White bumps on vagina

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I've always noticed that there were small white bumps in my vagina, but only recently have I started to worry about it. They don't really have any itchiness or anything. I'm a virgin, but sometimes I masturbate. I'm wondering if this is normal or if there's something wrong...I can't find any pictures on the web but I'm concerned. Please reply?
Okay so I had sex with my boyfriend six days ago its always a little sore because he has a very large penis (for me) so acoupledays after we had sex I notice these white bumps on the inside of my left vagina lip there is not an odor so I'm really scared of what this may be can anyone help
for the last about 7 yrs i have had extremely itchy pimple like white bumps on my vagine. there only on the outside none inside. they itch so bad i scratch them until they bleed. They have popped like a pimple in the past but i keep getting more. i probably have about 20 but only about 2 or 3 itch. i dont burn when i urinate..and it doesnt hurt when i have sex, the bumps arent painful at all.. they very seldom stop itching. please tell me what u think this could be....
But a while back I noticed ALOT of small white bumps around my vagina. They don't itch or hurt or anything they are just kind of there? I thought that maybe if I just left them alone for a while they would disapear. They never did. I'm kind of scared of what they might be. Does anyone have any ideas of what they are?
Hello how are you ....is white bumps in my vagina normal. sometimes it itches some times it dont. Im not sure what it is i was hopeing that u can help me its on the opening of my vagina and it look like mole thats on some people necks and it kinda hang but mines is flat and white its not painful it doesnt pop please help me.
I have had these small white bumps on the inside of my labia for quite some time now. They don't hurt or itch. I'm afraid it might me an std but I had them before I started having sexual intercourse. I have also never had someone preform oral on me.
Hello, I have white bumps around the lips above the clit and down by the vagina lips. They do not hurt or have ever bothered me. I especially notice them when I'm on my period. Is this an STD and should I be worried?
I've always noticed that there were small white bumps in my vagina, but only recently have I started to worry about it. They don't really have any itchiness or anything. I'm a virgin, but sometimes I masturbate. I'm wondering if this is normal or if there's something wrong...I can't find any pictures on the web but I'm concerned. Please reply?
I have, and have had, ksin colored bumps on my vagina. On the groin part where the public hair grows. I do not have any in or on the labia majora or labia minora. The bumps are noticeable but they do not itch, burn, peel, or have crusty texture to them. They are smooth and soft. I am worried that they may be genital warts or HPV. Please help me.
and i discovered some white little bumps on the inner lips of my vagina, and im scared. i dont know what it could be, because i havent had sexual contact ever, so i dont think it could be a STI...do you know what it is ?
So i recently discovered about 3 really tiny white bumps on the lips of my vagina. They do not hurt or itch or anything. I tried squeezing one, but nothing came out. I dont know what it is. Also, I dont know if this has any relation to it. But i recently had sex and well, we did it 3 times, and i was a little sore after. especially peeing. but im not sore anymore. But i just noticed last night that when i pee, everything is normal until the last little bit of pee is coming out.
hey , i have 3 very painful white bumps on my outer lip of my vagina (left). It hurts the restroom, & I got them the night me & my boyfriend had sex. I dont know what it is or what it might be, any suggestions?
I'm 13 and have found a sore bump on the lip of my vagina it had a white head. There was a close by hair that i had tweesered. Resently it had popped and pussed and bled a lot, its still red and sore. WHAT DO I DO?? HELP PLEASE...
That said, I never thought that this problem was weird until I realized it probably should have gone away by now - there are little whiteheads on my vagina, exclusively on the labia majora. It's been like this practically since I hit puberty, but like I said I never imagined it was any different from the next girl's vagina - in middle school health class we were all told that it's normal to get pimples in "strange places" during puberty, but they never went into detail.
hey im 16 years old and inside my vagina i have like 8-10 white bumps, they do not hurt or any sort of pain. i have only have one sexual partner and im worried because i dont want to tell my parents, or anyone else. can anyone help me or give me advice. or if anyone knows anything about this, or have had it befor?
I had a child a year and 7 months ago i had little white hard painless bumps on the inner lips of my vagina and, my throat hurts and it feels like its stopped up making it hard to cough up the Flem. when going through my pregnancy I was shore that i didn't have any stds. Now I'm scared that i might have an std due to a previous relationship but I'm unsure. now living with my boyfriend I'm very uncomfortable what do i do?
Juss today I saw I had bumps on my vagina lip.. I shaves there two days ago, but they're not real small and white, at least I don't think. I have had sex. Once wiff a virgin and once with a guy I thought did it wife one girl, but found out 2 weeks ago it was 3-4 girls. I read stuff online and found something about herpes or STD. I don't wanna tell my mom (only 15) cause I don't want her to know I guess. Help, please?
i have some white bumps on the openin of my vagina and on the part da grips da penis its prolly been there for like 5 or 7 months. It doesnt hurt it look like a mole thats on ur skin but its white. im hopeing its not Genital Warts but i saw some picture of genital warts and my white bumps dont match does picture.
Ok Well Im 13 Never Had Sex With Anyone And i Have These Bumps On My Vagina Well Not Exactly On My Vagina But Above It . There Like Pimples kinda can someone help me please idont kno what to do ....me and my mom dont really have a good relationship or my dad or my sister so i have no one to talk to ..
umm I'm 14. And I am a virgin. Lately I've been havin bumps appearing on my vagina. What is it and what should I do?
For a couple weeks now ive notcied these bumps on my vagina right next to the hole and two bumps on my anus. I have no clue what it is im really scared it might be a std. I havent seen a dr. yet but i asked my cousin (cuz she has herpes) if it was herpes and she explained hers and didnt sound anything like what im experiencing. she said it might be sweat bumps. I dont think its herpes cuz they dont hurt at all they barely itch. I do have a yeast infection though so could that be a product of it?
I have bumps on the outside and on the inside of my vagina. I think they were there years ago way before i was sexually active. one stands out b/c its bigger than the rest! it isnt painful but sometimes i get a very dull sensation that it tiches or something. Also ive been haveing more odors lately! birthcontrol pill?
I am a 17 year old girl, just a few months ago I started noticing bumps on my vagina. I am not sexually active so I am sure this is not a std. The bumps normally have pus and blood in them or sometimes they are hard and cannot be squeezed, they itch often do. I know this is gross but i really need to know what is the cause of this.