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I did some research on these and it seems like it's the same medicine that's in Voltaren Gel. If the Voltaren Gel (not cheap by the way) didn't help why would she have perscribed Flector Patches?
Hi folks! Have any of you used Diclofenac or Voltarin Gel for relief from general pain on thighs, etc.(and other large areas ... LOL? What was your experience? Did it actually relieve any of your pain? I've used the tablet form, but it made me sick to my stomach. Is this likely to do the same? Thanks for your help.
I have been taking nsaids for along time now. and nothing has helped. I have also used Voltaren gel, Lyrica, topamax nothing has helped the pain I am having in my wrist.
Many arthritis sufferers are in a panic over the shortage of Voltaren gel (diclofenac sodium gel) and I get why they are worried. Voltaren gel is a prescription topical anti-inflammatory gel used for all kinds of arthritis pain: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and osteoarthritis of the knees, hands and hips. People who have stomach issues from taking anti-inflammatories by mouth can bypass that problem with Voltaren gel.
The knowledge the doctors have about medications is really minimal based on what pharmacists know. For the most part, doctors know what the salespeople from the drug companies tell them. The pharmacists will tell you the good, the bad AND the in-between.
I have taken Norco and Soma for a few years now and have never used more than my prescription is for. I also believe that people who are in pain do not abuse drugs and the ones that do abuse drugs will just use anything they can get. It's too bad that the medical society does not punish the abusers instead of making it really hard for those of us that are in pain.
Have you tried Voltaren Gel? It is an anti-inflammatory gel that you rub directly where the pain is. It is easier on your body than the oral NSAIDs as it doesn't irritate the stomach. They want me to use that while they work on obtaining the MRI films from my previous insurance.
I use Lidocaine patches,Voltaren Gel,TENS unit,but what I have found to give me at least some relief is Lyrica and cervical traction at home.I take Oxycontin,Dilaudid and Percocet and none of them touch the pain at all.I take those for pain from the treatments I had for breast cancer.I have been putting off having the injections in my neck but I will eventually try it.I had thought seriously about having the surgery and being done with it until I found out that they cut the front of your neck.
The Voltaren is a anti-inflammatory and I even got my 77 year old mother to ask her doctor for it. She LOVES the gel...she has RA bad and in the cold winter she used to be barely able to move. Now she rubs in the gel and gets some relief.
See if your doc will call in some voltaren gel (anti-inflammatory) and lidoderm patches to get by for the weekend. They both will reduce your pain...I use them on my poor abused foot and ankle all the time.
Currently on Roxi and Norco as well as using Voltaren Gel on my upper back/shoulder and an electronic muscle stimulatior. Has anyone else used Suboxone for chronic pain as well as the withdrawl effects? I'm trying to figure out the chances of having it actually keep my pain in check before I jump into it. My doubts and concerns are explained below. I just got over the flu and have had a lot of trouble keeping the opioids down.
I tried Voltaren for a bit as well and it used to do wonders for my ankle but not so much now. Melissa- It is weird that sometimes it feels like your body really is unraveling or popping open a can of worms. I know someone who just had a surgery to reduce any further complications from Crohns and, while it was a brutal surgery, he says he feels so much better than he has in years. Is that an option for you? What caused your rotator cuff tear?
i recommended aloe vera gel for post treaters who have confirmed SVR. aloe vera is an excellent natural anti inflammatory herb: its great for skin inflammation, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders. it really does make a difference. it also contains amino acids and is a storehouse of virtually ALL nutrients known to man. however, i have a feeling it may compromise SVR during or right after treatment. Therefore, only people with 6 months post UND should take aloe vera gel.
You'll end up taking less oxycodone during the day, because you'll only take it for breakthrough pain, if that is even necessary. Oxycontin is the extended for of oxycodone, and I took them for quite a while, with good success. I now am on Hydromorph Contin and Dilaudid for breakthrough. A little about me...I broke my tailbone in Dec 2007. I had part of it surgically removed in May 2009, and here we are a year later in more pain than before the surgery.
diclofenac is available in this country by prescription only. it is an NSAID (and non habit-forming). it can be gotten w/out a prescription from australia/new zealand/canada online as "voltaren" (be careful with that on-line pharmacy!!): http://www.pillsbasket.com/item.php?id=4040 this site looks like it has a gel -- could be very helpful with the above-stated use: http://www.getpharma.com/lifeproduct.asp?deptid=582&mainlink=pharmacy this rapid release 12.
It scared the hell out of me and that is when I stopped cold turkey. I still have pain issues but use something called Voltaren gel which help take the pain down just a notch for me to function. It is an NSAID in gel form (topical) and it does help. Keep yourself focused on taking back your life instead of the drugs. Find a reason why you want to detox and stick with the plan. Yes the vitamins help along with hot baths, hydration and a health state of mind that you want to do this.
Has anyone tried biofreeze? This is an over the counter gel geared for sore muscles and aches. Someone at church has a similar injury as me and swears by this gel. This gel also has really good reviews on amazon.com too. I hope this helps with the muscle spasms I have since I can not take a muscle relaxer. It will get it through the mail on Wednsday next week. Anyone here use this?
blah blah blah, yeah I get that but that doesn't give me any specifics. What is the biological mechanism that drives this itching? My thinking is, if I know what causes it (specifically), I'll better know how to treat it. For example, if it's a histamine response to the dead skin cells/debris that are still present in the skin, I would think a strong anti-histamine (prescription strength hydroxyzine perhaps?
I chose to get off the norco to see if the depression changes. Guess what? Its day 6 and my depression is going away. The only problem is the pain is coming back big time. I have a hot tub, an inversion table and a tempur pedic mattress to help my issues.i would love a non narcotic pain killer. Whats your secret?
Now I am aware that some of these muscles haven't been used in a long time but here it is February and I am till having pain behind both knees and it doesn't stop. I use Voltaren gel (it helps) but that medication creates side effects with my system (I use the minimum) and Celebrex is worse. Aspirin does nothing, hot soaks don't help and I can't use cold wraps, I can't tolerate the cold. Any suggestions?
When I told my doctor I was taking it with the diclofenac and I had no stomach issues he wrote it down and is now prescribing the Essential Enzyme with it. I use the voltaren gel mainly for my foot pain. I know what you mean, my pain is so wide spread it would be hard to have it on my body all over all the time. Now the "Nutra" product which is also topical I put on my low back, neck, feet, hands after every shower. You don't need very much and without it I ache so much more.
I went to my Internist who prescriped 2 creams. Voltaren Gel 1% is 1 of the creams and the other cream is Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.025% After using the creams for 1 1/2 days my neck and face is worse. The burning got worse and I have big round red blotches on my cheeks with scaling rough skin with patches. It still itches and I reuse to use the creams again. I am supposed to use these creams a few times a day. I did that the first 2 days.
History of IBD with surgery so NSAIDs hurt my stomach plus I have asthma which it exacerbates. Even the voltaren gel bothers my asthma and stomach. Today headache/neck pain/facial swelling/nausea/arm pain/fatigue, when will it end? Plan to talk to pcp about seeing a rheumatologist. I see second opinion ortho in November. Feel like I'm crashing, its getting so difficult to hide how bad I feel and I'm scared.
Initially I was given a cortisone injection, which didn't help, along with a prescription for Voltaren Gel, didn't help either, along with a splint that I had to wear for few weeks . After these failed attempts, I was put in a cast for 6 weeks to try complete immobilization, didn't help. In March 2012 I had the surgery to release the band to give more room to the tendons.
If you will get VOLTAREN gel and rub it between your breasts and down on your abdomen then in same place on your back starting at bra line up toward neck down toward lower back then put heating pad for about 10-15 minutes on your chest/abdomen. That's only way I can breathe it hurts do bad. I used to cry it would only make it worse. What is going on?
If you will get VOLTAREN gel and rub it between your breasts and down on your abdomen then in same place on your back starting at bra line up toward neck down toward lower back then put heating pad for about 10-15 minutes on your chest/abdomen. That's only way I can breathe it hurts do bad. I used to cry it would only make it worse. What is going on?
It's a lot of pills, but I actually notice a difference when I have to stop taking my fish oil and voltaren before spinal injections or my upcoming second round of radiofrequency ablations. What I'm saying is be patient, and don't give up on finding what works for you! Hope you find relief soon!
I also use Voltaren gel which help bring down the pain level at least one notch and that has been beneficial for me. I hope my feedback helps from my experiences but education into learning about my condition and researching to find a specialist was key for me and I advise the research for all that are interested in learning about their condition.
I know a lot of people say ice is best for inflammation but I can't tolerate the cold. Winter is the worst for me for my arthritis and fibromyalgia. The RSD/CRPS doesn't seem to be affected by weather; it just hurts all the time.
herniated disks, past surgeries, and arthritis, and I put it on him, nad it helped. The nice thing is it's not another narcotic. I also used the Voltaren gel, and I found that very helpful. But she actually prescribed something better for me a few weeks ago. It's a compounding cream. You have to get it at a special compounding pharmacy. They mix it up and it has several different drugs in it (I know it has the lidocaine, ketamine, and a bunch of others.
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