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Avatar n tn i first started having a watery white discharge when i was pregnant. It had no smell, itching, or burning to it. I was tested for STD's but all test were negative. I figured that it might just be the pregnancy, but after i had my son it continued. In fact, it has increased in the amount of discharge, thickness, and now has a sour smell to it. I still have no itch or burn, but i took a very expensive yeast infection medicine just in case that was what it was but it didnt change anything.
Avatar f tn I was also on an international plane right at the end of my period and I was wearing underwear with a bit of blood in them on the plane. I know that's gross, but whatever. I have no discharge, no pain, no burning during urination, no bumps, just itch. I thought this was just a YI but then a friend said it could be chlamydia. Do you think it is?!
Avatar f tn I have had vaginal itching now for the last week. I've been using vagisil anti-itch cream to help with the itching. I also have white discharge but it is not clumpy like they say for a yeast infection. Even though it isn't cottage cheese like discharge is this a yeast infection???
Avatar f tn I've had this intense and extreme vaginal itching for about a week now, with NO discharge, and NO smell. I AM on antibiotics right now, but the itching started right before I started taking them. It's driving me crazy, and I can't stop scratching! It doesn't burn when I urinate, and I do not have and bumps or anything accompanying this. The only thing is now it's sore and swollen from my scratching.
Avatar n tn i have had vaginal itching with odor and discharge for a while now. I had a pap smear that came back abnormal flora present. did antibiotics for a few days.lately have had itchy chapped nipples with white spots in them..still have a itchy vagina. was sent to gyne and he examined me and took some swabs and samples.he said that my cervix was inflammed. should i be worried?? what could it be?? he also said when he sprayed the vinegar there was white spots..what does that mean??
Avatar f tn Sometimes with burning, but only on the right side of my vagina and only on the labia. I have no discharge,no redness,no blistering and it is only external. The burning is so bad sometimes that it causes a pain or twitch someplace else through-out my right leg.
Avatar m tn Its been 7 days and i have had SEVERE vaginal itching which increases when you touch it. there is no burning while peeing but there is a light yellow vaginal discharge in my underwear there is extreme itching. is this cause we had rough sex? we were both virgins and we used a condom.
Avatar m tn I am a 23 year old woman who had not had any sexual contact/intercourse for over a year. Nearly a month ago, my vagina began itching incessantly. There was no discharge or anything else out of the ordinary. I started a low carb, dairy free diet around the same time. I have began eating dairy again and the itching is not as severe but it is still present. I would like to stress that I am not sexually active. What could be causing this, is it a yeast infection, even without discharge?
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago I am experiencing uncomforftable vaginal itching no dryness or discharge don't know if yeast infection never had one is there a cause for this not on hormones although I am experiencing hot flashes
Avatar f tn The itching wasn't so bad so we engaged in the normal foreplay and after I used the bathroom and it burned and there was slight blood when I wiped. There is no unusual odor or discharge and no bumps that i can see just itching in the vagina and in the vulva area please help! Wat could it be?
Avatar f tn I'm 23 weeks and from last 3 weeks I have severe itching in my vaginal area. I told my doc she gave me a broad spectrum anti fungal cream. But it's not helping me. Please any one advice what should I do to treat this.
Avatar n tn I thought maybe it was just tears in the inner vaginal wall, but I can not be for certain.
Avatar f tn More towards the opening. I have nothing eles that's abnormal, no discharge, smell, anything. I thought it could be a yeast infection and I took Diflucan once and waited a few days and it did nothing for me. I went to the doctor and she did a pH test and said everything was perfect so that rules out BV and trichomoniasis. She said it could be a yeast infection and gave me medicine but I'm just not sure. A couple months ago I had a chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV screening.
Avatar f tn Iam 20 years old & I have been havin sex for about two years.....about 2(maybe early october) months ago I had an UTI/with a little yeast, this was my first time ever experiencing anything like this & the itchin was unberable....the meds that the doctor gave me worked pretty good, I dranked plenty of water & cranberry juice. Also during the time that the UTI was forming I was doing alot of drinkin & smoking(weed).....
Avatar n tn I do have vaginal discharge but I've read on the internet that it's vagina isnt sore or red because of the scratching.
Avatar f tn There is no sign of swelling or redness and my discharge appears to be normal. There is no pain when I urinate and I am very hygienic. If it helps, I am a virgin and have not yet started my periods. What do you think the itch is???
Avatar f tn 17th I realized that I saw light blood on my tissue and again today along with clear discharge with no odor. My last period was from July 31st - Aug 05th. I did some research that women during child bearing years may experience spotting between periods. I also read that it could be vaginal yeast infection, cancer, cyst or STD.
370095 tn?1201837686 I'm a 35 year old woman.I have had outer vaginal itching always a week before my period it's awful I eat yougurt everyday with live cultures take a yeast pill by azo. wear cotton underwear. Was tested for yeast and STD's. All came out neg. My doctor told me to use only baby shampoo below and make sure I rinse well. I do all of this. I have topicals for yeast and aacetonide ointment. Nothing seems to really help. Every month this happens and it makes not want to have sex.
Avatar f tn • vaginal itching • vaginal burning • vaginal irritation • possible odor to discharge ( not completley sure) i dont have the guts to go see a doctor and im not close with my mum(at all). ive always been so shy about these things and no i have no idea what to do !! please help..
713751 tn?1230649276 Hi, I have experiencing an intense vaginal itching (with burning and erythema) during fews days (approx 6 days) prior to the onset of menses. But there is no discharge or colored patches around the infected area. I had this problem for past one year. Not all the months i am facing this. My age is 23. I had consulted a gyneac, who prescribed me a perianal washing lotion and an antifungal dust powder which has no mean to relief permanently (i hadn't go for any lab testings).
Avatar n tn You need to go to a gynecologist and find out what is causing the itching. It could be a yeast infection - a bacterial impbalance in the vaginal tract. That would need some medication to get the itching to go away- but fortunately, the medication can be taken and the itching cured after a three day regime. There are other ways to address the issues as well. It may also be some other problem-there is no way for me to know for sure. So- don't delay.
Avatar n tn I was reading some threads, and I've seen some people state that vaginal itching could be from an STD. What STDs have symptoms of vaginal itching? This is only itching, but even so, it is manageable. There is no pain at all, nor is anything swollen or raw. There are no bumps either.