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Avatar_m_tn I have a LIfe Insurance medical exam in 2 weeks if i quite smoking today, will they be able to detect any sort of nicotne or tobacco use?
Avatar_n_tn The nicotine test is done on urine, not blood for insurance underwriting. If they test for cotanine, that substance stays in your system much longer.
Avatar_f_tn Hence most medical agencies prefer to do a urine test for nicotine. The urine test actually detects, cotinine (a metabolite of nicotine), which has half-life of approximately 20 hours. This means it is detectable in an appreciable amount for up to 3-4 days after last tobacco use. So some individuals may test free of conitine after 3-4 days after last tobacco use. Fast metabolizers of conitine may test negative even after two days of stopping smoking.
Avatar_n_tn After this it cannot be detected in the blood or urine. However, the metabolite of nicotine which is known as Cotinine leaves its traces in blood as well as in urine for up to 7 days. Nicotine is a very highly addictive chemical that is the main component of cigarettes. Your body, especially your heart and lungs, will usually begin to heal at 12 hours after you've had your last cigarette/ stopped smoking.
Avatar_n_tn Your entire body will test 100% nicotine-free and over 90% of all nicotine metabolites will now have passed from your body via your urine. You can also expect the symptoms of chemical withdrawal to have peaked in intensity. Your bronchial tubes are beginning to relax thus making it easier to breathe. Your lung capacity has also started to increase.
Avatar_f_tn Yes, indeed, Brenda, the docs and insurance companies regularly check blood, urine, saliva and hair for nicotine and its byproducts, especially cotinine (all this I've just learned). Ask your cardiologist for his permission to use lozenges (or whatever); and then the tests will be meaningless as long as you have an order in writing. Don't you dare smoke on the day of an appointment - Scope or Listerine won't hide the odor of smoke from your clothes or the residual in your lungs.
Avatar_f_tn Your entire body will test 100% nicotine-free and over 90% of all nicotine metabolites will now have passed from your body via your urine. You can also expect the symptoms of chemical withdrawal to have peaked in intensity. Your bronchial tubes are beginning to relax thus making it easier to breathe. Your lung capacity has also started to increase.
Avatar_n_tn He said this medicine was not necessary and it could ruin my digestive system. He sent me to have a urine test and I had a minor infection. He gave me pills for that. He also gave me floxentine pills. He thought that everything I had was caused by stress, but I believe its something else besides stress. He said he was going to fax some papers so that I could see a neurologist and have an EEG done. I still have not seen a neurologist nor have my EEG done yet. But I should soon.
385161_tn?1270084818 Your entire body will test 100% nicotine-free and over 90% of all nicotine metabolites will now have passed from your body via your urine. You can also expect the symptoms of chemical withdrawal to have peaked in intensity. Your bronchial tubes are beginning to relax thus making it easier to breathe. Your lung capacity has also started to increase.
975357_tn?1252708323 and did you have a dex supression test/ACTH challenge test? was it positive. Cushings is a possiblity I still do not want to let go of. Are you a member of the cushings.invisionzone forums? I joined there and they have been a huge help for me...more than my endo has ever been... please let me know the answers to these question as your situation could be very similar to mine, as they also initially though my tumor was a prolactinoma...do you like your endo?
Avatar_f_tn I said no as im going back home and i'll do it in my country 2 days after small red dots on the tip and sides of my tongue , so tired and cant do anything and sleeping the whole time , my neck was killing me , for like 10 days , i was able to feel my lymph nods Cancer sores and ulcre all over my mouth that doesnt heal Tested negative for hiv at 5 weeks Negative for hiv at 6 weeks Negative at 8 weeks Negative 10 weeks Neative 13,5 weeks Negative 16 weeks I cant even remember if i d
573038_tn?1235398145 They don't say how much and once, I think I had too much sodium and got a migraine. I had that 24 hour urine test for sodium, because I asked for it and my result seemed to me to fall right in line with being hypovolemic from what I could tell from an article I was looking at.
Avatar_m_tn i too went the same route, i contacted an addiction specailist and used right up until the day of my appointment, some of them actually test your urine in order to make sure you are an addict...mine did, she didnt want to prescribe suboxone to someone who wasnt an addict and could eventually sell them on the street...then she tests to make sure you arent using ...
Avatar_f_tn On the 15th I got blood tests done (CBC, Sedimentation rate, T3 Free, Comp panel, and also a urine reflex test). On the 16th I saw my allergist again, and on the 17th a dentist and phone discussion with my allergist about results of blood tests and results of seeing the dentist. Blood tests show no infection or disease, and everything except my hemoglobin and high sugar (121) looks good. I suspect the hemoglobin was low (10.
Avatar_f_tn thats just because this time im on medicaid and not private insurance ( i was on my husbands private insurance and my dr never said anything about my smoking so i stopped. i dont think its too harmful as my son is perfectly normal no breathing problems or anything else.
Avatar_n_tn One md did workup for stress hormings in blood/urine, but it was ok. Initial diagnosis possible anxiety reaction, put on occasional xanax. bad relationship ended, stopped celexa. I don't think its anxiety, episodes continued, still using occ xanax. lack of appetite and difficulty eating enough sometimes. diagnosed with hiatal hernia by barium swallow. I've been hypothyroid with hashimoto's thyroiditis for about 9-10 yrs (blood work good).
Avatar_n_tn Bronzeback: after reading your previous posts, i must tell you that yuou are not alone in your suffering and desire to have your life back. i have been through many of the same things you have. i've had to surgerys at the cervical level of my spine. even though the last surgery (done in may of 2001) was successful at stablizeing my spine, i'm still left in a horid (intractable) level of pain. i see a pain doc at a pain clinic. i've tried about every method of drug free pain control.
Avatar_n_tn I have had xrays, IVP, ultrasound and CT scan. Initially my urine dip showed blood and it was thought i might have a kidney stone, but in further testing the urine showed 0 - 3 red blood cells, which I am told are normal levels, and the IVP did not turn up anything. Only the ultrasound turned up a very small (1.6cm) hemmorhaggic cyst on my left ovary.
Avatar_n_tn He prescribed a 10 day course of Doxycycline 100mg capsules which I took as prescribed. I returned to the doctors as my symptoms persisted.
Avatar_f_tn My primary doctor had every blood/urine test, known to man, completed on me and everything came back normal. This is what I am expierencing: 1. severe painful chills all over my body (throughout various times in the day/night) 2. "goose bumps" feel like a thousand needles all over my body 3. I get very hot and will start to sweat, within minutes of cooler air touching my body, I develop these horrible chills.
Avatar_n_tn YOU HAVE TO TELL YOUR DR. the health and possibly the life of your unborn daughter is at risk....i wish you and the baby the best...
Avatar_n_tn i had pains on right side under ribs and it woudld go up and into back and all in chest some time but on right and would hurt real bad let up come back for hours i have been to emergency many times to make a long story short it would go into my face and jaws gums and have been tested more than once for hear attack and heart problems they could not tell for sure stll cant tell some time i still have pains and nausea and stuff but it seems to have helped after i had gallbladder surger
Avatar_n_tn My husband suffered from a wide array of symptoms (some similar to yours) for about 3 years before being diagnosed with Pheochromocytoma (you mentioned that blood and urine tests results were OK, but didn't say if that included a 24-hr urine test for cathecholamines and VMA's, usually used to screen for Pheo).
436713_tn?1408888330 Intolerances won’t be picked up in an allergy test. The best way to test is to exclude it from your diet for some time and see if your symptoms disappear. I’ve only been doing this diet for two weeks now, but I am feeling so much better! I actually feel happy again. I am less moody and impatient. I am able to concentrate on things, more sociable, doing more things that I love such as walking and driving. I am having less cravings for oily, fatty, baked foods. Please don’t despair.
Avatar_n_tn I have them when I am just sitting doing nothing. I have had a stress test, and a nuclear stress test, and EKG and blood work. They insist that they are benign and nothing to worry about. But I know how you feel, it is scary. People tell me not to look on these message boards but it is the only thing that makes me feel better. I just quit caffeine cold turkey so we'll see if that makes any difference. good luck to you!
Avatar_n_tn This time I think that it is staying a little to long. I just had a LFT (liver function test, blood test) done and I am waiting to hear. How nerve wracking this all is.
Avatar_m_tn I'd like to make a note, though. I am not condemning Suboxone. It stopped my life from spiraling out of control and I know I wouldn't be in this situation if I got some kind of co-therapy when I initially started taking Suboxone. I am blaming myself and the doctor who only cared about my urine samples every month I saw him.
Avatar_n_tn I went to the doctor a couple of day's later and he did a urine pregnancy test and he said I wasn't pregnant. Well I know my body and I still didn't feel right. I let it go anyways and a week later i felt sick and my breast hurt. I knew right then something was wrong so i went to the store and i purchased a pregnancy test and it was positive. I thought it was wrong so i purchased another one and it was positive.
551343_tn?1350880995 My adrenal growth has been looked at for functioning but in the urine test done this does not seem to be doing so. I am having it monitored for growth. Before I crashed I had recently recieved a Hep B vaccine and a B12 injection. At the moment I only have a 'suspected' POTS diagnosis although I was being treated for this with betablockers and fludrocortisone. I have been trying to be refered to a specialist autonomic unit in London, UK but at the moment I am not able to do so.