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My four year old has vaginal strep infection. She ALWAYS feels wet. I bath her in clear water--no powders-etc. She doesn't want to wear undies because they feels wet. I am at my wits end--how do I treat this. Dr. wants to do a total cleanse--seems very harsh for a little girl.
I went to the doctor to do a vaginal culture and they found I have group A strep (strep pyogenes). I received penicillin antibiotics (Augmentin 875mg twice a day for 7 days). I'd like to know what should my boyfriend do- is it likely i got it from him? should he get tested for strep by throat and peri-anal cultures to see if he has the bacteria (although he's not symptomatic)? If he has strep, will antibiotic treatment prevent him from infecting me again?
This bug is called Group B Streptococcus and often also lives in the vaginal area - prior to childbirth a high vaginal swab may be done by your obstetrician and if you are GBS positive, you will be given antibiotics to treat this because THEN the baby is in danger of contracting GBS pneumonia (a very nasty potentially lifethreatening problem) which the baby can catch during a vaginal delivery if the mother is GBS positive (on high vaginal swab). I hope this helps. It is a very good question.
The normal vagina contains between five and 15 different types of bacteria, including group B strep. Usually, the complex interplay among vaginal bacteria and their byproducts, estrogen and vaginal pH levels prevents any one form of bacteria from getting out of hand and causing unpleasant symptoms.
I am plagued with recurrent strep B vaginal infections which make the genital area very raw and painful. My Dr. treats with clindamycin which often causes a yeast problem. My question: why do I keep recurring Strep B? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.
If u want but when your in labor they need to know so they will give you antibiotics in your IV my doc told me i have it and she said as soon as im in labor and go to hospital tell them i have group b so they will give me antibiotics faster and it will keep baby safe than waiting for them to look at my chart and figure it out
Im 13 weeks pregnant and my pee came back with trace of strep b .. has anyone had this should I worry ? They but me on amoxiciline..
Anyone else strep b test came back positive or have had a vaginal birth with it
So i recently just found out ive got strep b and tbh i dont really understand what it is, i never had it in my first pregnancy, all i know is as soon as my waters break i have to go straight to hospital to be put on a drip of antibiotics to protect my baby, what has put my plan of stayin at home as long as possible outa the window, can anyone explain what strep b is my doctor didnt really explain it much and i just dont understand im so confussed...
What do they do for your strep b test? Im having one next week and this is my first pregnancy so im clueless about all this.
What is a strep b? What do they look for? What do they do?
How many of you had your doctor tellf you that you indeed have strep b? For those who had it and have already had their babies what procautions did your doctor take to protect your baby? What were your fears? I am in the same process were I am wondering every day about all the what ifs that could happen and it worries me so badly. Help please.
I got my Strep B/ any other possible infections test and NEGATIVO, thank God! I can't wait to meet my little boy!
I found out today that I have strep b, I always read of women saying that they have it and doctors tell them they will put them on antibiotics thru the iv while in labor so that the baby don't get it, mine told me the same thing too, and that it was normal in pregnancy and that people have it without knowing, but I feel so bad and sad and it really hurts me.
My dear SL just found out at her 20wk scan last wk that the babys kidneys are not developing proble and today her midwife tells her she has strep B. She is going into hospital for 2 days to have antibiotics for it. Hopefully that will clear it up? I read that she will be put on a drip when she goes into labour, so not to pass it onto baby. Does anyone know how serious this can be??
But I would check with your doctor on this and see if the Strep group B and Viridans strep were sensitive to Levoflaxacin. If they are it may be a suitable substitute. Why do you want to stop the Ciprofloxacin or switch? Do you have another problem you want to treat in addition to the urinary tract infection and prostate or is the cipro not working? Have you finished the course of antibiotics? Is it making you sick? Good luck.
She prescribed Valtrex and Diflucan, and the following day called and said I had tested positive for Vaginal Group B Strep but the other tests hadn't come back. My question is, could the sores be from the Strep, or could they have been the results of wearing tight jeans and scratching? Or is it pretty clear I have herpes ?
She prescribed Valtrex and Diflucan, and the following day called and said I had tested positive for Vaginal Group B Strep but the other tests hadn't come back. My question is, could the sores be from the Strep, or could they have been the results of wearing tight jeans and scratching? Or is it pretty clear I have herpes ?
If you were my patient, I would advise you that the strep throat bacteria is a different bacteria from the vaginal beta strep. It isn't possible to diagnose a strep infection with certainty without a culture or rapid test--so you could possibly have viral tonsillitis--much more likely. If you developed the rash shortly after starting the antibiotic, you should be vigilant for evidence of allergy. Usually a good idea to have these things properly diagnosed by a doctor. =) Good luck!
I was just diagnosed with vaginal strep (I think A) and it seems I have little yellowish /brownish scabs on my anus, is this normal? That is where most of the pain from this infection is coming from. It burns and sort of itches. The itching just started today and I've had this for 4 weeks. Most of the 4 weeks it wasn't diagnosed. I took Bactrim but that didn't work so I'm on cipro now. Is cipro a good antibiotic for this? Could this be impetigo? Any input is good, I'm desperate!
Hi, I too am suffering from a vaginal strep infection. I got it when I started having sex with a new partner. I have tried two rounds of antibiotics. The first round took it away and then it came back in a couple of months again. I have a lot of irritation and redness. I am taking a probiotic and Colloidal Silver to see if it will help. Both of these items can be purchased through a health food store. I've been taking it now for about two weeks.
So ladies tomorrow I'm getting tested for strep b I don't know but I am so nervous I have never have had this done how has it gone for you ladies??? What's the procedure for this test ???
If you are positive it's really important to know that so you can be treated so you and baby are safe. The general rule is nothing in the vagina for 48 hours before a vaginal exam or any sort of testing in that area like a pap smear or cervical swab.
I am now 35+4 weeks and my new doctor says she wants to take a vaginal swab to see if I have it. I told her I tested positive all ready and my old doc said he was gonna put me on antibiotics during labor so that it saves her the time from having to do the vaginal swab. will she still do it?
I feel heat in the vaginal area. Strep is a bacteria that concerns me.
Does anyone know if they still do the strep b testing by swabbing your butt hole? Im kinda freaked about it.
i had strep b pos with my 1st son but neg with 2nd
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