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a history of head injury, seizures, or brain or spinal cord tumor; heart disease, high blood pressure, history of heart attack; kidney or liver disease (especially cirrhosis); or bipolar disorder (manic depression). http://www.drugs.com/wellbutrin.
I am going through the ingredients and tyrosine in itself in me caused me to have dangerously high blood pressure. Others of those ingredients are useless. Take a standard vitamin and mineral supplement. Tyrosine and taurine and many other things you will find in the local health food store are outright dangerous. There are some natural remedies for use in depression that are somewhat of help but they should only be taken with a psychiatrist's supervision.
I switched from Lexapro to Wellbutrin because of weight gain and high blood pressure and have had wonderful results. Blood pressure is normal again and I have lost weight. Hopefully this medication will work for you too..
I am on day 8 of taking these meds, along with some High Blood Pressure meds (Lisinopril and Hydrochlorothiazide). My question is, how long until I notice the effect of these meds? Every day has been just as anxiety-filled as when I first started them! The anxiety I have is stemmed from feelings in my body. For example today at lunch I walked over to the Restaurant, when I got there I got this horrible fear that I wouldn't be able to talk when I opened my mouth, but I could!!!
-Flashing lights and Aura's like a migraine but with no headache to speak of -Eyeballs ached -Very blurry vision -Loud ringing in ears (Tinnitus) -Tingling and numbness in feet, arms and legs -Food and pills felt like they were getting stuck in my throat (now I have a hiatal hernia) -Depression, mood swings, crying -Memory/word recall was terrible, couldn't think straight -PVC's 24/7 which made my Blood pressure 85/45 -Fatigue -16 pound weight loss -blood sugar was high -red blood cell coun
the doctors usually persribe clonodine to help with w/d's...it lowers blood pressure....when our bodies go through w/d's our blood pressure goes up pretty quick, and causes most of the symtoms, hot , chills.....
I took wellbutrin XL 150 mg for several months. I gained 10 pounds and constantly craved sugar and sweets. Everything smelled very strong. It also greatly increased my sex drive. that was nice but I couldn't handle the weight gain. I just want to warn everyone that not everyone loses weight I didn't.
MRI, CT scan, 3 thyroid tests, some tests on my heart, blood pressure and 5 vials of blood for other blood work. I went to see a neurologist as well. Nothing has shown up. My doctor has given me no other course of action or diagnosis. Blurred vision and head pressure seem very related. Both are better upon waking for about 5 minutes (longer if I do not stand up). When I have a runny nose it is significantly better. My fatigue is not significantly affected by anything.
I take Lipitor (10mg once a day), Toprol (50 mg twice a day), HCTZ (25mg once a day), and Wellbutrin XL (150 mg once a day). I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My cholesterol is under control but my blood pressure sometimes spikes. I just having been feeling like myself and I'm getting worried that something's going on that is hidden. Do you have any ideas what might be going on?
I have is will I ever be normal with all these medicines I take. Blood pressure and high cholestrol meds also. I go to therphy but we never talk about my husband she thinks it has to do with my "up bringing" my parents are both deceased and we were a loving family no abuse of any kind.
My placenta ended up separating because my blood pressure was so high, and my son passed away just 3 weeks before my due date. So talk to your doctor, of coarse, because in some cases the benifit of the medication outweighs the risk.
Just make sure you dont smoke, your blood pressure is good, and your weight is reasonable. These can be huge factors when it comes to what side effects you could have. Good luck! I hope this helped!!
Common Side Effects Dry Mouth Loss of appetite Headache Difficulty falling asleep (insomnia) Nervousness including agitation, anxiety and irritability Addiction Less Common Side Effects High blood pressure Rapid pulse rate Tolerance (constant need to raise the dose) Feelings of suspicion and paranoia Visual hallucinations (seeing things that are not there) Depression Cocaine craving Dermatoses (infected or diseased skin) Urinary tract infection Infection or viral infection Elevated ALT enzyme l
Pros: Increases blood pressure, decreases blood pooling by constricting blood vessels, can be taken as needed, Cons: Wears off quickly, not recommended for individuals with possible Long QT Syndrome, SSRI's: Pros: Aids central serotonin regulation, reduces fainting-related anxiety, helpful at very low dosages, Cons: Generally used for anxiety/depression, suicide warnings, Examples: Fluoxetine/Prozac, Paroxetine/Paxil, Sertraline/Zoloft, etc.
I had one of my primary care docs put me on hytrin, a blood pressure medication to try and counter the effects of the effexor that were causing my night sweats. any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
dyskinesia; drowsiness; blood pressure and pulse changes, both up and down; tachycardia; angina; cardiac arrhythmia; abdominal pain; weight loss during prolonged therapy. There have been rare reports of Tourette's syndrome. Toxic psychosis has been reported. Although a definite causal relationship has not been established, the following have been reported in patients taking this drug: leukopenia and/or anemia; a few instances of scalp hair loss.
I am weaning myself off and have started Wellbutrin XL up to 300mg now. I agree with the withdrawal symptoms. It's almost as if the manufacturer doesn't want us to stop it (more money for them!!) Good luck to everyone.
I started having trouble sleeping more than four hours at a time where I would wake up with a racing resting heart (102) and high blood pressure (143/89) but was alleviated by sitting up. I felt very slow and had an inability to concentrate on anything due to lack of sleep. I developed a head twitch/tremor that I could not suppress by Monday evening. My muscle twitches, jerks and tremors became worse with the head twitch.
I was first started on Effexor, and not seeing any improvement in my symptoms, quickly increased to an almost maximum dose (250-300mg daily). I developed high blood pressure, and subsequently switched to Zoloft, and again needed to increase the dose to 250mg/day. I still didn't really feel much different (I don't think), except that as a student, I began to find that I had problems with concentration, and a general "conectedness".
52 year old male, moderately high blood pressure, moderately high cholesterol and a history of depression. Taking BP medications [low doses Hyzaar and Cozaar on alternate days]; Lipitor and had been taking 50 mg of Zoloft daily for about 6 years. Also, to offset the feelings of lethargy from Zoloft my GP and I started a trial course of Provigil [modafinil], 200 mg daily in the morning.
I've been taking Wellbutrin XL for 2 months now along with 150 mg of Effexor XR and I don't feel depressed, a bit sluggish and unmotivated but not so depressed. Today I went to my dr again and she took my blood pressure and it was extremely high. I have been taking 1.5 mg of Xanax for the past two months too let me mention. She think the high bp is caused by the Effexor and is concerned and decided to take me off and now I am petrified of coming off of it because of the side effects.
dont forget to be sure you dont have ANEMIA, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, or THYROID hormones problems..
It finally dawned on me I reduced my Wellbutrin XL since this crazy blood pressure started. He wrote me a script for Metorolol 25mg ER. A blood pressure medication which side affects made me go hell no? Back to the original question Did the reduction bring back my panic attacks? I took it this morning at home it was 120/84 I would rather go back up on my Wellbutrin. I called my Dr. which prescribes my pych meds he said the reduction should not have caused it.
I stumbled on this forum because I was googling my symptoms, but mine are a bit different, for me it feels more like a pressure pain but it never goes away, I constantly feel the pressure pain, feels like if I don't pee as soon as I feel it the pain gets worse, I been to the doctor twice in the last month, at first I thought it was a UTI the doctor gave me some antibiotics that I had to take for 10 days and I did and the pain wasn't goin away, so I went back when I finished my treatment and whe
But as of yesterday, my heart rate is averaging 110-140 bpm and my blood pressure has been around 145 over 90...As high as 159 over 104. I have had stomach and body aches, and had bad night sweats and sweating today. Shortness of breath and chest pain have been pretty frequent. I know that if I take a clonazepam to cope that I will start them on a regular basis, and just follow my old ways.
Then next I started burning intead of being cold I looked for holes in my body because It hurt so bad. My husband called my mom and she came and seen me and said it was probably an allergic reaction. I was begging to go to the hospital, but instead she called the doctor at the office she worked at. He told her to give me benadryl. My husband left to go get some during that time I started shaking uncontrolable I was going from being ice cold to burning feelings going through my body like waves.
Was on that for 2wks and I started having chest pain with palputaions, went to my family doc. last week and my blood pressure was high, (it has NEVER even been close to high!!) Have some numbness in my left foot and upper thigh....scary! Doc is sending me to a cardiologist this monday morning for further tests. I'm 39 now and recently allowed my husband to come home....now, he's calling me a drug addict...HA what a joke....
I have been withdrawing from two antidepressants in the last 2 weeks. From 300 MG Wellbutrin XL to nothing, and Lexapro 10 MG to 5 MG. I should add that the week before withdrawal, I was mistakenly cutting the Wellbutrin XL tablets in half and taking them all at once with the Lexapro. This happened for 6 days before my Physicians Assistant told me my mistake, that cutting XL tablets releases them immediately.
My doctor made me come once a month (regular family doctor) to be weighed and have my blood pressure taken. She would only give me a prescription for 30 days at a time. Some doctors will not prescribe it unless you are morbidly obese, I was not so the weight loss clinic I went to would not give me the pills. They were happy to take my money and give me vitamins and B12 shots (this did nothing for me). So I asked my regular doctor and she gave it to me.
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