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This test is part of the routine urine dipstick test. If this test is positive, the urine should be examined under a microscope for white blood cells and other abnormalities associated with infection. It also depends on how the sample has been collected. Do you experience any burning sensation while passing urine, frequency, urgency, discharge from the urethra etc? Repeat the urine test and visit a urologist for further assistance. All the best.
My urinalysis test showed positive for leukocyte esterase and blood in my urine, but the more in depth Urinalysis Reflex showed negative for white blood cells and 3 for red blood cells. I have no symptoms of any problems, just a routine blood and urine test due to husbands job change. I've never had a urinary tract infection and consider myself very healthy The lab report says positive LE means there are WBC in the blood. Is this normal for LE to be positive and WBC to be negative?
My urinalysis test showed positive for leukocyte esterase and an and blood, but the Urinalysis reflex showed negative for white blood cells and 3 for red blood cells. I have no symptoms, just a routine health insurance blood and urine test. Is this normal for LE to be positive and WBC to be negative?
My question is.......I ALWAYS test positive for Leukocyte esterase (WBC esterase). And usually I test it is really high in WBC.....Why would I keep testing postive for WBC? Is this common for IC patients? Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this for me.....And would this also explain why it is so painful? Thanks again for any help you can shine my way!!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/722405'>Similar symptoms to IC, but results are negative?</a>.
White blood cells in the urine usually indicate a urinary tract infection. The leukocyte esterase (LE) test detects esterase, an enzyme released by white blood cells.
It takes a while for the bladder to heal to the point that the urinalysis is normal. White and red blood cells 5 weeks after surgery is quite normal. Nitrites are a quick way of deciding whether there is an infection, though it is not foolproof. In spite of the fact that "bacteria" were felt to be present, the most important test is a urine culture. The urine should be a mid-stream collected one (as, ideally, should all urine samples).
10 (1+) Ery/dl 10) Protein- My Result 0 (Neg) mg/ml 11) Leukocyte esterase, UA, My result Positive 12) Urobilinogen, UA, QL- My Result 0.
My guess, though, is that you don't have a urinary tract infection, because your doctor would have seen evidence of that on the urinarlysis as well (white blood cells, leukocyte esterase, nitrates, etc) and probably commented on it. You could still have a urine culture, though, just to make sure. Kidney stones cause pain when they try to come out of the kidney and into the collecting system and move towards the bladder.
Around two months ago I started seeing a nephrologist to see if the blood is coming from the kidneys, and around the same time my UA test started showing protein in my urine. Bellow are the results of my last UA and a 24hr urine protein. With this results, Is the protein in my urine secondary to the gross hematuria or am I having protein in my urine because some how my kidneys are not working right??? Any help will be really appreciated.
I am not familiar with this reporting method, but it all looks quite normal. The numbers that they provide as being "less than" are probably the lowest values that this laboratory can detect. Your values are all less than their detectable amount, which is good, As to your previous values, ketones in your urine indicate that your cells are starving. Skip lunch and provide a urine sample in several hours and your ketones will be positive. By itself, ketonuria is not a serious issue.
The urine sample came back trace protein again with leukocyte esterase. The MICRO test came back 10-25 WBC's, MODERATE bacteria and FEW epithelial cells. My obstetrician said that did not look good so he gave me ANOTHER 7 day course of antibiotics(Macrobid) and said he would culture the urine. Now, the confusing part for me(and my doctor does not seem to have an answer)....is why would I have 10-25 WBC's and moderate bacteria in my urine but NO growth on a culture?
my Leukocyte Esterase had a trace. the Urine Bacteria had MANY WBC 4-10 and Urine Epithelial showed MODERATE Squamous Cells My Anion Gap was 16 I was wondering since I did a clean catch, wiped and then let midstream then collected would that still be possible for a contaminated urine test to show the Squamous Cells? I had a very bad bacterial infection last year and had to have a pic line for 8 weeks then they were able to remove a quarter size uric acid stone from my kidneys.
My guess is that everything will turn out normal, that you don't have any STD from this exposure -- and that your positive leukocyte esterase (WBC) test is false positive, or reflects transient WBCs which are often normal. But I cannot guarantee this, and believe at this point the wisest course is the professional evaulation I suggested. Do not test yourself for gonorrhea, chlamydia or anything else; the hands-on clinical examination by a health care provider is equally important.
Furthermore, error may be introduced by variation in the amount of fluid that is eventually placed on the slide. A second test that assesses the leukocyte esterase content on a rapid dipstick test is also used to predict pyuria. This dipstick test is 94% specific with 2-4% false positives. Substitution of this test for the gold standard microscopic evaluation may prove to be cost effective, yet , other information on the microscopic evaluation may be lost.
025) Protein, Urine Quantitative Test Strip 30 Higher Than Normal mg/dL (NEG-NEG) Ketones, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE mg/dL (NEG-NEG) Bilirubin, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEG-NEG) Hemoglobin, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip LARGE Critical High (NEG-NEG) Nitrite, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEG-NEG) Leukocyte Esterase, Urine Semi-Quantitative Test Strip NEGATIVE (NEG-NEG) Epithelial Cells.
The reason why there is so much focus on infection is that it is the most common cause for the enlarged lymph nodes in that area. The fact that the urine has leukocyte esterase suggests that there may be a continuing infection present. I would agree with the repeat STD testing - this is not something you want to miss in these cases. Lymphoma is the most concerning diseases in these conditions. It is reassuring that the biopsy did not show this.
my Leukocyte Esterase had a trace. the Urine Bacteria had MANY WBC 4-10 and Urine Epithelial showed MODERATE Squamous Cells My Anion Gap was 16 I was wondering since I did a clean catch, wiped and then let midstream then collected would that still be possible for a contaminated urine test to show the Squamous Cells? I had a very bad bacterial infection last year and had to have a pic line for 8 weeks then they were able to remove a quarter size uric acid stone from my kidneys.
Does sound like infection to me since there were no WBCs and nitrites and leukocyte esterase was negative. Also gonorrhea and chlamydia NAAT was negative. Should I get retested?
leukocyte esterase: negative /uL WBC 2-4 /HPF Culture: Negavtive - No Growth Judging from the results he told me to stop the antibiotics. But what worried me is that i forgot to remind him that i already started the antibiotics a day before the tests, so i continued with the doxycycline for a few more days (8 days in total).
URINALYSIS WITH REFLEX CULTURE Test Results Test Your Value Standard Range Units Color, UR DK YELLOW YELLOW Appearance TURBID CLEAR Specific Gravity, UR 1.033 1.005 - 1.030 pH, UR 5.5 5 - 8 Protein, UR TRACE NEGATIVE Glucose, UA NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Ketone, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Bilirubin, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Blood, UR MODERATE NEGATIVE Nitrite, UR NEGATIVE NEGATIVE Urobilinogen, UR 0.2 0.1 - 1.
Hi, I'm a 29 year old female in good health...except for a sudden and recent onset of chronic chest pain that has been deemed non-cardiac after a stress test. For the past several years trace amounts of protein have been found in my urine, as well as ketones. Throughout the years I've had different doctors discover this, all of which said it was nothing to worry about. Now that I have a new insurance, which I don't trust by the way, I asked to get my urine checked.
87) and high Lymph (50.2%). Meanwhile I got a urine test. The urine test show high WBC (73) and high leukocyte esterase 3+. What the results tell me? My doctor left me a phone message said that my test result is normal. But it is not normal from my point of view. I appreciate if anyone could tell me what the possible reason may be for this and what I should do about it. I had taken radiation contrast when I went through a CT scan several years ago. I am worried this is cancer related symptom.
89-NB PROTEIN, UA 10 (TRACE) LEUKOCYTE ESTERASE, UA POSITIVE YEAST, URINE, HPF PRESENT. MUCUS, URINE PRESENT. BACTERIA, URINE HPF FEW. EPITHELIAL CELLS, URINARY SEDIMENT, LPF MOD I am a 25 year old female, I have recurring severe PID with no STDs, been on several antibiotics for a month. I pee a lot, I have bowls problems. Have had a colonoscopy with a biopsy, normal. My back hurts on the right side right under my ribs.
It can also detect leukocyte esterase, which is created by white blood cells in your urine. Either of these, or both, or neither, can be present in the case of a bacterial infection. However, a leukocyte esterase test is positive about 70% of the time you have an infection, so a negative test is in fact a reassuring sign. Once again, scaredgrl85 especially since you had lots of clear urine, it just sounds like you were drinking a lot of fluids ( a good thing, really!).
and felt some pain in my lower back (above the butt area), I've had this pain before getting these infections but wanted to make sure the infections didn't come back and took a home UTI test and it showed negative nitrate but a little WBC. So I went back today. Dr took a urine test in her office, said it was a little bacteria, gave me 10 day cipro, but sent the urine to the lab. The lab results came back all negative. So now, I'm assuming they won't do a culture, because it's negative.
My urine results showed Leukocyte Esterase +1, WBC 10-20, Squamous Epitheral cells 6-10 which may be a UTI i have no clue. But I do know I have been feeling tired and i have been having joint pain. Is this a sign my kidneys are not working right?? I also go to the bathroom hardly....
The doctors are thinking it's a kidney problem since my albumin is low, however I think I may have some kind of infection considering my liver enzymes are high, my absolute eosinophils are at 1163....15.3%, and in my urine test my leukocyte esterase is 2+, WBC are 10-20, and there are a few bacteria. What are your thoughts?
There clearly is inflammation in your urinary tract, as indicated by the positive urine leukocyte esterase test and elevated WBC seen microscopically. Your symptoms suggest that the problem is in the lower urinary tract, i.e. the urethra or perhaps the prostate gland. As discussed in the previous thread, it is likely you have nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) and that it was acquired during the oral sex exposure.
To: Dr Sean Cummings: I posted a question "very scared about HIV" Dec 12th 2010 and have another question. I have since taken a HIV test 14 weeks after exposure and result is negative. My doctor did routine blood work also because i have been sick 3 times in 3 months. I have had the flu 3 times ( diarrhea for 3 days also once) with fever and chills that lasted 3-5 days each time and stomach pain on and off for last 3 months but my stomach if feeling better lately. My WBC is low 3.
7 days ago (3 days after the event) I had a urine GC test done and both were negative, but a urine dipstick test showed mild purple on leukocyte esterase and this was not my first urine of the morning and I had to drink 3 small cups of water to produce a urine sample. Although they came back negative and I had I was treated with a shot of Rocephin and 1 of Azithromycin. My wife performed oral sex on me 5 days ago, about 24 hrs after the Rocephin and Azithromycin and I had no symptoms.
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