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There is a girl at the abuse substance forum in spanish that has just detoxed from tramadol with the same dose as you but has been taking it for 2 months and she is ok... has had some insomnia, anxiety and muscle ache but she is all right. You will be ok... Breath deeply, try to relax when you feel the anxiety coming, i know it is no fun but help yourself by thinking positive now..... take a hot bath with epsom salts if you feel your muscles aching... if you have problems with sleeping...
I take Lexapro with it too just one a day but I wonder if the doctors know of a reaction to Tramadol like mine or is it possibly a combo of tramadol and Lexapro. My mom tried tramadol and it does nothing for her pain or for energy. But for me I am just a lightning bug all day and come bed time I am totally relaxed and comfy and fall right to sleep.
The longest Ive managed to go without tramadol is 3 weeks and for the whole time I couldn't sleep and I just cried all the time and my energy levels were at an all time low. My doctor has been brilliant in helping me through this but I saw a psychiatric nurse who told me this was all in my head and that tramadol isn't an addictive drug and depression was just stress due to a few money worries I have. If anyone can answer all or some of the questions I have I would be really grateful.
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Welcome Tramadol Warriors! Fred wrtes, "I stick with it because I remember how the T-train caused INCREASED pain all over my body, in places I never imagined I could have pain. I stick with it because I can remember what it was like to be in the FOG of TRAM, to walk into a room, and forget why I was there, I stick with it because I would rather not get killed on my motorcycle from being too fogged to care what I was doing.
Maybe the Ultram wasn't at a high enough dosage? I take tramadol (100) and robaxin (750) togther to get a little pain relief enough to function at work. I do that a couple of times a day and if I am real bad I take percocet (10/325). Some days though, nothing helps. Want to try the patch I've heard about.
since my sciatic nerve was pinched including Neurontin, Tramadol, lortab, Effexor XR, Flexeral, clonapin and Robaxin. Is there anything I have to worry about taking any of these together? I usually take two 400mg Neurontin a day, Tramadol every so often, Three 7.5 lortab daily either robaxin or flexeral 2 to 3 dailey and 2 clonapin at night or if anxiety is high one during the day and one to relax at night. and I have just been rx Effexor XR. Thank You for any helpful comments.
Shaking hands,fast heart rate,lack of concentration and sometimes even just wanting to sit down and cry.I take 50mcg duragesic,tramadol,robaxin,zoloft and lunesta.can this cocktail do this to a person or am I going to have to find a shrink as well?
I recently discovered a bottle of methocarbomal also known as robaxin i was prescribed like 5 years ago and had read that this stuff can help ease the achiness of withdrawal. My question is, will it help ease the pain and is it still even good after 5 years? I also may be getting some tramadol tomorrow to help with the withdrawal as well...can these be taken together? Thank you for ur help!
So many people say NEVER take tramadol and Zoloft together and that they have ended up in the hospital after only taking 200 mg of tramadol while currently taking 100mg or less of Zoloft or another SSRI. Am I just being paranoid? I don't want to chance this syndrome. Please help me......I was never told of safe doses just told by doc if I had any of the symptoms get to the ER ASAP. Why take the chance? That is my feeling.
My doctor has prescribed Robaxin and Tramadol in the past. Neither one of them did a thing for me. Now he is trying to prescribe them to me again! Maybe I didn't give them a chance last time because I was so use to the strong stuff. Since my body is clean now from the hard narcotics, does anyone think it's worth it to try these again? I have heard that people get addicted to Tramadol so I'm a little afraid of that. I really don't see how since it did NOTHING for me last time I took it.
I now have many years of side effects that have been- long lasting, unresolved, unexplained, pain of unknown origin, and never mind them side effects, I am alright anyways so far. This is what I get from the medical community. I lived to see my body that was at death's door. The life of who I am now. We all need doctors. We all need lawyers. And both need us, a patient or a client. ========================================= It feels like bone to bone as I walk.
its 330 am and just woke up with that horrible anxious thing.... you know , the one nobody can really describe so people think its not that bad.... well IT IS THAT FREAKIN BAD right before bed i took 2 robaxin, thinking that might keep away the muscle spasms, i guess it im just SO TIRED I CANT KEEP MY EYES OPEN but my mind and body will NOT sleep. so i took my last 5 tram...
My Boston terrior jumped off the bed, and hurt himself. He was yelping when I got to him. He favored his left paw. I took him to the vet, and she put him on rimadyl for a week. It didn"t seem to help. I took him back and another vet checked him, and put him on robaxin, tramadol and prednisone. He isn't getting better, he is worse. He goes into a room and stares at the wall. He yelps every time he walks.
Lizzie told me she asked you about the lidocaine patch, and I have called and left a message for my dr. When I had to go to the ER on Tuesday night, they gave me steroids, robaxin and tramadol. I had torn a ligament in my lower back. I specifically said I didn't want anything for pain that would be addictive. The doctor said the tramadol was not addictive, (I've heard contrary to this) but it didn't help me anyway.
My doc just put me on this , I have been on Vicodin for a very long time, along with Ativan, Ambien(Im off Ambien now), Robaxin, formerly on Oral Morphine. Chronic back pain and depression from this condtion. New to site and would love some info from others. Thanks!
i understand i could get addicted but i can't take the pain. i am on 750mg robaxin and i take 2 every 4 to 5 hours. Tramadol 10mg 2 every 4 hours. did have dilaudid but he took me off it. im allergic to tylanol, ibuprophin they say limits what i can take. i dont know if this is expected i tried to tell my dr about it and im not being listened to. i think i need another mri but they dont listen. spinal blocks dont work i dont know what to do. please if any one can help me.
I have talked to the neurosurgeon who did the surgery and he shrugged his shoulders and said I have no idea and sent me back to my neurologist. He gave me a series of injections in both shoulders and the pain stopped for a couple days but then came right back. Then we tried message therapy, it helps but only for a short period. And I have tried changing my pillows on my bed and sleeping in different positions and nothing seems to help for long term. What can I do?
I take a muscle relaxer called zanaflex it works GREAT. I had never had a muscle relaxers that worked but this has helped me stay tramadol and other drugs free for over 2 years now .
Hey, I hope u r hanging in there! My rls was bad too. My dr. called me in a script for Robaxin, and I took 800mg of ibuprofen with it. I felt 100% BETTER!!! It was about $10.00 and I took it for about five days. Robaxin is for muscle spasms, and I dont think it can be habit forming. "It DOES NOT make you feel high". Good luck to you!
At moment at 300x2 a day and pain has 75% gone,also take 4x50mg tramadol a day and 4x2mg Diazapam. Going to reduce diazapam and tramadol and see what happens,im sick of pain and taking pills,and getting the run around with therapists..I just want to go surfing again,im banned from surfing by Doc for 6 grateful i can still work and practice some yoga asana/pranayama. My prayers are with you.
they put her on predisone, tramadol, and robaxin. (i'm sure i misspelled all those) they told me to come get her and keep her for the weekend and to bring her back on monday. so ...when i asked what was wrong with her, they couldn't tell me. but they could charge me $310 to see her and make a guess. that's awesome (sarcasm) can anyone tell me what might be wrong with my dog? has anyone ever seen this? she has an appetite, i gave her some chicken.
1. Intervertebral disc disease (ruptured or herniated disk). This is a painful condition and can cause limited reflexes. This sometimes requires surgery. 2. Bridging Spondylosis or spondylosis deformans. Simply stated, spondylosis deformans occurs is the body's attempt to stabilize an arthritic spine. However, as the bridging progresses over time it can cause pain and loss of function in the spine. This can cause limited reflexes and can be painful. 3.
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