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I bet you feel your baby. :) I'm a second time mom n I swear I feel it too n I don't have gas like that either. I'm 9weeks 2 days.
I hear a lot of round ligament pain. What exactly does it feel like and where does it occur on your body IG;sides,lower belly,etc. And when do you usually get it. I'm 24 weeks and the last few days I've had crampy aches in my lower and side belly. I know its not Braxton Hicks (been getting those since20wks) Thought maybe it was a uti, but I don't think so now, maybe gas pains...just trying to rule things out before I over think things. Thanks in advance ladies.
what does it feel like when you first felt you baby kick. i was just wondering b/c i am 15w4d. && i wasnt sure if anyone felt the baby move then. let me know pleaseee.
So I'm feeling a little sheepish asking this question, but this is my first pregnancy and the only time I've ever seen labor or a woman having contractions is on TV, which I would guess is not like the real thing. So how do you know when you're in labor? What does a contraction feel like, and how do you recognize it? Just curious, and wondering how I'll know when the time comes.
I know it sounds dumb. But out of no where i got nauseous and i feel like i have a fever && i got this pain in my lower back. At first i thought they were gas. They feel like i have gas, but i try to fart and nothing. I sat on the toilet for a good five minutes and nothing came out. I dk if i ate something bad or something since I'm starting to get chills even though I'm bundled up. I'm 40w 4d. I have a feelin its gas since i can hear my tummy rumbling.
distorted (blurred) vision. I know that these don't sound like things that could be related to excess stomach gas, but as with the heart symptoms, my proof is that they all go away completely within minutes of releasing some of the pressure. My theory is that certain nerves near the stomach - possibly including the vagus nerve - are somehow being irritated or stimulated by the pressure being exerted on them by my bloated stomach - much like accupressure.
that actually sounds more like what i felt around 15-16 weeks. it does sound like it could be baby though. id say see if it keeps happening. if it is baby you will notice it getting stronger.
I felt mine at about 16 weeks, like popcorn poping. Now at 21 weeks I feel like I have some doing acrobats,kind of like a fish flopping when you catch one. We are all different. If this is a first pregnancy I would say it is too early, this is my 3rd.
Hi All, I am new to all of this and based on my readings here, I am not sure what I am feeling is actually a PVC or not. What do they actually feel like to you? What I feel and it doesn't happen to often is almost like a flutter in my chest that last for just a moment. Maybe not even a flutter, more like the feeling of a stomach turning over, but higher up in my chest. No pounding or anything else. It seems to happen as I breath out and happen most after I eat.
Unfortunately, I am not aware of this happening in anyone else, but I wouldn't discount your complaints as false. Obviusly, you know what you are feeling. What does your heart rate go up to when your stomach is filled with gas. One thing to consider is to wear a Holter monitor and record your heart rate when you have lots of stomach gas just to get an idea of what happens to your rhythm.
I have what I believe to be excessive gas in my stomach, I belch a lot and it's worse when I drink water, even just sips. When I rise in then morning I feel the air in my stomach and the need to belch, so I do it. I take antiacid medicine daily and some Dimeticone to help with gas but it's just a temporary relief. Why could this be? it started like 2 weeks ago, I have no abdominal pain, just too much belching! I've tried eating really bland and still the water makes me do that!
Sometimes I feel gas or liquids rolling in my stomach or intestines. Once or twice I felt a quick and tiny hint of pain, but otherwise, the feeling is uncomfortable, but not painful. I most often feel this discomfort at night, especially when I lie down to go to sleep. I also have irregular bowels that are affected by diet. Recently I went to a doctor, who diagnosed the problem as IBS and prescribed dicyclomine.
I'm so glad I found this site. I too get PVCs when I have stomach gas. I feel like my stomach is so full and pushing up on my diaphragm/heart etc. This all started when I was pregnant with my second child. I had super bad heartburn and gas and these PVCs started. The cardiologist said not to worry. I'm going to see a GI specialist next week so we'll see what he says. Isn't there a pill we can take for the gas instead of taking Maalox all the time?
In December I went to the emergency room because I was having serious gas pain which felt like someone was playing marbles inside my stomach. I mean the gas shot across my stomach region a whole lot. I went to the VA emergency room and the DOC advise me that it sounded like Dyspepsia so he gave me some meds call omephazone or something like that.
Little pokes from the inside...but they aren't in your stomach.
what does it feel like for first baby movements and how many weeks were you when you first felt baby move, I feel things and i dont know if its the baby or me imagining it. its prob the latter but who knows!
By reading the site I have heard nothing but horror stories and all I wanted to know is what the Moviprep tastes like. What can I expect from this procedure? I have had stomach issues since I was a child and it worsened after I had my son 11 years ago. They took out my gall bladder last year and they still dont know what wrong. I was diagnosed with H Pilori and the meds prescribed helped for 2 days and then worsened the condition instead of making me better.
What does it feel like when the cyst ruptures. This past weekend I hurt so bad in my lower back I was going to get my husband to take me to the ER. I didn't though. I am only 26 yrs old, on 2 different pain meds and have had mutiple back and hip surgeries. I figured they would stereotype me. I work in the health profession and I know they are not supposed to but they do. My back has never hurt that bad. It hurt so bad to move. I took pain meds with no relief at all.
I have been experiencing what feels like bad gas pains all day long - I have taken Gas-X, which doesnt help, and when I pass gas it still does not relieve the pain. Sometimes my back will hurt on my right side and if I lay down the gas pains and back pains will feel a lot better. If I sit a certain way (like indian style with my elbows in my lap) or if I am bent over it will hurt worse and I start to sweat.
Can somebody tell me what contractions feel like I keep getting pains in my upper stomach but I'm not sure if it's Contractions or not
Hi, What it sounds like you are describing is for certain gas inside of you. The weird noises are the air (gas) moving through your stomach, intestines etc...nothing abnormal I should suspect. I to have the feeling that something is 'moving' through the left handside of my body with gas. Basically, the gas is just following the normal route for expulsion so to speak. Are you getting the gas after eating i.e. the more you eat, the more you suffer from it?
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