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So my discharge has been clear to white and watery has anyone had this before labor? And if so hocking did you have it for?
What could cause thick white/clear mucousy discharge? I'm 38w2d, 5cm dilated & 90% effaced & have had cramps & contractions on & off since Friday, was at the hospital 3x's over the weekend. I've had it before, but have noticed a lot more of it today. So what could maybe cause this? Could it be a sign labor is near? Anyone else have it?
You only need to worry if it has a fowl Oder to it and a weird color. Clear and white discharge are normal during pregnancy.
Just wondering if thick white discharge is normal? Wasn't a large amount but some and was thick. Also what kind of discharge would be considered bad?
hi there i'm 33 and a half weeks pregnant and just wondering if anybodys getting the same like discharge as me it white and jelly looking i'm jus wondering if this is normal at this stage, i know your ment to lose more dicharge when your pregnant i'm seeing my midwife on wednesday and any info before going would be great thanks jessica x
I'm 35+1 and for the past week I've had diarrhea(tmi), and I've been having some really bad lower back pain, yesterday all day I had some milky white mucous like discharge which is different from what I've been having, and then I woke up this morning with really sharp shooting pains in my pelvis and vagina to where I can't even walk I'm just curious if this could be the start of labor
I am also having a lot of pressure and I just used the restroom and I lost some chunky white stuff tmi... Could this be early labor? Also does any one know what it means when the doctor says the baby is "very postierer"?
At the same time I had a big amount of nasty discharge that was tinged with brown blood. It wasn't egg white like necessarily so I'm not sure if it was my plug or not. But anyway I got up and had to go the bathroom some more. I thought....mmm...could this be labor starting. I've been having some contractions but all irregular. But then about an hour ago I got an intense intestinal cramping along with alot of pressure in my low back. It almost felt like the baby was pushing down.
well, when they found blood in my urine they asked me 'did you and your husband have relations the night before?'. If so because the cervix is so soft it easily bleeds. The white discharge is perfectly normal in pregnancy... so could this have been the reason?
Thick white discharge is very normal. Im not sure about the blood though:( I think you should ask your OB, maybe they can check you, you could be starting to dialate. Have you had an exam or intercorse recently??
I've also had some white/clear mucousy discharge, especially when I wipe after I pee (sorry tmi). Is this normal or what could it be?
Discharge is pretty normal although the amount.
i started my 20th week... and i have a white milky vaginal discharge...
Hello everyone. I will be 37 weeks on Tuesday and I am so excited to find out that my little girl will be delievered via c-section April 9th!! As of now I have a few questions. Today I started leaking a lot of clear and white "discharge" or "colostrom" from both of my nipples. I am a little bit shocked because my breasts have not leaked my whole pregnancy. Could this be a sign of labor?? I produced a ton of milk with my first. I hope I do the same with this one!
So today when I got up from bed I noticed some watery discharge run down my legs I'm scared that there's something wrong with me or my baby girl never had this im not in pain whatsoever and she has moved and i have had discharge before but it was usually white and kinda thicker is this normal has anyone else had this before I don want to worry my babys father Sorry if it's tmi.
I had it for a while now thought it was normal described this snot-like discharge to my doctor & he prescribed me applicators saying its a yeast infection which is very commin in pregnant womandue to the hormones. I'd just bring it up to you OB.
so im 27w 6d and yesterday ive been walking all day in vegas and i noticed a watery discharge n creamy white n yellowish n my shorts were kinda wet down in the crotch area it happened twice today...the babys pushing my bladder but its not pee i smelled it idk is this normal what could it be???? n today the discharge is a yellowish color is this normal ??
I called my dr & am waiting for a return call. This morning I noticed a change in my cervical mucous when I used the bathroom. It was a very light green color, which instantly freaked me out. Without being to gross, it looked like someone blew their nose. Other than that, not much else has chnaged. I had a hard time sleeping lat night, couldn't get comfy. I checked again after I calle my dr & now there's nothing. Any ideas?!?
) SIGNS OF PRETERM LABOR (Before 37 weeks) • Change or increase in vaginal discharge • Pelvic or lower abdominal pressure • Constant low, dull, backache • Mild abdominal cramps (with or without diarrhea) that may feel like persistent menstrual cramps • Regular or frequent contractions that occur four or more times in one hour (which might be painless) • Your water breaks in a trickle or gush
Losing my mucuos lug for about a week Lots of Pelvic Pressure more then I have ever had before (also never had it start until about 2 weeks before my son came) Lots of discharge (white sometimes and others clear and no smell) Also have leaked discharge continuously, panties are always wet Hip pain and leg cramps like crazy Also lots of weird dreams And this really weird feeling that she will be coming early (I have had this since I found out I was pregnant) I was just wondering what were some
ok so i just called my 24 hr nurse line n told them i had a white creamy mucusy discharge... beein havin bck pain n my stomach gets pretty hard...... the told me to call 911 due to it might be baby..... omgggg... but since im scared of going by ambulance i think.ill wait a bit n hear your advice.... last monday i was 0 dilated an 0 enfacced ..... and im 37 weeks and 5 days ....
I have noticed a creamy white discharge yesterday and today--it's not a ton, but noticeable. I don't normally have this before a period and my husband and i ttc this month (we had a miscarriage in Oct. of 06, one in Feb. 07, and one in June 07--had d&c's for the last two and it has been chromosome problems, so doctors said we've just had really really crappy luck).
I'm being induced on Monday and have had a lot of disgusting discharge not bloody though. Does this mean my cervix is changing? Last Monday I was 1 cm and 20% ephased.
Has anyone gone into labor cause your baby ran out of room? I mean this might sound rediculous. I don't know. But at 31wks she measured 5lb 2 oz, 90th percentile. At 33wks my fundal height was 40. I'm only 4'11. I dont know how much more my body can take. I'm 34wks now. I am supposed to have a c section at 39wks. I don't think I will make it until then. What do you ladies think?
I am 38 weeks today (yay!) and yesterday I had my regular checkup. I had a little spotting after the exam & I am 1 1/2 cm dialated & 50% effaced . But last night & today I have had a major increase of discharge & it turned from white to like a pale yellow. Does this mean anything? & any ways to maybe induce labor?
( Ive always had low blood pressure it still is but when I went into labor (6yrs ago) with my daughter I got Preeclampsia right before labor. So far no sign of it with this one. Ik I only have a few weeks I just wanted to know other peoples thoughts and maybe some answers?
And it went away but think I may have another but this time its white discharge and starting yo irritate so im calling my doctor today.
Also ive noticed that my discharge is increasing. Sometimes its a very white, watery discharge that can come out in a mini gush.. or it will be more of a mucousy consistency. Nothing blood tinged as yet. I know this doesnt really answer your question.. but like you, i think im having a big baby and am anxious to get him out already. He's killing my insides! lol. Ive heard alot of women on here say that when you are actually in labour you will know 100%.
no periods no cramping and best of all no discharge oh i do recommend that if the discharge is milky white or milky green colored, to go get that checked by the doctor, it may be a bacterial infection... sorry it was soooo long, but gosh i'm so disappointed to hear this from the IUD when i just went through three years of depo the same way. ...
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