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However, we are noticing increasingly worse behavior right away in the mornings and at bedtime. We just saw our family physician and we increased his dose of Vyvanse, started on a low dose of Ritalin to get us through the morning bus ride, and we are going to start seeing a psycologist for behavior modification. The doctor drew some lab work while we were in, and the results were normal except his BG.
Getting back to Dependent vs. Addiction, No one with pain ever intends to become an addict do they? Well, unfortunately it happens to just about everyone taking pain meds long term. There is no getting around that. NOW.... How Drug Dependence Becomes Drug Addiction... In my office hangs an Advertising Council public service ad from the late 60’s/early 70’s entitled “Diagram of a Drug Abuser.
How does Adderall effect ADHD girls? [Age & Gender ADHD Treatment] Children: How does Adderall effect ADHD boys? [Age & Gender ADHD Treatment] Adults: How does Adderall effect ADHD women? [Age & Gender ADHD Treatment] Adults: How does Adderall effect ADHD men? [Age & Gender ADHD Treatment] What are parents opinions with Adderall for an ADHD child? [Age & Gender ADHD Treatment] Which supplements and herbs are similar to Adderall?
Hello Between ages 8 and about 28 I took, daily, a prescribed dose of Ritalin (between 20 mg and 40/mg per day) to treat a learning deficit that has always clearly expressed itself. Ritalin was very effective and the noticeable side effects were minimal. However, around age 20 I began to notice erectile sustainability issues which became increasingly prevalent heading into my mid and late twenties.
Boy, would I love to see a science based study looking at children that were given natural remedies vs. nothing vs. medication for adhd/add. My child is not on medicine but I know of many many success stories of children that found themselves achieving what THEY have always wanted to achieve in school. When it is a success, it is a wonderful thing. When it is a disaster it is a terrible thing. That is why one can only share their own experience with their family or people they know well vs.
I did a lot of research. We got him an appointment with a Psychiatrist. After much trepidation, we put him on Ritalin. We saw almost immediate results! He was actually able to focus! It was like he was a completely different kid. he started succeeding in school. He was actually reading and doing his homework! Then, after a little while, the Ritalin stopped working. Instead, he became irritable and started lashing out at his sister. It was pretty bad. They would bicker and he would hit her.
sure they're both stimulants but actually ritalin would be closer to coke, and adderall is close to methamphetamine. not that it makes it any better... kids are obviously the target market for Shire Pharmeceutical, which i think is awful. i agree with woozy that kids should not be on this stuff, unless it's the absolute last resort. it's given out to toddlers and grade-schoolers like fuggin' candy! guess what, they're KIDS, being inattentive is what they DO!
Ritalin and Cyclert show to inhance dopaminergic functioning -H2s is produced endogenously in many body tissues as a break-down product of metabolism -(p.106)Hydrogen Sulfide is metabolized through 3 pathways: oxidation, methylation, and reactions with metalloproteins or disulfide-containing proteins. Although the major metabolic pathway for detoxification is oxidation of the sulfide to sulfate in the liver, methylation also serves to detoxify sulfide.
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