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Avatar n tn I have been experiencing an oily white discharge from the outside corner of my right eye for the past five or six years. It occurs with frustrating regularity and I am constantly having to rub my eye in order to clear the condition. It can reoccur within the space of 10-15 minutes. I have had my tear ducts checked, and they are apparently working fine.
Avatar m tn my 3 yr old son has a white discharge coming from the corners of both of his eyes he also has a runny nose and foamy diarehhea, i dont know if any of the other has to do with the discharge, but I am concerned and need some help thanks
Avatar n tn I have a white discharge comming from my eye for a while now, it is stringy and causes my vison to become cloudy . I can wipe it away and it casues no pain but drives me crazy I have been to the doctors and they tell me to use nose spray and drops but this does not do anything . Thank-you This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/371720'>white discharge from eyes</a>.
Avatar m tn Hi, my kid is constantly getting white discharge from her eye, she slept last night and when she woke up she was unable to open her eyes, so we have to clean her lids which stick to the other lid with the discharge with warm water and cotton only then was she able to open her eyes, the eyes are not red or near red in color, it is about 5 hours to the time when any eye clinic will open in locality, please recommend any thing we can do as eyes are very vital
Avatar f tn Recently and suddenly I've noticed that the same eye does not appear to be blue anymore but brown and hazy, she also has a white mucus-like discharge from that eye and she is acting as if she can not see. I wipe her eye with a warm cloth and try to keep the discharge out of her eye. I am very, very worried about her but do not have the money to take her to a vet right now due to a lack of income. Has anyone encountered something like this?
953069 tn?1246369668 I was out on a vacation for a week and I left my dog in the care of a family friend. When I returned home, I noticed that my dog is having a discharge from his eye - milky white discharge and his eye was reddish so I went ahead and clean his eye out with a warm wet cloth and then I came home a day later to find him having a greenish discharge (light greenish) from his eye and his other eye is starting to have a discharge as well so I went ahead and clean both of his eyes with wet cloth.
Avatar m tn redness is gone and discharge crystallized then went away for awhile. The discharge is back. white,yellow or green in color. when it is white in color you will see it go across eye to inner corner. eyes r watery and itchy. There is no redness or swelling. No other health problems. Just the eyes. What is it and how do i get rid of it?
Avatar f tn This happens at least 10 times a day. The color ranges from clear to white to almost pus colored. These,are long stands. Over the last yr. this has increased and ive noticed that my vision over this past yr. has,progressively gotten worse. Ive used lubricants to keep my eyes moist which allows for me to pull out tje strands more easily. Plz help. Anyone with answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn It's not discharge like you would get from pink eye or a cold in the eye. It's just constant, white, sometimes clear string that I pull out of my eyes. Sometimes I can be pulling and I feel it pull from behind my eyeball. My family thinks that I'm weird cause I'm always messing with my eyes. If I put in visene, the sand-like feeling goes away for a minute but always comes right back.
112359 tn?1226870683 Hi, I have two foster dogs (sisters) who both have milky white discharge from their eyes. The goo varies in thickness, also the amount varies daily. Some days there's hardly any, other days it seems I wipe their eyes and it returns within an hour or so. Here are some details: Lab looking dogs, we think maybe mixed with Bassett Hound (kinda long noses, long ears, short legs, long bodies) Eyes are not "droopy". Found abandoned in the woods, at approx. 9 months old.
Avatar m tn * For a number of years I used a preservative eye drop (9 years) and whatever reason OCD or whatever I always put more/probably excessive amounts of drop in my left eye. That eye always felt worst. * From my research I read it's dangerous to use a preservative eye drop excessively for a number of years as your body can build up an immunity to it and maybe also it ruins that part of the tear film (whatever is the correct term). I've pretty much used the same brand of eye drop for those years...
Avatar m tn It reminded me of when you have pink eye and the discharge from your tears stick to your eye lids. I consulted a doctor earlier today and they did a series of tests including a penal swab and blood work. I had sex with an old girlfriend of mine on friday and saturday and started out unprotected and soon put on a condom before we continued further. I had noticed my symptoms about 2 or 3 days before she had come over but assumed at the time that I had a bladder infection.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, Yesterday I noticed some white-discharge/fluid on the top of my eye-lid. I stupidly rubbed it off with my finger and some of it came into contact with the corner of my left eye via the rubbing motion. It immediately began to sting and became irritated. To try and alleviate this, I wet a scrunched up ball of tissue paper and gently rubbed the the eyelid/corner of my open eye with it but this only seemed to make it worse.
Avatar n tn My 12 year old german shepard has started to breath very heavy and he's getting a white discharge from both his eyes? Is this a sign of something failing? Im waiting for my vet to call me back...
Avatar n tn Growing towards my pupil from the top left corner of my eye. This is visible now when I'm staring straight ahead. I have never had eye issues before and I have perfect vision. I have never had allergies either, however I am at work at the computer all day long. I have also noticed that I seem to get more than normal discharge in the corner of my eyes. Could this be something to worry about? Could this vein growing larger effect my vision?
Avatar n tn when he squeezed it, there was a thick white discharge. It did not have a white head but all this discharge came out. It does not have much of an odor and is pure white, what could it be?
Avatar n tn My ophthalmologist said it was because of an irritation, excessive rubbing or in my case I wear disposable extended wear lenses and while I was sleeping it probably irritated my eye. The bubble in my eye either popped or went down and now the corner of my eye is just blood shot and a little irritated-itchy. My doctor said to just leave it aloneā€¦ hope this helps. I know it is a little creepy but at least it goes away eventually!
Avatar n tn I have frequent white discharge from my eyes, also very small white lesions on the margins of the eyelids, and this is quite irritating. I work at the computer for approx. 9 hours a day. Also gets frequent headaches and a sensation of pulling from behind the eyes. Can you suggest some solution for this.
Avatar n tn Hi,i have been severing from eye discharge almost for a year and half.I went to my family doc. and to my eye doc.;however they gave me different kinds of eye drops which didn't seem helping.My question is why is my eyes don't seem to produce white mucus on both sides of my eyes? Is there a good treatment for this kind of problem? Plz. suggest a good discharge removal.This problem is affecting my social life.
Avatar m tn Today the 24th- My urination seems to be the same, uncomfortable but not as bad as it was on my flight. My left eye is still red, but has not worsened, and there was a slight yellowish /greenish discharge in the tear duct(I believe signaling a bacterial infection) when I woke up. Discharge seems to be that of left over urine dribbles that linger after I go to the bathroom, but not clear and thick nor yellow , white, or green. So I am a bit frazzled here! 1.
Avatar n tn I have experienced a white, frothy eye discharge that oozes out of the outside corners of my eyes often. Sort of like the white coating you get on your tongue. Often happens when I'm really tired. My eyes are also getting dryer. However, I noticed that it started when I began to have symptoms of chronic fatigue and sore throats. also have a fuzzy, white coating on my tongue. I don't know if it's related to yeast/candida. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn And btw, id get checked out by a doctor because even if u are pregnant, the white discharge from ur colon could indicate a intestinal issue going on and isnt normal. All bowels have a mucous but when it is visible to the naked eye, it should be evaluated by a doctor. Take care.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from a white/greyish discharge from my breast for about 18 years. When it first happend I had heaps of tests including putitiary gland and all were o.k., I was told it was a hormal thing. Two weeks ago I had an implanon implant and today I have started getting blood viginal discharge and I also noticed when I squeezed my nipples there was a reddish/'brownish discharge from one whole on one nipple. I am so scared, has anybody every had this?
Avatar n tn Hi,i have been severing from eye discharge almost for a year and half.I went to my family doc. and to my eye doc.;however they gave me different kinds of eye drops which didn't seem helping.My question is why is my eyes don't seem to produce white mucus on both sides of my eyes? Is there a good treatment for this kind of problem? Plz. suggest a good discharge removal.This problem is affecting my social life.