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I'm having vagina white discharge from a long time and because of it I'm suffering from back pain. Please help me to get rid of it .
I'm having vagina white discharge from a long time and because of it I'm suffering from back pain as well . please help to to get ride of it .
Hi im 16 n this is pretty imbarrassing but I need advise im Sexually active n im constantly getting white stuff litterly everyday is that healthy. Ihavnt had sex for like a week. But ive been checked n I have no disease ect.
i have been to the dr 5 times in 7yrs about a white discharge from my vagina and they gave me prescription but it didnt help cause im still having it.they even treated it as a yeast infection and tht didnt help..could u tell me what it might be....
I had glode of white roundish sticky discharge from vagina for the last two days its occasionally in the day not a lot but anyway I wanted to examine so I set it out over night on tissue when I woke up the on that was light brown looked liked old dark red blod and the one that was clear looked like light red blood why is that do I have an infection
i have itching and discharge in my Vagina and when i went for test, the Dr. Told me that is the bacteria that curses it. that no need for drugs. insisted for drugs. the Dr. gave me toilet infection Tablet for me to be inserting. which i did and anytime a stop inserting it, the itching and discharge will come back again. please the discharge and itching is making it lose weight seriously.
As far as I remember my partner has never ejacuated into my vagina. But I started to have a lot of white discharge from vagina. Is it normal or should I be concerned about it?
It is the fluid that is produced by the glands in the lining of the vagina and the cervix. A small amount of vaginal discharge, which is milky white and clear with no odor, is usually normal. The secretion of vaginal discharge which flows out of the vagina every day helps to maintain your vagina healthy and clean.
Is white discharge from vagina is normal or not? I had this discharge more when i feel sexually sensual. i never had sex before.i am above 20 yrs.
My girlfriend has noticed a white slimy discharge whilst in the bath,what could it be and should we be worried? Pls help to put our minds at ease!
Hi there, White discharge increases the closer you get to ovulation and when you are sexually aroused. Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection. I suggest you go to a gynecologist and get your doubts clarified. Do keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
hey ya'll... today my husband and i noticed that i had some white kind of chunky discharge coming out of my vagina. i dont have any burning or anything like that. could it be a yeast infection?
May sound stupid but im 31 weeks. Went to bathroom and reconized white discharge. Its just wierd to me cause I havent had visable discharge since the begining of my pregnancy.
Breast tenderness around the time of ovulation is common. It can be caused by hormonal changes. Consult your physician if you experience pain in the breast or tenderness that does not resolve after about one week. Thick white vaginal discharge is often a sign of a yeast or bacterial infection. A physician can determine the cause of the discharge and recommend the appropriate treatment.
alright i just turned 16 and i started my period like 3 years ago, and ever since like as soon as i get off my period i get white stuff that comes out of my vagina, and it smeels disgusting so i were tampons 24/7 cause then it doesnt smell. my vagina doesnt itch or anytihng just white stuff comes, out. its really annoying and i wanna know what it is, cause i wanna go out and get something to help it but idk what to get, please helpp !!!
The vagina needs to be a certain pH otherwise it can cause infections, soaps and overwashing can kill the good bacteria in the vagina, and then you will have more discharge as the vagina tries to rectify the altered pH. I hope this helps!
Hi, I am a 13 year old girl and I got my period last year in October, After I got my period I started to notice White/Yellow stuff coming out of my Vagina after and inbetween my period. I am not sexually active, what is wrong, what is happening to me?
I have noticed a thick white discharge from my vagina for over a week now, with my bowel movements. The discharge is like white mucus but it does not pain, smell, nor is there any irritation on my vagina. I am fairly regular with my menstruation, but it is over a week and I still have not got it. I however have been experiences the symptoms (tender nipples, stomach cramps, mood swings) for over a week. I have done a pregnancy test and it is negative. I am 31 years of age.
so i had sex for the first time using no protection last week, but the last couple of times we used condoms, but since the last time i had sex with my partner yesterday i've been having a white runny discharge with an odour, which feels like im peeing myself sometimes. and the inside of my vagina has swollen and on the outside ive got like these white ticks, and i dont know what this means. any help ?
I have been having a white discharge from my vagina for the past few months and for the past past two days i have itching around there...and to be specific am still a virgin and am 21 years old...please help me if it is normal or not and what to do about that...
from last three month i started to taking with my boyfriend and we are talking about sex always i having white discharge i?? what problem will be in future ??/ what should i do ???
Since my miscarriage almost two months ago my period has started to become regular but i'm noticing lots of white odorless discharge it's annoying me.. Has anyone had this happen ?
I am 26 yrs old.. I am having white discharge almost daily. It used to be white earlier but now its yellow in color.. Discharge is also there even the next day my monthly cycle ends.. My periods are also irregular.. I do not have any pain or itching or any kind of redness.. I m not sexually active.. Never had sex in life.. It happens anytime in day.. At time it comes even with sneeze.. I feel really uncomfortable due to all this.. I always feel wet . There is no foul smell as such.
Hi, I am a 13 year old girl and I got my period last year in October, After I got my period I started to notice White/Yellow stuff coming out of my Vagina after and inbetween my period. I am not sexually active, what is wrong, what is happening to me?
ok i been having this white and clear discharge is not alot to cover my panti. i only see it when i use the bathroom(on the toilet paper) or when i stick my finger in my vagina.. i had this sence feb 6 i been feeling tired and have headache sometimes all the time and i have this toughts that i am pregnant my boyfriend and i been trying to concieve for about 1 year now and if im not pregnant i will go to the doc to have a check up and so he help me.
Having white discharge after sex sounds like sperm to me.. And if you didn't get up after having sex to go to the bathroom or move around or anything than there could still be a small amount of sperm leaking from your vagina. Also most vaginal discharge is either whitish or clear so that sounds completely normal as long as it isn't burning or itching.
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