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My mother in law was taking 2 vicodin es along with 4 dramamine every 4 hours all day long. The doctor has now diagnosed her with "chronic pain" and is giving her pain patches. Will she still withdraw from the vicodin if she quits taking it?
Hey everyone- I've been taking about 6 1/2-7 1/2 vicodin 7.5/750 or 500 for about 9 months now. When I start to get wirhdrawls or notice it's time to take my pills- i get real jittery, sweaty, irritable.. you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes I lay in bed at night feeling my heart beat racing, a couple of times I've actually been driving and felt a wave of anxiety, rapid heart beats, and this odd feeling comes over my whole body- freaks me out.
I am a 40 yr old male and I have been taking 2-4 Vicodin a day for the past three years. A medical doctor prescribed it for me after it was discovered I suffered bone degeneration in my lower 2 disk vertebrea. At the time I thought little of taking a prescription painkiller. Now after my first 6 days of no longer taking Vicodin I am realizing how powerful of a substance it actually is. I'm having withdrawal symptoms I didn't expect.
the dopiness mentioned was more of a drugged out stupor for me and only occurred at dosage changes. Tingling in the fingers or toes lessens over time; occasionally have bad days. I do tend to have numbness in the tips of my fingers most of the time. These things I've gotten use to. What I've finally discovered from reading here, is the cause of the hair loss which was extreme over the last six months.
My only question was whether it was best to keep the same dosage, 50, and spread the time out between doses, or cut the dosage, but thinking about it, cutting the dosage seems best.
As my PM doctor said he didn't have a problem with the vicodin in my system (which I didn't take any vicodin so I don't know how it came back that I did) he had a problem with the morphine not showing up! So I wonder if the problem with my gallbladder and the blocked bile duct has anything to do with the lacking morphine that I take everyday.
I've been taking Vicodin for about 13 years now to treat a chronic back condition. My dose has varied over the years, from 5 10/325 Vicodins a day to what I'm prescribed now: 6 5/500's. My doctor recently advised I consider tapering off this medicine to try other, non-narcotic pain management techniques. I agreed, mostly because I've been becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the thought of taking such a relatively strong narcotic for such a long time.
Can't tell if he's a good guy or not. He seems very nice, and looked extensively through my notebook of my records. Oh, for pete's sake; I got to OHSU, looked in my rolling carry on, and my new notebook that I worked so hard to put together, with all the non-neurological stuff in it, wasn't there. It was on the desk at home. I have a follow up in 2 months; I hope he's ready for me and my next ton of information! He doesn't think I have Sjogren's Syndrome.
I just started Fentanyl 2 motths ago and vicodin for break through pain for RA and Fibro. I was not told the high content of medication the patch contains. So to my dismay reading this how can I be in so much pain still?
I have been on opiates for just over a year now, maybe longer, they have been spaced out and my doctor keeps changing them on me, Vicodin, Vicodin ES, Fioricet w/ Codeine, pure codeine, and l as of late, Lortab. I have been on Lortab for a solid 3 months, and I take 1-2 pills a day, sometimes it is 4 if I have a bad day, well, 4 is rare.
I had an MRI on my upper neck and there is a bone spur on it. My doctor had given me a prescription for 30 vicodin to last for a month, but now he wants to put me on tramadol because he said they don’t prescribe narcotics for bone spurs. My neck and upper back really hurt though. When I take tramadol, I have to take three or four at a time. I am starting to wonder if my pain is caused from hep-c? Is that even possible? I don’t know how to go about this now.
Beige, if your doctor is at all with it she will review your old chart, and obviously will find out about your vicodin. She may refuse to take you as a patient, even before she sees you, but if she does see you I would use this approach: tell her you are comfortable on your three vicodin, two somas daily, and that your would be willing to sign a contract with her that you will not increase your dosage, and that you will not seek narcotics from any other source.
-----I am gonna get ahold of my neuro soon anyways cuz I think I'm getting a tad immune to the Neurontin and Vicodin cuz I can take 1800mg of Nurontin and 1000mg Vicodin and I still can't sleep more then 2-3 hrs and can feel the pain "just under the surface"!!! I would think that would be enough meds to knock out a Rhino!!! hehe---I'll keep ya posted on any new "stuff".----take care.
I want to know why all Doctors think that if they help keep you from suffering from chronic pain by giving prescription drugs such as Vicodin or other narcotic pain relievers, they think you automatically become addicted to them. Not everyone has addictive tendencies. I had taken Vicodin for 3 years straight before moving out of town away from my understanding and sympathetic doctor whom, after numerous tests on me realized the serious problems with my spine.
Hello, I was taking four Vicodin es for seven years. I have been on suboxone 2 mg for over four years. I have tried to taper off and I have gone cold turkey for three days but I felt terrible and went back to suboxone. I work 70 hours a week and I have a family to support so going to a rehab is out of the question. I would love to get off this stuff and be free of it but I am afraid of going back to pills. How long can you stay on suboxone and what long term harm will it do?
- this just happened to me yesterday, but she DID call it in after reading my chart), and the pharmacy is instructed on which day to fill it (like yesterday the doc called it in because my 30 days was actually TODAY, so the pharmacy would not fill it until midnight). I would suggest that you have a schedule an appointment and tell the doc what happened - and that you will NOT do it again. I hate to tell you, but he/she is probably going to be p'ed off.
So I typed up on excel a chart of what time I took the meds how I felt and how much I took. At the bottom typed up my comments and questions. Probably took me 20 minutes not a lot of time - but I wanted to be clear to him and make him see how serious I was about this. (I know he thinks of me as a druggie or something and not seeing my real situation). Anyways the girl (the girls are nice) say it's great I did that. He gets in and says 'you must have a lot of time on your hands'.
I was clean for five years after a nasty opiate habit of anything I could get my hands on. I used suboxone but my doctor had me on way too high of a dosage and I quit from 8mg a day. I still made it through those withdrawals to get my 5 years clean. I have recently relapsed so it's a catch 22. I had so much clean time I thought I was fine. Since this relapse wasn't years....
thanks, so much, friends, for your timely responses. If either of you are interested in the taper schedule in detail, mail me at ***@**** and I will send you a copy. I believe, if followed assiduously, it can get me where I want to go. It reflects my experience with my own usage and dosing patterns and doesn't introduce any radical changes. If you want to know more about the Maryanne "incident", I'll fill you in on a strictly confidential basis.
I may call the poison control center and ask them about the interaction between the Vicodin and Phenergan. It mentioned Codeine and I take the Vicodin with APAP...codeine in other words so I still wonder what to do...UGH...I wish I didn't have to make this type of decision it's making me nuts in and of itself!!!!
Speaking just for myself.I have been clean from vicodin for over 2 years and clean from methadone for over 11 months and I would not trust myself at this point holding on to my own meds.I don't trust yet having them out in the open in my home.My husband had a tooth extraction when I was about 3 months clean from methadone and left the bottle on the night stand.I woke up to it staring straight at me and immediately broke into a sweat.I mean I seriously had a panic attack.
My pain doctors (who just give me steroid shots) do not prescribe meds. They want my primary doctor to do that. I was increased to 50 mcg of Fentanyl with vicodin for breakthrough (my pain doctors suggestion). I went to my doctor every four weeks complaining the Fentanyl patches would not stay on and the side effects were not worth it. I wanted less Fentanyl and weaker vicodin (she had changed me to Norco--wanting me to only take 2 per day).
I have to say, the pain is just overwhelming me now and I just don't know what to think, My question is will the Lyrica work better than this when I get to the full dosage or do I need to say something to someone? I'm pretty tough but man, I rescue cats and am responsible for 23 of them at the moment. It is getting very hard to get everything done for them each morning. There are other volunteers who will be caring for them when I have my surgery and I don't want to call on them too early.
Candy talk to your doctor your dosage most likely needs to be adjusted . There is not anyone that is a doctor here. Your dr knows your medical history Call him asap let him know how you are reacting how much hydro were you on and how much sub do they have you on?
Hi guys, sorry to interrupt the thread, as I do not have an OD story, (Thank God), however I am going to ask a question that I believe we can ALL benefit from...I read in an earlier post that Tom knows a method by which the Tylenol can be extracetd from the Vicodin/Percocet, etc...What is this method?? Please do share,(not only Tom but ANYONE who has an "in" to this secret practive) our livers are screaming for your help!!
I am 12 weeks pregnant and have been taking vicodin the whole time. My Dr. knows I'm pregnant and gives it to me. I exaggerate my headaches to get it. I take more than I'm supposed to. When I run out early and have to wait to get a refill I get all depressed and have a glass of red wine. I have also taken a friend's ambien three times. This is my 4th pregnancy and I have NEVER acted like this before. I didn't even drink caffeine with my other kids. I can't stop.
While the med assistant was writing my bp down, I looked at my chart. Since my last appointment, less than a month ago 24 pounds. 24. This was before I even stopped the hydro so I can't even say it's from going through w/d. I told her these pains have gotten so bad that I have literally doubled over. She completely blew everything off. Did a ua and said I didn't have a UTI so she didn't know. She just shrugged and said if it keeps hurting to go to the ER. No bloodwork? No tests???
Medication like Vicodin, Norco, (hydrocodone), Tylox and Percocet (oxycodone) are all opioid analgesics that reduce pain for 4-6 hours. Thus, these medications are classified as short-acting or immediate release analgesics for mild-moderate pain. The same active opioids (hydrocodone, oxycodone) are available in long acting form. Hydrocodone is available in a new long acting formulation called Zohydro. Oxycodone is available in a long acting forumlation called OxyContin.
I myself self taperd my dose every day and delt with the mild withdrawls i still aquired due to under dosage. i was able to still function but just not to my full comfort. It was alot better than cold turkey quiting and fealing like death for a month. I chose to not continue with my theropy due to Cost $. I self weened off of subutex over the period of 2 weeks. lowering my dosage every day. Im on day 3 of no meds after weening myself down to 4MG-2MG a day.
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