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Poor dental hygiene, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, excessive fluoride, use of some medications all can cause such stains on the teeth. Tooth decay is another possibility. Get it examined by a dentist. Early diagnosis and treatment will help. Do keep me posted. Best luck and take care!
From the looks of the pictures...I'm suffering from tooth decay. I had a tooth break on me about 4 months ago....but I feel no pain. I have a few cavities and plaque issues. What am I needing to go in asking for? Why is it so hard to find out what my insurance will cover? More so why is it so hard to find a Dentist in my network?
In ideal conditions, veneers are also lifetime permanent as they do not remove the entire outer layer of your tooth, which strengthens the veneer and resists decay just like a normal tooth. With these procedures, make sure you get your dentist to show you before and after pictures. And with any implant procedure, an oral surgeon is usually better equipt to place the implant, the general dentist plans and restores it.
Hi! I have thought that i have a tooth decay problem for just under a year, but recently looking at pictures, it seems that it is cracking due to a tooth growing under it. Will it fix itself over time? My teeth tend to fix themselves (crazy huh?) This problem causes no pain or discomfort but it doesn't look nice. I have a fairly serious fear of dentist and medical things so i would like to avoid that if possible. But if it will cause problems i will go.
I don't understand why the dentist won't attempt to put fillings in and the extremeness of pulling teeth. My daughter has not pain with the decay/cavities... I don't get it. Please help me understand!!!
An implant replaces a missing tooth. How one can see it and how doesn't even mention a missing tooth confuses me a little.
However once the tooth is erupted it is susceptible to decay. On a personal note I understand your frustration, my little girl hates to wiggle her teeth too. Her bottom teeth came in the same way and they are in great position now... in fact her only tooth that is not is a good position is the one that came out a little early when she bumped heads with our springer spaniel. I am hoping as she matures and gets older it won't be so hard for her. Just give him lots of encouragement.
Out of the group of 5 kids, three ended up with major tooth decay by age 4. I had avoided any saliva transmission since he was born, aware of bacteria, sugar and improper brushing being the risk factors. Well, so much for that. But it is never too late to change behaviour and routines, it just takes some patience. All the best.
He shows me digital x-rays of my teeth and any decay BEFORE doing any dental work. He's also shown me pictures of dental work he has done on past patients.... including composite fillings that he placed in the 1980s that are still in service. I'm not sure why he wants me to have a crown put on a tooth that was filled by another dentist 3 months ago. The filling is large, but there is no pain or leakage (there was some sensitivity after it was put in, but that has gone away).
Went looking for something about my teeth, this is the third one that has done this, and did not find anything about thyroid disorders and what is called "dental caries" or rampant tooth decay. Did however learn that one of the causes of this is radiation to the head or neck. Hmmmmm..... How many of us have had something like that you think? Gee, great. Here's the web site if interested, but be warned it has pictures! :-( http://en.wikipedia.
Because those with kidney disease have a higher risk of tooth decay I believe, so if you haven't gotten that checked out, I hope you will. I'm sorry you are having major problems with your teeth at such a young age. A grandparent of mine had to have teeth removed I believe at a fairly young age owing to having had scarlet fever. Poor posture can affect the TMJ situation. If the x-rays the dentist did included a TMJ panorex, did that reveal any arthritis in the TM joints?
I'll post a few links to pictures for you. It is getting more and more worrysome for me. I'm 21.. No insurance or anything, unemployed due to health issues.. So it's hard to get dental care. I didn't start getting cavities till I was around 16 or so. Then it all went downhill. I believe I've always tried to take decent care of my teeth.. Here's the pictures:
Vet said she had a chipped fang tooth but no infection. Her bladder was a little enlarged. Vet said she didn't seem in pain. She has always been a small kitty at about 5 pounds. I have always free fed her mostly dry food. I found that this was very bad for her and now just give her canned food. She seems to have a good appetite of 2 to 3 3oz. cans a day. She has been pawing at her mouth more often now and has a horrible odor.
The petroleum byproducts affect the pulp of the tooth, thus causing decay below the gumline where you are not even aware of it. I hope to be finished with the 5 remaining teeth by the end of June. I will report back if all my symptoms are gone after finishing my dentistry but up to this point it has been promising. What a sham that the Dental Association allows toxic composite resin to be on the market. They need to do clinical studies.
That if one tooth got a decay, I would have to have the whole unit cut off. What does he tell me? He tells me not to worry. That it will be easier in the long run, because he would only have to take one bridge/unit off instead of 9! I know he was wrong, but I was at his mercy. I told him that the unit would not come off if he permanantely glued it in! He said, we'll use "medium" glue! Do you believe that? But when he finally gave me the final product, ....
A few are actually SVR. To view these charts - please click on my profile and go to pictures.
what's in the bottle he's taking at night? It should be nothing but plain water. Milk or juice will lead to tooth decay. This is advice from Dr. Bob Greene. I'm not sure I agree with all of it, but thought I'd put it out there. --Set a date in the near future, perhaps near a birthday, and offer an exciting opportunity.
Don't let them do that as the sugar in milk does lead to tooth decay. but a bottle when awake and about does not damage teeth.
The new dentist found tooth decay and root canal tooth has sharp edges tooth may be cracked anyway i was concerned in this area because this is my upper left of my mouth and the turbinates are swelling on the left side of my nose may be just coincidental but im trying all routes before i finally decide on sinus surgery,so i am getting a few teeth fixed and i will go from there,i just hope this is the cause so i dont have to have sinus surgery..
Bulimia can cause ulcerations of the esophagus, malnutrition, dehaydration, tooth decay due to stomach acid, digestive disorders, heart disease and death. Maybe you've experienced some of this; sounds like you're on the recovery trail.
He checked out the gums and back of my mouth and saw nothing. X-rays showed no decay, except one tooth on the right-lower side that he said was “getting there,” but could wait. His main focus was actually my teeth-grinding, which he thought might be causing my problems (the HENT thought this might be the case too). I got a fancy mouthguard which I tried wearing, but didn’t seem to help.
I kinda don't think i'm pregnant, but kinda think I might be. I dunno! How's your baby girl? Do you have any pictures of her? I'd love to see her! =) Hope you're doin good and i'm glad YOU are still around here! =) Do you ever hear from anyone? I was wondering how some of the people are doin from way back..what ever happened to Aisha? Shouldn't she have had her baby now?
i would look more towards seeing if it is geographic tongue i was told by a pathologist that with these symptoms and after i had shown pictures of time of high activity on the tongue that this what i have. I am 26 and this is the first time i have had the symptoms. There is no cure nor is it harmful just annoying as hell. If you feel that these symptoms consist of GT and you want proper diagnosis see an oral surgeon they can give you the best diagnosis. Sites to look at are http://www.
I found that I had mercury in my fillings and am losing my teeth. Ironically a capped tooth fell into my hand and you can see the metals used, but I don't know what they are. Mercury does not stay in the blood, so I will have a soft tissue biopsy, but Cobalt isn't routinely tested for Heavy Metal Toxicity. Can you tell me what I need to ask for?
The only issue with the methadone for me is the tooth decay. I have to go to the dentist a lot to make sure my teeth are OK. However, other than that I'm fine. I used to be on 195mls and I tapered last year down to my current dose. If you taper slowly and follow your body's signals then you should be able to come off methadone. I know MANY people who've successfully come off methadone and who tell me that it saved their lives.
It was just a very small food particle that had become stuck and then started to decay from the natural bacteria in the mouth, which is actually all a tonsil stone is, but tonsil stones just form easier in the tonsils where the food and bacteria can become conveniently trapped.
I noticed greenish/brown mucus and tooth pain and went to doctor for an anti-biotic (I think Bactrim). I took the antibiotic which seemed to clear up what I thought was a sinus infection but I still wasn't feeling better and my glands were very swollen (they still are too a degree). The doctor prescribed Augmentin due to the remaining swollen glands and remaining flu like symptoms. On April 16th, I had tingling in my hands and feelings of pure exhaustion.
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