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I wasnt sure which one to take, so I have been taking this one- it is B-1 100mg, B-2 20mg, B-3 25mg, B-6 2mg, B-12, 15mcg. The other pill isB-1 18mg, B-2 10mg, B-3 50mg, B-6 5mcg, B-12 10mcg. These doses are totally different. Any suggestions??? Thanks!!
why would my urine have a garlcy smell lately and i have not eaten anythingwith garlic in it in a while plus the smell is really strong
Lately when I urinate, it smells very strongly, but not of ammonia or of any of the other common complaints; more like animal urine (a very strong urine smell). I drink a lot of water, urinate regularly, and have no other symptoms. What could this be, should I be worried?
Hi there, There are several causes of strong odor in the urine. If you are on Vitamin supplements especially Vitamin B supplements urine can have a strong odor. Also in some medical conditions like diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis, urine does have a strong odor. Do increase your daily intake of water to around 8-10 glasses a day and see if the smell decreases. Also do let me know if you have any other medical condition or have any other symptoms beside this.
Hi, Some of the common causes of smelly urine are 1. Using vitamin B supplements – Have you been taking any vitamin supplements? 2. Diabetes is another important cause to be ruled out. I’ll suggest a blood sugar fasting and 2 hrs after meals to be checked. 3. Consumption of asparagus (vegetable) can also make the urine smelly. Please rule out the 3 possibilities which I have mentioned and are the commonest ones to cause the same. I sincerely hope that helps. Please do keep me posted. Take care.
I take Vitamin C Vitamin E Vitamin B complex Vitamin D Selenium Folic Acid Grape Seed Biotin Zinc And a few more I am forgetting right now. I don't think that they make me "feel" any better except in general overall health. REMEMBER DO NOT TAKE EXTRA IRON (or vitamin A or K - the Iron in your liver is where the virus you do NOT want ANY IRON in your diet...I don't even eat food cooked off of our cast iron skillet anylonger because they advise you NOT TO).
I went to a weight loss doctor recently who gave me a vitamin B shots. It's so expensive that I thought I'd find a way that I can do it myself. I did some research and saw some postings on this topic on this website from April and June. Then on that same page under "Ads by Google" I was a website and sells Vitamin injections which is just what I'm looking for.
What makes the smell of something, like cat urine or smoking odors? The smell is made of invisible gases that have vaporized from the source. These vaporized odors float in the air attaching to the suspended cation particles which act like a sponge absorbing and carrying the odors and toxins through the air we breathe.
my boyfriend and i are both each other's first partner. for some reason my urine seems to smell after having protected sex. at one point when i was younger i thought i was allergic to latex but now i dont think that i ever really was. could that be causing the smell? at first i thought that it was a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection so i drank a lot of cranberry juice. it burns a little but not really. sometimes i even notice a fishy smell that i havent ever had before.
Medication, vitamins and the food you eat can change the color of your urine. Vitamin B-12 really turns your urine bright yellow. if you haven't gotten a immunizations for Hepatitis A & B - this might be a good time to get them. Then you wouldn't need to worry.
I can’t stand the taste and smell. Even urine and feces’ smell like that. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I was on cipro (had a reaction after 4 days) and have not taken anything but carafate for 2 weeks and it is getting worse NOT better. I just want an answer or suggestion on where to go and what to do. I behave on my Barrett’s diet and try to work out every day too. Don’t want to eat or drink anything b/c of smell and taste of rotten meat.
See I have alot of discharge and a oder problem and I thought these would help. The way my doctor discribed it was everybody has bad acids in their body and good acids. When I used the baking soda so much my bad acids took over and thats how I got the BV. Once my husband was tested and treated aswell I finally got rid of it. I still have alot of discharge, to the point where i go through alot of panty liners, but i doesn't always have an oder.
long story short. i smell like poop all of the time. i bathe twice a day sometimes in bleach water. the last three weeks my stomach is bubbly and i feel like it's diarreah but when i go to the bathroom nothing comes out. and i vomitt very bitter greenish/yellowish stuff. i am always surrounded by flies or nets or some other insect. i have lost a husband, two jobs and was told that i need to get this taken care of before i come back to church. i have had my colon checked.
Why do I have the constant smell of smoke in my nose. It used to be just an occasional thing, but lately it seems to be all the time. I am concerned that this is a symptom of something I don't know about. The smell is strong. I used to notice it about a half hour after taking my Allegra-D 12 hr. tablets, but now I smell it much more often. Am I going crazy or is there something to this I'm not aware of. Has anyone else experienced this? Please help?
IF YOU GET PREGNANT -- it is VERY important for you to let your OB/Gyn know that you are Strep B positive. Most hospitals and private OB's have Strep B screening as standard of care, but I'm sure there are some that still do not routinely screen. Your OB/Gyn will tell you what to expect and how to prepare for delivery.
(we had planned to stagger most of her shots) It is still annoying that I can drink 3 20oz bottles if water before lunch and have urine the shade of apple juice--and it has a strong smell. It's like an amplified morning urination--EVERY time I go. I guess I can assume that my urine is dark and my facial bumps/zits/rashes are from my liver not working to it's full potential and my body is shedding waste through my skin and kidneys? MY face and upper body gets OILY and FAST.
Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
The problem is after i take those medicine, my urine started to smell like those medicine and the colour of my urine changes about the same colour as the vitamin I took. Is this a sympton of any disease?? Can you please help me.. thanks..
the vitamins can defintely change the color (b vitamines make it very yellow) and others can change the smell. have it checked just in case, but likely not a UTI without other symptoms. you could try changing your vitamin brand to see if that helps the smell....
Usually, but not always, these findings go along with a fruity smell to the urine caused by ketone bodies. Taking vitamin B-12 is also meaningless advice, as well as "taking B-12 for some days", unless the B-12 is administered by injection or sublingually with folic acid. It will take several months for the B-12 to have an effect. You can have B-12 levels measured. The problem is not that we don't get anough B-12, but that it is not easily absorbed.
VERY strong smell from urine--very strong salty odor Extreme fatigue Occasional mild shooting pain in left kidney, prostate, or bladder area. Loss of equilibrium/brain fog/poor memory/lack of comprehension Constipation It started with the fatigue which I dismissed due to the move and stress of the new position. It gradually got worse to the point of barely being able to function after 7-9 hours of sleep. After a week of fatigue I started to notice the strong urine smell.
Your body will flush out the extra vitamins and minerals in your urine that your body doesn't need or use. Its just part of the functions in the kidneys (waste). So my guess (if youre not having other symptoms leading to diagnosis of infection) is your dark urine is an overload of vitamins and minerals I'm which your body is excreting extra waste tgrough kidneys. Extra vites probably from prenatals if you are taking those.
That holds true for the FT4, as well as the B-12 and Vitamin D. Add to that vitamin B-12 that is way too low in its range, in spite of taking a B-12 supplement. This indicated Pernicious Anemia, which is inability to absorb B-12. If you aren't take a sublingual B-12 or using a spray, you should try that and see if it helps bring your levels up. If those fail, ask your doctor for injectible B-12.
I was just reading your post and thought maybe it's your sence of smell that is sensitive. (which in my case happens with EVERY pregnancy) Maybe your urine is the same but your smell is more sensitive. Just a thought!
My pain doc said my vitamin B was low and wrote me an rx for Metanx, which is a vitamin B suppliment. I'm all for it. Except when I went to pick up the script the pharmacy informed me that my insurence won't cover it and it costs $123.00 a month. Wowsa. That's a fancy vitamin!! I asked him what the difference is between that and an over the counter vitamin B complex and he didn't really have much of an answer for me.
After the third day and third dose the taste was overwhelming, my skin also emitted the same smell and my urine reeked with it. In addtion I have headache, some nausea and a pain in my right abdomen below my ribs. I know the supplement is supposed to help my neuropathy but I could not take it today. Is this a normal reaction to a vitamin? . Metanx is a high B6, B12, and folic acid supplement.
- Fiber supplements - Fish and Flax oil pills - Resveratrol - A Multi-vitamin - VItamin B Complex pill - One baby aspirin - Cinnamon - Green Tea extract I suspect the resveratrol might be responsible. I'll stop when my current supply runs out for a month or so and see if I notice any difference.
when i wake up i find myself in bathroom,with my eyes fixated, hyper excessive sweating (it did not smell urine, so much sweat like someone has poured glass of water). i cannot recollect how i got into bathroom, feel very tired and drained, and had sore spots on right side of my body probably from abrupt fall.Doctor had done stress test and EKG after earlier episodes but it was normal.
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