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Avatar_f_tn Hey, I'm 23 weeks, I to have noticed I've got some bulging veins in that area. I'm assuming it's from the extra weight and pressure. Haven't talked to dr about it but I would think when we're on the pot do business to hurry and get off, since sitting to long on it applies more pressure in that region. Sorry I couldn't help you....
10404685_tn?1418834027 Gotta love the extra weight of baby and pressure on the veins! I have varicose veins in my legs and my vagina. It's really unattravtive and is constantly swollen unless I'm lying down. And of course comes the pain and heaviness too. Ugh. I'm just glad I don't have them around my butt hole.
Avatar_f_tn It could also be varicose veins in your vag (yes, that can happen). Varicose veins are itchy and painful but not life threatening. Since you're having normal discharge that would be my bet. Ask your Dr/midwife to take a look. I don't know what can be done to relieve vaginal varicose veins but your provider should.
Avatar_f_tn Ok so this is gross but since 16 weeks the right lip on my vagina has a swollen varicose vein. My dr this entire time keeps saying "oh its normal its from the positioning of the baby". Ive left it at that. Well now im 35 wks and its getting worse. I feel like its HUGE and it causes discomfort.
Avatar_n_tn I think you can also get varicose veins in that area. Best to have a doctor check it out.
Avatar_n_tn My veins hurt (I have varicose and spider veins in my right leg - half way up my shin up to my vaginal lip - sorry if it's TMI), my hip hurts (has been for a couple days now), I'm really light headed again, very groggy, and I've had several charlie horses thru out the night. This is my third pregnancy, and I don't remember feeling like this at all during any of it. I've been trying to follow dr. orders with eating smaller, more frequent meals, having more PB in my diet (and eggs).
Avatar_f_tn But my arms from the shoulder to my hands feel tight and swollen. The veins in my arms are bulging out more than before. Also, I seem to have developed more varicose veins on my thighs and legs. Are these signs of exposure? Extremely worried.
Avatar_f_tn is made for more severe coverage, like varicose veins, but it comes in a limited range of skin tones. Anyway, good luck, keep that lip blocked at all times, and time will heal this.
Avatar_n_tn He diagnosed it as a vericose vein. I don't have any varicose veins in other places on my body, but they run in my family. All due respect to my doctor, but due to my history, I made an appt. with my oncologist who did the surgery (she is also an OB/GYN). She was great....confirmed the diagnosis and said that there was not much that they could do about it, but that it was certainly not going to cause any problems, nor should it get bigger. Hope this has been helpful.
Avatar_f_tn I keep thinking it is a vein or blood vessel issue. I have become very vascular, have varicose veins/ spider veins suddenly and the bruising. I also feel oxygen deprived when I swell a lot.
Avatar_m_tn spine, Severe Varicose Veins, Sweets syndrome and Optical Scleritis. The past 5 years, short term memory and multi-tasking problems only. Is it possible to have all these diseases, or is there one disease that would explain all these symptoms?
808144_tn?1332727940 I'm thinking of getting a tattoo for my 16th birthday. Yeah, young. I'm aware. It's not like it's going to be pointless. I want "Wake up" tattooed on my outer right wrist bone (in my handwriting) and "You're alive" tattooed on my outer left wrist bone (in my handwriting). Whatcha think?
132578_tn?1189759437 I cant tell how big the split is , obviously to my mouth it feels like my entire lip is split in half , but in the mirror it looks like maybe just shy of a quarter inch. I cant seem to keep the dryness away long enough for them to heal properly. I've been using vaseline and campho phenique but I really dont know if its helping or not. Lastly , this really doesn't hurt or anything but its wierd and I cant figure it out.
Avatar_f_tn Are my fears unfounded, particularly since I have symptoms of both and generally feel lousy -- one minute hot, the next cold, face burning, mind going crazy but body won't keep up, muscle weakness but not fatigued, tingling in upper lip (and my calcium levels are fine), diarrhea following a week of increased bowel movements, heart rate creeping up, toe and foot cramps (maybe shoes causing that); irrational behavior, short tempered and the list goes on and on.
Avatar_n_tn my bf and i had sex and during the intercourse i was in so much pain. after i had noticed that my right lip was swollen. i cant same to understand what the problem is. my bf and i get into many arguments due to us not having a lot of sex because when we do i start feeling a lot of pain. im going to go to the doctor in the next few days and maybe they can seem to find a solution to my problem.
Avatar_f_tn I think because of over using corticosteroids creams it has cause these little tiny varicose veins to appear around the folds of my nose. Though this could be because of the many different creams I have used over the years.. But corticosteroids was the main one. Every new doctor I go see would start me off on corticosteroid creams and each time I go back to show them it got worse, I get a new cream. Till finally they give me antibiotics.
Avatar_n_tn I went to the doctor and was told I have leaking of the veins in that foot, I want to know if any thing can be down about it.
Avatar_f_tn It just seems to be there out of nowhere. I have had problems with hair follicles in the past, in fact just 2 months prior around the lower shaft, i had a infected hair folicle. I had to go see my urologist, which i hate to do. It is super embarrasing for me for some reason. however he gave me some medication and it cleared up in a couple weeks. This however is different. It doesn't have seemed be enlarged and from the outside you can't even tell it's there.
Avatar_n_tn After entertaining my GYN during the his examination, he told me that what I had was vaginal varicose veins. He then told me that I had four others on the other side. The bleeding on Sunday was from one of them that had burst or ruptured. My Dr. used silver nitrate and corrderized them which should prevent any more ruptures or bleeding. Because of my 2nd cancer history with melanoma, he suggested that I be checked by my surgical dermatologist who removed the melanoma.
Avatar_n_tn The only thing I came up with in search swollen legs is a possibility for blood clots and to see a doctor. I recently started using the treadmill and wondered in maybe I was "opening" my veins rather than having problems with a clot. Not a clue....has been going on a few weeks. 54 femaile, work on the computer too much...need to exercise more...probably drink too much but otherwise don't smoke and have a decent diet.
Avatar_n_tn But I was also taking a B6 supplement about 3 times a week (I really can't remember how much was in there, maybe 200mg, or 500mg) and I also took Horse Chesnut Root (to prevent varicose veins) and I have not been able to find out if that also has vitamin B in it or not but it sure does make my pain worse when I take it, so I suspect that it does. In addition to my awful awful neuropathy, I had constant fatigue, and still have some.
Avatar_n_tn I also have had Pneumonia once before that took a while to clear and now seem to have some sort of sinus/mucus problem and occasionally experience a slight shortness of breath, again these may not be related and some may be down to the fact i am not in the best shape I could be in but I do not drink or smoke etc. I do think the bottom line is seeing my Doctor in the vain hope whoever I see will show some kind of interest and point me in the right direction so a diagnosis can be reached.