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I am in the process of getting off of tramadol. It was prescribed for me for ocassional use for mild to moderate pain like headache, muscle soreness, etc. I used it only ocassionally for several months. About 4 months ago, I became involved in a fairly intense project and was experiencing more discomfort. Without really thinking much about it, I started using tramadol every day and then increased this to 2-3 times each day.
I have to rethink this process, at least cut one sleep aid out, stay steady with the Klonopin and begin cutting the tramadol again....this really does sux! At least I'm not working now, not sure how the working folk with family could ever manage their way out of this mess! Wow! Thanks everyone for your support and ideas! -Best of the Best!
Seziure, hallucinations, weakness, life threatening withdrawl so I would recommend that you find a way to replace your Klonopin O forget about the tramadol before you find yourself in some real trouble. God bless and pls, from now on worry about your saftey & well-being instead of a "friends" drama.
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com/Q/How_bad_is_Tramadol_withdrawal Question - How bad is Tramadol WIthdrawal? Answer - Ultram (Tramadol) Withdrawal Tramadol is highly addictive. Normally your doctor would reduce intake slowly. Various withdrawal effects may include shakes, shivers, diarrhea, nausea, and possible flu-like symptoms. Not all people experience will all withdrawal symptoms, and some people may experience others not listed here.
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Hi Friends; Holy Mother of Tramadol FOG! Early morning and all morning has been ... the height of suckiness. It got better once I just cried. I felt better after that. I think now alot of the emotional stuff is hitting me. I'm not numbed by a drug and I have 5 years of emotional cellular storage to work thru I think. May I Trust Higher Power to restore me to sanity!? I got an email this morning from my Mother who says she's coming here in September? I can't even think that far in advance.
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Day 22 Cold Turkey Tramadol ... I woke up HAPPY. I used to wake up happy all the time, before the Tramadol. Waking up happy is good. Then I tried to move. I had to use my hands and arms to get up out of bed. My body has been pushed as far as it will go. So after trying all my best tricks (aminos, coffee, food, vitamins, water) I finally stopped the struggle and called in sick for work. Tomorrow will be a busier day anyhow.
AND, 200mgs oF seroquel ( but only used for sleep. Im prescribed all the meds so this pill i found which i knew was a Tramadol/Ultram 50 mgs. Is that safe? The only interaction that i am worried about is the methadone. I was kinda bad and gave all all my klonopins to a friend (at the time she needed it, but I do have seizures so i must take benzo's), All i had let was 1.5 mgs of Klonopin, 0.2mgs Chlonodine, 1 mg ativan (another pill i found with the tramadol).
Reason is because the pain killer Tramadol also activates Serotonin. This is a drug interaction that has the potental for disaster. I will give you another bit of advice. You need to stop seeing a regular MD for your mental health issue. You would not trust a Pediatrist to perform open heart surgury on you right? Then don't trust a regular MD to diagnose and select the proper psychotropic meds for you.
But please, if you do decide to go that route, check w/the pharmacist to be sure there are any interaction issues to deal with (i.e. the klonopin and clonidine you're currently taking). Try to distract yourself, go for a walk if possible, or watch a favorite movie. ANYTHING is better than running back to the pills. You can do this. You just have to "sink" into this process, if you will? The more you fight it, the worse you're going to feel.
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