White discharge under clitoral hood

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A clitoral adhesion is when the ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight> becomes attached to the clitoris. When this happens, the ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight> can not slide over the clitoris. A labial adhesion is when the labia attach together. This can result in the labia or (lips) not being able to be spread apart from each other. Both clitoral and labial adhesions can cause a great deal of discomfort. Sometimes clitoral and labial adhesions can be treated at home.
i had some internal vaginal itching, used monistat. While using it i began to have rawness ilight>underilight> ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight> and in between labia. Thought it was alergy so stopped monistat. Then i noticed i had a green discharge in those creases. Not coming from vagina. Went to the doctor and the internal culture came back clean. She gave me some more cream and flagyl. Cleared up on flagyl but sex really hurt. i let some time go by the creases got boody and weepy Yellow weeping.
and i have also noticed a small white dot the size of a grain of sand on the base of my clitoris once you pull the ilight>hoodilight> back. i tried to get it off thinking it was a ilight>dischargeilight> and i cant..it hasnt changed in size or texture or anything..i believe i am starting to lose my mind..i wish i could stop being so OCD about my body and leave the thoughts of having an STD behind. i think i should go get tested but im scared to do that too...omg!
i've always had protected sex, and most didn't even last long. On the top of my slit (ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight> mostly.) There is a small/medium size cluster of pimple like bumps. They do not turn into sores, nor do they get abnormally shaped in anyway. They look like under developed zits if anything. i have tried to pop them, and only a little of white stuff comes out somtimes, but the bumps stays. They do not "head" really like a zit on someone's face would. They are just tiny bumps.
So i just got over BV and a yeast infection, and on my last day of the cream i started to feel wierd on my clitoris, so i went and checked and there was dried cream ilight>underilight> the ilight>hoodilight> of my clitoris so i wiped it away with a cotton cloth, then i started to get really really itchy on the outside of my clitoris, i took a shower and felt a little better.
3 days ago (12/17/06), i was cleaning myself in the shower and felt a bump on my ilight>clitoralilight> hood. i examined it and it just appeared to be a bump - no blister or pus or anything of that nature. The next morning (12/18/06), i noticed that where the bump had been there was now a tiny cluster of what looked like white-head pimples. i did not touch these or try to pop them or anything. i called my doctor immediately to schedule an appointment for the next day.
there was also white clumping build up ilight>underilight> my ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight>, which when whiped away would just come back within a couple hours. Seems pretty yeasty, but i had never had a yeast infection before and didnt want to self diagnose. i left it for a couple days and noticed my vagina became sore, my labia dry, and then i had some what looked like vaginal tears.
And today was my last day being on antibs..and im kinda burny feeling and a little ilight>whiteilight> ilight>dischargeilight> ilight>underilight> ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight>...yeast??? blaaahh..this is a frustrating cycle.
And the next day it was infected, with sores ilight>underilight> the ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight>. Now (day 7ish), it hurts to pee (urine hitting the sores is excruciating), i can barely move without getting shooting pain, and pus has formed and hardened. The surrounding area is very sensitive, but there's no itchy vaginal infection (maybe a small amount of white discharge). my pubic hair is growing back from a recent wax job, and i get ingrowns all the time, but i'm worried about some surrounding bumps.
However, when the doctor remove my ilight>whiteilight> stuff from ilight>underilight> the ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight> last week it's made my down time turn into being swollen for going on 9 days now. The clitoris feels better but the labia are sensitive. i hope you're feeling better.
i was told by an afterhours nurse to try a hydrocortisone cream on it to soothe it, but when i went in today and got checked out i COMPLETELY forgot to tell the nurse that i had used it- she said she saw some ilight>dischargeilight> or remants of the metro-gel that i had used for bv ilight>underilight> the ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight> and cleaned it out- she said she was sure that's what was causing the pain and that the nerves were just irritated..
But maybe its me, but i think i felt better while i was cleaning it all out besides that one scratchy pain feeling while i walk a couple steps sometimes before or once it happend during my period, and i don't know still if that was the cause of me cleaning myself to much in my clit? it is kinda ilight>whiteilight> build up stuff stock in my clit .( between where my inner labia and clit meet eachother.) When i pull back on the "hood" i can see it clearly.
iMPORTANT –READ THiS* i do see some sebum (the ilight>whiteilight> stuff) ilight>underilight> the ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight>, but this is NORMAL just not when there’s extra buildup- which i still sometimes have. i still have the little white dot (hard sebum buildup) that i can remove and the doctor has removed, but i’ve found i’m irritated for a week or 2 every time i do this so it’s not worth it, i do better when i just LEAVE iT ALONE.
From what i can gather, i developed an abscess ilight>underilight>/inside my ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight> - it looked like a round red growth/pimple of sorts but without a head. Pulling back my clitoral hood you could see the red bump and it hurt SO BAD. i could feel it getting bigger just by touching the outside of my vagina. i could not sleep on my side. i felt like my clitoris was so swollen i could barely walk. i was sobbing it hurt so bad. i finally went to the ER.
it lasts about a week or longer and it is targeted by my urethera or ilight>clitoralilight> opening. its accmpanied by an oderless ilight>dischargeilight>. everything is very slight. and it doesnt flare up during sex. im so worried. im going to the clinic tomarrow. i was just tested clean and im a clean kid. this is strange...
i'm on prolonged antibiotics for another condition and i thought it might be a low-level yeast infection (which don't always come with ilight>whiteilight> ilight>dischargeilight>). An anti-yeast pill like Diflucan has helped in the past, but i haven't tried it this time. i never thought about the soap irritation mentioned above, but will try the Cetaphil cleanser (i use their lotion). Thank you to everyone who posted -- !
The thing is mine lasts for about a week and this time (yesterday) when it developed it also came along with a weird vaginal ilight>dischargeilight>. Thick and kind of a off ilight>whiteilight> color. The ilight>dischargeilight> doesnt make me itch and it does not have an odor but it ofcourse iritates the sore area because its wet. what i would call "the lesion", is red it looks like a blister that has popped kind of and it just starts off as itchy and red skin but then develops more into a blister after a couple of days.
my situation is crazy and completely hopeless to say the least October /Nov -06-is when i started feeling this hot uncomfortable tingling sensation ilight>underilight> the ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight>-Dec started having watery ilight>dischargeilight>,Jan -started having weird pain sensation on my butt and left thigh along with all other issues- negative on herpes ,std, candida, gonoreah etc, Feb-skin around the labia gor sensitive-the clitoral hood started cracking -had a fissure in my anus- doctors siad everything looked normal (they w
i as well am getting them right before my period starts and have been able to heal them with a 2% cortisone cream that was originally prescribed for a spider bite. i usually only get one above the ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight> (sometimes a smaller one at the same time in the same area) and have also tested negative for everything. When mine originally started years back, (i am 43 with 2 grown girls, a very happy marriage and a clean freak!) i thought it could have been caused by wearing panty liners.
The skin may be reddened, itchy/burning, and generally irritated without symptoms of vaginal ilight>dischargeilight> or the text-book curdled, thick ilight>whiteilight> ilight>dischargeilight> in the presence of cutaneous yeast. This would also account for post-coital bleeding. in my experience however, you should be screened by a physician to rule out a more significant problem, such as trichimoniasis "trich" with is almost always considered a STD.
Also noticed the brown tint spreading from labia to vaginal opening and slightly inside.... i have a darker brown spot on the side of my ilight>clitoralilight> ilight>hoodilight>, which also feels bruised...
i heard this test you do--if you have perky boobs you can put a pencil ilight>underilight> boob and it will just slip right out (the 90degree angle i suppose). my friends and i joke, we could put an entire pencil case under one boob and it wouldn't fall out. i think i could try with a whole backpack at this point. LOL. You gotta laugh. i didn't really appreciate perkiness back when i had it. Sigh. i would perhaps consider surgery if the implants were really safe... and i were out of breastfeeding age.
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