but it was still there, when i came home it rose again and its a bump.
Avatar_f_tn So throughout the day I thought my underwear were just rubbing against my groin area. But I just realized that there is a lump a little bigger than pea sized on my right side. It's painful and under the skin. Also it doesn't look like it could be a pimple of any sort because it does not have a round-color: #dae8f4'>whitehead look to it. I squeezed it a little and some round-color: #dae8f4'>white puss came out of it. There is no way that it is an STD because I am only 15 and I haven't had sex.
Avatar_f_tn I found a lump on the inner labia major and I've had it for about 7 days. It is quite sore to touch but not much to look at. It doesn't have a round-color: #dae8f4'>white head and its definitly under the skin. At times it is soo itchy and I have a large amount of vaginal discharge since discovering it. I am only 17, dont have std's and shaved that area about a month ago. I feel too embarrassed to tell anyone and certainly couldn't bear anyone looking down there.
Avatar_f_tn My girlfriend has a lump between her vagina and her leg. It's on the upper half of her vagina. It is more of a bump. It isn't real tall but it hurts her to touch it and she told me this morning that it has gotten bigger. Do you know what it might be? Or what she can do to make it feel better? Please help I'm worried about her.
Avatar_f_tn ok so i have this hard lump under the skin on the lip of my vagina towards the bottom. its about the size of a grape. I've been squeezing the hell out of it since last night when i found it, but only some blood came out. it hurts really bad and is extremely swollen. what the heck is this thing and what should I do.
Avatar_n_tn Also I found a lump on the outside of my vagina close to my inner thigh and I am wondering if that is related to the vaginal bleeding that I am experiencing right now? This whole incident is very frustrating and I want to know what you think and if I should seek another opinion?
Avatar_f_tn It is like almost ball shaped lump in the skin on the right lip in the back of my vagina. It's swollen and bigger than yesterday. It also has a round-color: #dae8f4'>white scab looking thing on top of it, I'm really scared.should I try to pop it? I'm only 15, is this normal? Is it cancerous or a cyst. I'm too scared to tell my mom yet because idk what it is.... Help!
Avatar_n_tn Hi i was just wondering if you could help me. i recently found a <span style = 'backg<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>round</span>-color: #dae8f4'>white</span> lump just inside my vagina. sometimes during intercourse, i find it very painful when my partner enters me. the pain is like a burning/stinging sensation. Also i have a round-color: #dae8f4'>whiteish discherge, i have had treatment for yeast infections but this discharge still persists. my periods are also acting very weird.
Avatar_n_tn i have a a lup size of a small marble on the inner wall but not in the vagina just on the inside of the flap bit its sore to touch if i squeeze it sometimes a small amout of water stuff comes out but then it gets bigger and more sore i only just noticed it today but i regualy get boils on my bikini line i think thats what the are but i have never had this befor
Avatar_n_tn i have a lump on my vagina, its quite big and it hurts, it popped today and <span style = 'backg<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>round</span>-color: #dae8f4'>white</span> gunk came out of it and it still hurts, what should i do
Avatar_f_tn I discovered a lump/bump on my left vagina wall a couple days again, I think. It's hard and it's painfully to bump or anything. It seems rather large but I don't know to compared to normal sizes. But it is quite painfully to the touch and when I sit in the wrong way, I can feel slight pain. But if I touch it, it's very painful and I have no idea what it is or if it will go away. It is also whitish with a slightly tinted red area around it. Anyone have ideas what it could be?
Avatar_n_tn Ok Well Im 13 Never Had Sex With Anyone And i Have These Bumps On My Vagina Well Not Exactly On My Vagina But Above It . There Like Pimples kinda can someone help me please idont kno what to do ....me and my mom dont really have a good relationship or my dad or my sister so i have no one to talk to ..
Avatar_n_tn I have bumps on the outside and on the inside of my vagina. I think they were there years ago way before i was sexually active. one stands out b/c its bigger than the rest! it isnt painful but sometimes i get a very dull sensation that it tiches or something. Also ive been haveing more odors lately! birthcontrol pill?
Avatar_n_tn I have a lump smaller then a pea at the side of my vagina its <span style = 'backg<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>round</span>-color: #dae8f4'>white</span> and when i press it together <span style = 'backg<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>round</span>-color: #dae8f4'>white</span> stuff comes out of it its not liquid just hard round-color: #dae8f4'>white stuff comes out. Ive had this for some time now. I also have a lump and the bottom of my vagina which looks like a lump/spot not too sure how to describe it and that one hurts and it rubs against my knickers. Please help and tell me what this could be. I am going to get it checked out soon jut really really worried and concernced about it.
Avatar_n_tn I noticed a couple of months ago that I had this lump thing on my inner vagina lip and it was hard and round and really hurt when I touched it. I went to a local GP who told me it was herpes. I freaked out because I had no idea how I could've contracted it - it just didn't make sense. Neither my boyfriend nor I have ever shown signs for oral or genital herpes and we're eachother's firsts. She did a swab test of the lesion, which hurt a bit, and then sent it off for testing.
Avatar_f_tn I have a lump on the outside of my vagina that I squeezed, and <span style = 'backg<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>round</span>-color: #dae8f4'>white</span> creamy stuff came out. I have had the lump for several months, and it was getting bigger in size. About the diamiter of a dime, bigger than a pea. The stuff didn't really smell bad, and it has gone down quite alot in size. Any ideas what it might be?
Avatar_n_tn I examined further and found a lump on my labia. On the outside of the labia it feels like the bump comes to a point, but I can feel the bump on the other side of the labia (in the opening of the vagina). It is small but painful. I just got back last week from my annual exam with my OB/GYN. I am uncomfortable and alarmed. Should I be seen again or is this a pimple?