Urine test for inhalants

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I am a 43-year old female My salivary glands are not functioning properly, and I just had my four bottom molars removed and am scheduled to get the rest veneered. My allergist suggested shots but wanted to test me for other inhalants, so I took tests for pollen and dander four days ago. Many of the skin areas became huge--pet dander grew to 60 mm--and stayed big all day, and I developed hives and was dizzy and disoriented.
I have had blood work done, CAT of the head and chest xray. These all came back normal. I have been to my Neurolist who has scheduled me for a nerve test. He thinks I have a pinched nerve somewhere. Can a pinched nerve cause all of these sensations? I am really concerned about MS! Please help!! My axiety level is high! Thanks.
get copy for yourself on All tests. Have Tympanogram ear test (quick plug in ear for 1 min suction). That will pull un-seen fluid in ear to window. It will show 'Serous fluid' if a problem, on graph-print if there. We can all get trapped edema from lack of vent/earpop. CT is needed to rule out infection/cysts/polyps/ck air level in maxillary sinus. It may show nerve compression above ear to ck the inner-ear.
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