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Hi TP and welcome. I also have fibro and was in pain mgmt for years to deal with the pain. While I don't have specific experience with Tramadol you are correct in that it is every bit as bad as detoxing off opiates. How old are you and when your doctor says you will have to be in pain mgmt do you really feel he/she will manage your meds responsibly?
I went to the doctor and he gave me some Dolobid or something like that for the pain in my back,but that did'nt phase it for when I am up and about for extended periods of time.
I was prescribed Tramadol early this year for "Chronic Pain." The Dr. and the Pharmacist said that it was not addictive. I have not abused the Medication. I take 100mg 2 times a day. I have also been doing exercise and physical therapy for my pain. I decided to cut back and get off the Tramadol a couple of weeks ago because I'm not having bad pain, and it has been aliving Hell. Just cutting down 50mg at a time gave me extreme anxiety.
Are there painkillers for dogs that are safe? Tramadol caused my 11 year old chow chow Emily to have seizures after two days 4 pills and the Rimadyl side effects I just read here are equally as bad. Both were give to her by her vet of six years. If anyone has any ideas please contact me at ***@****. Thank you.
The vet instructed me to only give my dog the tramadol if he yelped in pain or exhibited other pain symptoms and Rimadol didn't help. The last time I gave it to him, he had exhibited his pain, but the pills didn't seem to help. He was pretty far gone anyway and I couldn't stand to see him unable to walk, difficulty going potty, couldn't heist his leg anymore, looked off into the distance with an odd expression on his face, limped from right leg which was riddled with arthritis.
Hello Rita's Mom & welcome......You need to call your Vet and ask for a few days worth of Tramadol....It is specifically for pain & will do nothing as an Anti-inflammatory.....The Pred. will be the Anti-inflammatory.....Both of these can be mixed, safely......Good luck and let us know how she's doing.....
He is also on Metacam for arthritis and we are going to put him on something called Tramadol I believe that is for pain. Will he also continue to be able to eat?
Yes they use them for pain and NO they are not a controlled substance well not in the US I believe they are in a few countries
It's a drug that is commonly prescribed to old dogs and I witnessed a neighbor get hooked on his dogs medication. His dog died in excruciating pain while he was high on the dogs Tramadols. It's a horribly addictive drug and getting off of it is worse than Vicodin or Oxys. Please, leave it alone.
, but I'm sure there are others....It was orginally made for Humans to control pain from Cancer....It works great in a dog..... I also think Acupuncture would help tremendously!!!! To locate a Holistic Vet in your area, go to the "AHVMA" wegsight....There is a search by state option....He/she will also be able to help with the Cushings. I prefer one that is also liscensed in Chinese Herbs. The web page will list Drs. close to you and also list what they specialize in...
I have beeen taking Tramadol 50 mg. 3xdaily as prescribed by my pain doctor for three years. I told him I did not want to take anything that was addicting - he said absolutely I would not get dependent on this as long as I took it as prescribed which I have done. However, he has affected my appetite (I have lost 40 pounds), my skin itches and I just feel icky all the time. I decided to stop, went cold turkey (no knowing that this was not good).
Hi Kylie4501, I signed up after reading your post and knowing that you are in the spot you are in this Friday morning. I stop taking tramadol on july 19th which was almost a month ago. I kept taking percocet to transition to something else, didn't want to stop everything at once. Been on daily pain medication for a year and a half, and was sick of being on it.
Hi stayathomemom75 , I'm so sorry about your dad- I can't imagine how painful that must have been for you. And I can see how tramadol could help for that in the short term. I'm glad you decided to get your life and emotions back now, though! Of course there are a lot of unknowns ahead of us but we won't know what lies ahead if we don't go there to see for ourselves. And sometimes just imagining how bad things will be is more frightening than the reality itself.
I remember have rescue dogs in the past that lived for 15 years and almost never went to the vet and saw few grooming/bath and any that was done was DIY. Same for a big Golden Retriever, but he did end up costing some serious money in his last couple of years with a stroke and later fat pockets and cancer. He never had any teeth pulled, not much teeth brushing either.
I noticed 4 lumps in my dogs neck, an English Setter and the vet has been to see him today. He will soon be 7. She found further lumps and 2 in his back legs. She has given him some strong antibiotics and I am to monitor him. She will come ad do a biopsy if nothing happens soon. Hoping it is a bad bug but also aware of the other possibility.
My worry is that I've head some terrible things about the Tramadol when used in controlling pain in humans. Addiction to be the worry. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing and can my Dog become addicted to his medication. Plase advise!!!!!!
Worked pretty good the first couple of weeks has helped with muscle pain but not so much with joint pain.. Also I am taking Tramadol 50 mg for pain daily, for about 4 months now and it is not working as good as when I first started using it.. My eyes feel dry and slightly burning and my ears feel like they are underwater with a buzzing noise when I lay down sometimes. Anyone else get this feeling with Tramadol? I am trying to figure out if it is my meds or just stress.
I did tell myself this morning I had had a day of no pills for the first time in 5 years. BIG QUESTION I have a bottle of 60 tramadol. How would it hurt me to take 2 or 3 tramadol on the worst days say like the next 2 days. I have valium, tons of vitamins. Are the headaches from not getting acetomenaphine my body has been used to. Take 3 Tylenol and it barely touches the headach. Where is my energy.
He has slowed down, vision and hearing is impaired and now these tumors. He has good and bad days but I feel so bad for him. I won't let him be in pain but I was hoping someone might have some suggestions on holistic treatment for the tumors or something to help him. He doesn't like to me touched anymore so massage is not an option. It may be time I make the decision but I'd rather try all I can first. Any suggestions?
I also took 2 30 mg pseudophedrine (decongestant--the kind you have to sign for) in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. I saw them in my medicine cabinet and I have to say I think they helped me fight the lack of energy I am definitely starting to feel. My skin is crawling a bit but my mind just wants to sleep. I ate a good dinner, though. I am not sure what I'll end up needing to take tonight to sleep.
I would take the hydros until they ran out (can go through 120 in a little over a week), then I would take the tramadol until they ran out (about 120 in a week), then I would be on the hunt for more. I started taking them for legitimate pain, now it is because I need them. I am miserable, not sure which I'm withdrawing from or which one is the worst. How long does this last?
Daughter is on day 3 of detox. Still in a lot of pain. She does have a prescription for tramadol so yesterday we did give her one every 8 hours. She is determined to go to work today...wants one Tramadol to get her thru. should we give it to her?
I have a job, family, bills to pay etc... Being sick in bed for one day is manageable but I can't stay in bed for a week while I try to get off these pills. I felt so confident and motivated until the last few days. I am still motivated but feel like ****. Any suggestions would be welcome.
OK, back to manning my imaginary post in here. Another thing about my self-administered taper, what has really helped me is making the situation as comfortable possible. What that means, if I feel a PHYSICAL WD funk coming on, I take a pill, albeit I do NOT use the slightest physical discomfort as an excuse to take a pill.
I'm more than happy to pay for these treatments, thats not an issue. I just don't want my dog to be in pain. Should I just wait and see if these treatments work or should I be considering other options? My dog's welfare comes first. I will do what's best for him.
the reason i ask is major concerns about a 'casual aquantance' who says she has been on tramadol for some time and she also says severe stomach upsets. She has led me to believe that she purchases it from different chemists BUT she works at a vets and i believe vets use it also. Whilst I do not consider myself close to her she has sort of latched on and seems to suffer from great mood swings including being very depressed.
During the winter time he seems to be in more pain than usual. Should I also be giving him tramadol? What exactly is the difference between the two medications?
I have NO W/D from the norco if I take the Tramadol, but the Tramadol keeps me awake and my mind races at night when I take it. So for many doctors when Tramadol was first being used in the US it WAS being advertised by J&J to be non-addictive.. but not because J&J was being untruthful, but because the original pharmaceutical company GrĂ¼nenthal GmbH out of Germany published untruthful facts about it. Seems like SO many "BAD" drugs came from Germany..
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