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Everything in the report was normal except the pus cells and the Epithelial cells value. WBC/PUS cells - 2-4 hpf ( normal range 4-6) Epithelial cells 10-15 hpf (normal range 1-2) Other than loose stools and occasional stomach cramping no other problem. Help very much appreciated! More than anything I am worried about my Baby, hope this infection or what so ever this is doesnt harm him/her.
My daughter have ben complaining about joint pains and also along with it is her burping problem.The urine test result showed she got some 0-1/hpf pus cells and epithelial cells 0-1/hpf.What does it suggest.
What is Few Squamous epithelial cells mean? I had lab work done and got results back today..it said i had Few Squamous epithelial cells. My wbc was 75 and was suppoze to be below 29. My rbc was 4 and was suppose to be at 2. The result said its high. A dr assistant called me without knowing my history of stuff said i have a uti. Never mentioned anything about any other results. Is this part of a uti? Or should i b worried and ask the Dr. ?
- GRAM STAIN : 1-3 Pus cells and Occasional epithelial cells were seen CULTURE : No significant growth in culture.
0, no protein, no nitrates, leukocyte esterase of 2+, normal urobilinogen (24 hour)--which is funny cuz they only had the sample like 4 hours, bilirubin 1+. The automted urinalysis showed 6-10 RBC, a few epithelial cells/sediment/LPF, mod bacteria, no casts or crystals, but >100 WBC's!!!! Question: Is this normal for a ordinary bladder infection?
030 Sugar - negative ptotein - trace pus cells - 6-8/hpf red blood cells - 0-3/hpf epithelial cells - few bactiria - few muscus treads - few amorphous urines - few Please advice me what can i do...
5 when temp not controlled by common medicine then Doctor go for urine test result is as follow Reaction == acidic Albumin == Present -Traces Sugar == Absent Pus Cell == 90-100/hpf RBCS == 4-5/hpf Epithelial cell == 6-8/hpf Now doctor starts Disodium Hydrogen Cutrate for 5 day. Here my query is what are the reasons of this finding (pus cells)Dr. says if it dosent controll by Disodium Hydrogen Cutrate then we go for Culture Test .
in my UTI test comes epithelial cells 2-3/HPF and PUS cells 10-12/HPF WHAT DOES IT MEANS
It is diagnostic in some genetic disorders like Phenylketonuria etc. Pale yellow urine is normal. pH measures the acidity and alkalinity of urine. Acidic urine is normal. Specific gravity: Measure the density of urine. Again very nonspecific. Albumin: Is present in almost every normal individual. Sugar: Nil is normal. Positive in diabetics. Bile salt, pigments: Normal. Ketone bodies: Seen in diabetics. Negative is normal.
Hello, White blood cells when present in urine are indicative of urinary tract infection. For this I would suggest you to get urine for culture examination done since a course of antibiotics is needed. Also drink plenty of fluids and water and citric juices like cranberry juice. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Everything in the report was normal except the pus cells and the Epithelial cells value. WBC/PUS cells - 2-4 hpf ( normal range 4-6) Epithelial cells 10-15 hpf (normal range 1-2) Other than loose stools and occasional stomach cramping no other problem. Help very much appreciated! More than anything I am worried about my Baby, hope this infection or what so ever this is doesnt harm him/her.
Nil microscopic test: pus cells 2-3 HPF......... RBC's 1-2 HPF......... epithelial cells: Nil.......... Cast: Nil.........crystals: triple phosphate+........ amorphous materials: phosphates ++.........
hello I done my urine test and result was 6-8 white blood cells,plenty of epithelial cells and albumin - trace, bacteria - present, remaining all casts rbc and all are nil.. can this be treated with antibiotics..? nothing very serious?
i had done a routine urine analysis and stool test , the results are, urine - dipstick ----------------------- color-straw yellow ph = 6.0 urine - microsopic --------------------------- pus cell hpf = occasional epi cell hpf = occasional others were normal...... stool test --------------- mucus = present occult blood = positive. I want to know pus and epi cell is occasional in urine test, is that normal! ..
what is the meaning of this urine test result: Transparency slightly turbid Pus Cell 4-6/hpf Bacteria Many Epithelial Cells Moderate Mucus Threads Few A. Urates Few Calcium oxalates Many Please tell me what to do, meaning treatment and prevention.... Many thanks!
i am a 40 yaer old female who just got out of the hospital and i got my test results on my own and my dr. is out of town for awhile and i need help. i have squamous cells in my urine a count of 30. does anyone know what this means? also there are red and white blood cells in my urine and my blood test they are both to high. i found out i had 3 different places of hypdensity on my liver. i have been carrying hepatitis b for 15 years which i have been chronic and active.
I have weekly prenatal visits due to being high risk and I give a urine sample at every visit. About 3 1/2 wks ago my urine test came back with trace protein, leukocyte esterase positive and 2-5 WBC'S per high power field with trace blood. I had no symptoms of a UTI but was put on a 7 day course of Macrobid to treat a UTI. The next week the tests were the same but the WBC's were now 5-10 and "few" bacteria so the doctor said he would culture the urine sample.
“My interest has always been to identify some of the early changes to ovarian epithelial cells that cause them to become malignant,” Kruk said. Ovarian cancer “doesn’t get nearly as much press as other women’s cancers, but it is the most lethal gynecological cancer,” Kruk added. “There are almost no symptoms and there is no screening test for it.
if the below are found in urine , what it could be? Fungal infection can make changes in urine? i am afraid of the Leucocytes and Epithelial cells . is this normal ? Please Help me. Colour : Pale yellow PH: 8 Leucocytes (Microscopic) 1 - 2 /hpf Epithelial cells (Microscopic) OCCASIONAL /hpf FYI : im passing urine normally. no pain anywhere.
This is my mum urine analysis, Age : 65 Specific Gravity 1.025 Colour Pale Yellow/Clear pH 7.0 Protein Negative Glucose Negative Ketone Negative Blood Negative Microscopy WBC/hpf 5 - 6 RBC <1 Epithelial Cells 1-2 Casts Not Seen Crystal Not Seen Others Not Seen Please advice the WBC is not in healthy level? What should we we take note.
My lab test results show: WBC 6-10 Abnormal; Epithelial cells (non renal) abnormal; urine Appearance Cloudy/Abnormal; WBC Esterase 2+ Abnormal What do these indicate as possible problems and what should I do?
Significant pyuria is considered as at greater than or equal to 10 leucocytes per microliter or cubic millimeter. Epithelial cells should not be present in a urine specimen. However their presence may indicate improper collection of the urine, meaning that the sterile specimen has been contaminated. If contamination is ruled out and epithelial cells are again found in a second test it is advisable to rule out urinary tract infection.
WBC can be caused by many different things including infection. You can have infection that does not show on the standard test of nitrites but with the number of epithelial cells /hpf 5- it is most likely not a clean catch, mid stream urine. I would suggest you redo the urine test and be very careful, it is hard to get a good "sterile" or as sterile as possible urine sample. More importantly then the UA is the symptoms your experiencing that go along with a the WBC.
In my Urine test i got the following result . is it normal? or i have a problem? Pus cells 2-3 HPF R.B.C -Nill Epithelial cells - 1-3 HPF Please suggest me.
yellow transparency: turbid specific gravity: 1.025 pus cells: 8-10/HPF epithelial cells: rare bacteria: many PH: 6 glucose & albumin : negative. thank you so much ..
From my urine test , Every thing was Normal other than below.Please Let me know if it serious ? if the below are found in urine , what it could be.
It depends upon the concentration of various solutes in the urine. 9) Epithelial - Many • Can be seen during infection 10) Mucous Threads - Moderate 11) WBC - 20-25 / hpf • Presence of White cells(WBC) indicate urinary tract infection.
mucus threads are normal. epithelial cells are also amorphous subs doesn't really tell you anything infectionwise either. nothing about what you've posted means you have an infection. follow up properly with your provider as needed.
My urine sample came back with some oddities and my doctor wants to repeat in November to see if it doesn't clear up on its own. I always thought uti were found this way and found it odd he didn't give me antibiotics. I never had a UTI but many of my friends have. Anyway I am a 32 year old female if that helps. And here are the things that were marked abnormal: Color-red Appearance-turbid Gravity->=1.
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