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25 mg The side effects listed are associated with overdosage of Vitamin D. Taking 50,000 units once a week is a standard dose for Vitamin D deficiency. If your level is 4 ng/ml, that is deficient and the 50,000 unit is a quick way to stabilize your levels. However you can take the 2,000 unit over the counter capsules daily.
My doc says I need more vit d so she put me on 2000mg a day. Are there any weird side-effects I need to watch for? I was on peppermint tablets last year and the doctor said nothing should have happened, but it gave me really bad stomach cramps and I had to stop taking them, so I'm just being causious. Thanks!
Has anyone had any luck with using vitamin d for depression and anxiety? I've been on medication for a while now and was just wondering if their was anything that would help with depression that wouldn't have such bothersome side effects.
I also take vitamin b12 and folic acid to get my levels up and also help to reduce any side effects if the vitamin d. Too much vit d can cause calcium deposits (u need to have a lot for that to happen) but the extra folic acid and vit b12 help.
The supplement pills had no noticable side effects and corrected my level in 12 weeks. I've had to repeat the treatment about once a year though. I think one thing that can be problematic is if you need surgery......they don't like you to lose much blood when you're level is that low and may need to do blood transfusions. I wasn't to keen about that and delayed my surgery until my level was higher.
org/posts/Thyroid-Disorders/anyone-have-allergic-reaction-to-Vitamin-D/show/1050672 where lots of people have stories about bad reactions to taking over-the-counter Vitamin D supplements. It mostly seems like problems with the source/ingredient side-effects for instance if the Vitamin D is made from Lanolin.
So now I'm waiting to see if it's the vitamin d or if I truly have fibro. I have not had any other side effects that I know of. Call your doc you would be surprized what some meds will do to you. My doctor also told me to go outside without sunscreen for a while evey day. That way you can get vitamin d the natural way. Who new all these years of sunscreen would come back and bite me in my rear end.
I suffered terribly from depression, suicidal idealization, and self harm. The effects of Vitamin D were a dark cloud was lifting and I could suddenly breathe. My moods have been absolutely stable. I have never known life to be so good. I am not a doctor; this is just what works for me. I also take alot of good omega 3, which also has made a huge difference. Between, vitamin D, omega 3, and the Paleo Diet, I am able to handle bipolor disorder without medication.
According to the Vitamin D council you really only see side effects with completely activated vitamin d that comes in prescriptions like calcitrol (spelling?). Supplemental vitamin d is safe in daily dosages up to 10,000 IU. The reason for this (as is explained), is that excess supplemental vitamin d (which is not calcitrol) is stored in the liver and your body just sits on it. CAlicitrol is already activated and its like taking a VERY powerful hormone.
What positive results did you see? Arthritis is the last thing I need! I take calcium, vitamin D, fish oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin C, and magnesium, I also have osteoporosis and I am 44! I am hoping to see an improvement in my bone scan this summer. Being hyper with Grave's surely didn't help.
pain meds do not work when your vitamin d low!! what dos of vitamin d are you on???i also read that you can get lots of stones from low d because the d and caluium bind togather to go to the bones and when it's low it stays in the kidneys and makes stones.i read that rta also you have low d and low potassium . my potassium is very low i take that too.i really would like to know how many msk people have low vitamin d !!!! so let me know how many have had theirs check??
I understand that you are taking the 50,000 IU of Vitamin D. Can you tell me if you have had any side effects, etc. Thanks so much!
Sit at a window with the sun shining in for about 1/2 hour (few times a week) and that will help you get enough Vitamin D. Suggest you stop taking the vitamin D supplements, restrict your intake of calcium, and see your MD.
on a recent blood test . my vitamin d came back 26 /borderline deficient. waht should it be. ive heard 50. is supplements. 2000 a day. plus sunlight 10 minutes a day enough to boost this. can vitamin d deficency cause fatigue.? how long does it take to build back up in you. next blood work in a month. thanks.
I can't seem to take alot of vitamin d without side effects. I did take the 50,000 from the dr the 1st week and the second week i took d3 around 5,0000 a day or 3,0000 i would change it up. It was ok for about a week then i crashed and felt horrible. felt so sick couldn't hardly eat. did not know about taking another vitamins with d3. I know take a multivitamin, calcium 500 w D, and 500 magnisium.
I was told I had lots of small cysts on both ovaries and I have a vitamin D deficiency. I am just wondering what the odds are are getting pregnant, I have been trying to loose weight (healthy eating and exercise) but just keep gaining weight. Any advice?
Research has indicated harmful and, possible toxic, effects from excess amounts of Vitamin D (usually from supplements). The harmful effects can be very similar to deficiencies of the Vitamin: weak muscles, weak bones, excessive bleeding, and kidney stones. It is recommended not to exceed 400 IU per day of Vitamin D for young children (due to growing bones) and 200 IU per day for over 25 years old.
Use his search engine and type in vitamin D and you will be taken to a page of archived articles on vitamin D. In some of his articles he recommended signing up with the Vitamin D Council. He was right. It proved to be worthwhile. In one of the latest newsletters from the Council they mentioned taking magnesium with the vitamin D supplements to get the full benefit. They provided evidence in a story about some children with Rickets who needed vitamin D.
Yet this is exactly what is happening in most cases and it is causing a lot of people to have problems that they believe are due to side effects of Vitamin D- or even worse they believe they are experiencing an overdose. Such a huge number of people have subtle magnesium deficiency that some researchers and doctors are calling magnesium deficiency an epidemic, and anyone with even a mild or 'subclinical' magnesium deficiency will have this deficiency amplified when Vitamin D is taken.
Such a huge number of people have subtle magnesium deficiency that some researchers and doctors are calling magnesium deficiency an epidemic, and anyone with even a mild or 'subclinical' magnesium deficiency will have this deficiency amplified when Vitamin D is taken. This is creating some uncomfortable 'Side Effects of Vitamin D' that are actually symptoms of an induced magnesium deficiency!
6ng/mL is severely deficient. You may take quite some time to see levels rise. Magnesium is the most important co factor for vitamin D absorption. "Side effects" of vitamin D supplemenation are almost always due to magnesium deficiency as vitamin D uses magnesium to convert to active vitamin D in the blood. So keep your magnesium levels up. Check your labs every three months to see how you are going. The vitamin D council recommend between 50 - 80ng/mL (125 - 200nmol/L) year round.
Low vitamin D levels occur because of less intake of vitamin D, less exposure to sunlight or as side effects of some diseases. Toxic substances, harmful chemicals, side effects of certain medicines can also give rise to such condition that the level of vitamin D goes down the normal level. It is a rare occurrence that the vitamin D levels is low because of some hereditary diseases. Following are some of the causes for low levels of vitamin D.
labcorp does Vit D , my last one was a little high so I am supplementing less.
In studies of immune cells, vitamin D shows anti-inflammatoryeffects. In an animal model of MS, vitamin D supplementation reduced disease severity and vitamin D deficiency worsened it. Additionally, a large, ten-year study found that women who took vitamin D supplements were 40% less likely to develop MS. However, since this was not a placebo-controlled study, the decrease in MS risk may have involved many other factors.
Excess vitamin D doesn't just pour through the kidneys like many other unnecessary supplements will. Like vitamin A (another fat-soluable vitamin) vitamin D can reach toxic levels in the body, especially when you supplement. That's why it is necessary to have regular blood draws to check your levels and adjust dosage. Just because so many people are deficient, doesn't mean we can supplement at will without consequence.
The vitamin D council recommend vitamin D levels between 50 - 80ng/mL (125 - 200nmol/L) year round. If you are in these optimal levels with continuing bone pain there is another problem. If you find your vitamin D levels have not risen well or at all, magnesium deficiency is the first suspect. Vitamin D "uses up" magnesium to convert to active vitamin D in the blood. For this reason, "side effects" of vitamin D supplementation are most commonly magnesium deficiency symptoms.
I am going to be on 50,000 of vitamin D prescribed for the next 3 months. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and thank you for posting your stories. It's like reading my own life story, it makes me want to cry. All of these symptoms are what I've been going through too. I have felt so bad for so long and I'm so thankful that I am not alone.
Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! If you had hematuria, please consult an urologist once. The most common cause of blood in urine is UTI. The next possible diagnosis is stone. The stone can be anywhere in the urinary system from kidney to urethra. Cancers of urinary system or some drugs too cause blood in urine. Bladder infections and cysts too can cause similar symptoms. Since you are not expecting your period (you must have reached menopause), chances of endometriosis are less.
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