Vomiting yellow bile in pregnancy

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it wasn't anything it was just that disgusting ilight>yellowilight> ilight>bileilight>. Since 11pm last night i have thrown up 6 times all of it being the ilight>bileilight>. i cannot hold anything down. i had just a small drink of water and seconds later i had to rush to the bathroom. i don't know if this is pregnancy related or am i sick. i'm 9 weeks and haven't got sick before just nausea. i don't know if i should call doctor or just see if it passes. i also have a horrible headache that's not going away.
Hi..Today i am 5w4d and had a dark ilight>yellowilight> ilight>vomitingilight> ilight>inilight> the morning while brushing my teeth..From then i have that sensation and dont feel like having anything..i had one m/c before and never had such thing before in my first pregnancy..am i going to loose this baby too..
You may have to give a stool sample for testing, and they may want you to do a colonoscopy to make sure there are no abnormalities. if you are not eating and you are ilight>vomitingilight>, it will be ilight>yellowilight> because all there is left ilight>inilight> your stomach is bile. This may just be attributed to anxiety. if you are anxious, maybe that is causing your lack of appetite. in reaction, you are feeling nauseous because you have nothing in your stomach causing you to vomit. See your doc.
As soon as get out of bed begin to cough and vomit hot clear to ilight>yellowilight> ilight>bileilight>. This occurred last year about this same time. i have tried Prilosec reglan Zantac Zyrtec At one point was out back on Paxil then tried Lexapro. This began again 2 weeks ago and i have lost 16 lbs with no appetite and inability to eat a whole meal. i go to bed fearing that the cycle will return again every morning and sure enough it does.
Hi...i am ilight>inilight> to my 17th week tomorrow. i have had ilight>vomitingilight> since the second month. After my 14th week, i only have morning sickness, otherwise i could puke anytime, though not regularly. What i would like to to know is, did any of you ladies puke bile (yellow col yucky liquid!!Sorry ) the first thing in the morning? Eversince i had conceived i have had this, and now after my 14th week i only puke this just after waking up, or/and while brushing!!! Any openion will be highly appreciated.
Rotten Egg Burps (the WORST part) followed by nausea, severe cramps, ilight>vomitingilight>, diarrea, the works. Only after throwing up everything i'd ever eaten ilight>inilight> my entire life would it go away eventually. Doctors never knew what was wrong and there's still nothing much online about the cause of this illness. After logging what i ate for quite a while, we figured out that the common denominator was RED DYE #40!
i have irregular pms and pcos .i was taking Vitex for about 3 weeks only because i felt like i was about to get on my period. My cycle was getting better until that. For about a month now, ive been having premenstrual symptoms and at the first week i had cramps as if i was on my period.. now i get a few cramps threw out the day. i been extremely tired and its been 2 weeks i wake up vomiting yellow bile & feeling super nausea in the morning only. Threw out the day i feel pretty good.
i have irregular pms and pcos .i was taking Vitex for about 3 weeks only because i felt like i was about to get on my period. My cycle was getting better until that. For about a month now, ive been having premenstrual symptoms and at the first week i had cramps as if i was on my period.. now i get a few cramps threw out the day. i been extremely tired and its been 2 weeks i wake up vomiting yellow bile & feeling super nausea in the morning only. Threw out the day i feel pretty good.
Last night i had to get up in the middle of the night to vomit - that was just food but this morning i vomited bright yellow vomit and the same again about an hour and a half later having eaten or drunk nothing ilight>inilight> between. i have had ilight>bileilight> like vomit ilight>inilight> morning sickness but it was usually a clear yellow. i have also been suffering from a migraine since yesterday morning. Also i seem to lose control of my bladder when i vomit because the vomiting is so violent.
There is no feverish symptoms only chronich naseau and now recent ilight>vomitingilight> of a yellowish ilight>bileilight> substance. She has had a ilight>pregnancyilight> test and it is negative. Any advice or suggestions would be highly appreciated.... Thank you.
As you'll see from other postings, it's not easy convincing a doctor to even consider the pancreas as the source of a problem, unless you're actually turning ilight>yellowilight>, ilight>vomitingilight> ilight>bileilight> and losing weight ilight>inilight> front of his/her face. This goes double when you're 30 or younger. i've found it's helped me immeasurably to educate myself on the possible problems, what my symptoms may mean, and to go in prepared with questions and requests for various tests. if they say no, time to go to the next doctor.
, fullness, major abdominal distention, belching, blood pressure spikes upon movement (but not always), lump/mucous in throat, hurts to swallow seems esophageal, pain in right side under ribs, pain with movement, pain top center of abdomen and around naval, some pain in right shoulder and back side, white coated tongue with bitter taste i can't shake no matter what i do, chills and cold extremities, tremor, sometimes dry cough sore throat, swelling in arms and legs (was told vericose veins) fati
i have some of the same syptoms pain in my upper stomach between my rib cage that goes thru to my back,bloating,and yellowish fluffy stools in the days that i am having the attack the only way the pain will go away is if i get on my knee's and lean over the cough so that there is no pressure in my stomach or 2 percocits pain pills. i feel sick to my stomach frequently but no vomiting.
That's morning sickness...for me, it lasted from weeks 6-9. Are you ilight>vomitingilight> ilight>bileilight> (ilight>yellowilight> acidic stuff)? i remember the feeling and i feel for ya (sign of a good pregnancy, tho). Best wishes and remember to brush your teeth real good afterwards each time so you don't tear your enamel up...
Eating just provided me something to throw up and having something to throw up is much better then dry heaving and puking up that ilight>yellowilight> ilight>bileilight>. i used to choose my food by what was easiest to puke lol, bagels were a big NO, and cereal/oatmeal were ok. So glad im over that now! Sometimes later in the day i would suck on jolly ranchers and it would make me less nauseous.
i can almost guarantee i was not throwing up ilight>bileilight> because ilight>bileilight> has an awful taste, this had no smell but was clear with a bit of ilight>yellowilight> ilight>inilight> and of course i was coughing up the blood tinged mucous. i havent been coughing up much mucous so far... well i am back off to bed or try and sleep lol thanks alot ladies.
thank you so much for your replies. i forgot to mention ilight>inilight> my original post that a ilight>pregnancyilight> test was the first thing my doctor did, which was a urine test that came back negative & the very next day my menstrual cycle kicked in and i've also had another period since then(it came 5 days early which is not my normal cycle, but dr says its more than likely caused by the stress and anxiety.
its the acid ilight>inilight> the ilight>bileilight> when you throw up that is bad for the teeth but you can't help it. Try chewing some trident dental gum maybe. The action of chewing will remove some plaque. Also try an end-tuft brush. You can get one at the drugstore and has only a couple rows of bristles so maybe you can manipulate it around the back without triggering the gag reflex. Also stay away from high sugar and high acid foods for a little while until you can brush again.
i was having severe pain for 3 days straight. ilight>vomitingilight> bright ilight>yellowilight> and green for weeks and just felt so awful like i was dying. i had no symptoms before those 3 days. My local small hospital wouldn't do anything thought i was lying about the pain, i even heard the nurses saying that i was lying! So i had my husband drive me 30 minutes to a big hospital they done the ultrasound seen it was full of gallstones. i was on morphine and dilota still in severe pain, a surgeon came seen me in the ER.
i have had the stomach flu for 6 days. i have had ilight>vomitingilight> (no food but ilight>yellowilight> gastric juice) and diarhea which has the same ilight>yellowilight> bile present around it. i am experiencing extreme nausea. i can only eat foods such as crackers, apples, toast, gatorade and soup broth. i have also had a headache and achiness. My OB told me by phone i have the stomach flu and to call back if i am dehydrated. i am trying to get enough fluids. My question is i am 13 weeks pregnant.
i've had similar symptoms - nausea, vomit ilight>bileilight> ilight>inilight> am and it is very difficult for me to eat - i gag/convulse alot, esp. ilight>inilight> the am. Pregnancy and other lab tests are normal. i had an upper Gi done & the Gi specialist says (& it seems to make sense) that i have gastroparesis. i recommend that you all check into this, it is esp. prevalent in diabetics and can happen just as trauma to the stomach from having surgery.
Hi there! Yes thought so! it isn't very nice being sick at all The ilight>yellowilight> ilight>bileilight> ilight>inilight> the morning is particularly horrid. Try having a drink of water straight after to get rid of the taste. i found eating not long after being sick was a good time to eat as you are less likely to be sick again so soon. i was sick morning noon and night the first three or four months it was always first thing in the morning but i felt fine after my alpen .
Are your bowel movements different ilight>inilight> color? Anything different ilight>inilight> your life when these symptoms started? A new baby or ilight>pregnancyilight> can be hard on the liver and gallbladder.Stay the course until you get the right answers and know that pain is your body's warning signal that something is wrong.
i'm a 26 year old female and i've been constantly nauseous for about 2 weeks now and i often vomit up ilight>bileilight> because of it, and if i'm not ilight>vomitingilight>, i'm dry heaving. i don't have health insurance but i do work full time and go to school, so this is really affecting me as i can't even make it into work. i have no desire to eat anymore (and haven't been eating, sometimes i can keep down applesauce but thats it), i barely can keep down water.
To find out For sure thats what it was when i had a ERCP with menometry - which measures the pressure ilight>inilight> the ilight>bileilight> duct. Mine was extremly high and i then had a sphincterotomy. Which has been a life saver for me. i have been pain free now for a month. Which is a long time considering for just about 18 months my pain was daily. Do a little research on this and see if it fits. The pain resolves around eating. Either not being able to or having to eat.
Not only am i still have attacks, which is why the gallbladder was removed ilight>inilight> the 1st place, but because it's gone, the ilight>bileilight> that trickles has caused ilight>bileilight> gastritis. i was pretty much told that bile gastritis can be treated, but not cured & i will take meds for the rest of my life. How will this affect me when i choose to get pregnant? Why am i still having gallstone attacks w/ no gallbladder? What is the constant burning in the pit? Life on a daily basis consist of pain & discomfort.
You're the 3rd person (that i'm aware of) on this site with AiP. i was diagnosed ilight>inilight> June 2007 after several mths of problems with common ilight>bileilight> duct stricture, elevated liver function tests and 28 lb weight loss which ultimately turned out to be secondary to AiP. Gallbladder was kicking out a lot of sludge which made matters worse and was removed. i had a stent placed - which became infected (into hospital for iV antibiotics), then it was replaced.
i suffered from gallbladder-related symptoms for at least 10 years, beginning during my first pregnancy.
i also have been told that ilight>bileilight> typically tastes sulfuric. So, i am no closer to reaching a conclusion. Keep ilight>inilight> mind, though, that fatty, rich, or even spicy foods can irritate conditions such as gastroparesis and gall bladder. You simply may have to avoid these foods, and avoid eating massive amounts of food at one sitting. There also are medications that help reduce the likelihood of spasm of the stomach's outlet. Of course, you may require gallbladder ultrasound, etc.
i never thought i'd see my kids again as i was put ilight>inilight> a sterile room no visitors. i also had to have my ilight>bileilight> ducts rinsed and a t tube put ilight>inilight> which stayed there until august and a calangiogram showed no leekage. i had been suffering classic signs for 12yrs and it had got to quite a bad state now. 1yr later i do feel better my strength has returned and my want, to do things.
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