Took medroxyprogesterone and no period

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i was on the pills for 10 days (started them on the 4/17/07 i took my last pill on the 26 of April, every website that i've read says that your period is suppose to start 3 to 7 days after you take this pill. it has now been 9 days ilight>andilight> still ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight>, i'm going to call my doctor on Monday and let her know of this, but meanwhile has any one ever had this happen and if so when did you period finally start or what could be the possible causes for this. All is help and any help is good help.
i didnt have a period for years and i took that same stuff to get it and then stuff to stop it since it wouldnt stop by itself i have been like this for years i have not heard that could cause cancer there are lots of women that are irregular i have had many visits to the doc ilight>andilight> have had many clean pap results. i now am 36 with two healthy kids ilight>andilight> ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight> yet again..
anyway ive been taking the ilight>Medroxyprogesteroneilight> for 2 1/2 days ilight>andilight> ilight>noilight> significant side effects...a little sluggish feeling kinda blah ilight>andilight> dreaming alot more than usual.....
i have been on 3 different rounds of provera ilight>andilight> it didnt work i had all the signs of my ilight>periodilight> but ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight> has anyone had this happen if so what did you do
all my research says that i should have gotten it within three days after the last pill its been five days and stil no period.... idnt kno why...
i was on the pills for 10 days (started them on the 4/17/07 i took my last pill on the 26 of April, every website that i've read says that your period is suppose to start 3 to 7 days after you take this pill. it has now been 9 days ilight>andilight> still ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight>, i'm going to call my doctor on Monday and let her know of this, but meanwhile has any one ever had this happen and if so when did you period finally start or what could be the possible causes for this. All is help and any help is good help.
i have had 1 successful pregnancy which was over 10 yrs ago i have now been diagnosed with pcos and have been put on Medroxyprogesterone(provera) 10mg/10days and metformin 500mg/3x since i'm ttc. So i ilight>tookilight> my medroxy this month ilight>andilight> it is now day 5 ilight>andilight> ilight>noilight> cycle also the last 4 days my nipples have been really sensitive and tender. All the other times that i've taken the medroxy i got my cycle 3days after my last dose. So could i possibly be pregnant?
Today is my 6th day since i took my last pill but still no period. Though i am cramping alolike period is coming. Why no period yet?
With the stuff that made me hurt it took over a month to get my ilight>periodilight>, ilight>andilight> i had those pains the whole time. With the others stuff i had ilight>noilight> pains ilight>andilight> my ilight>periodilight> within a couple days. Good luck with everything!
i usually get my period 2-5 days after i stop the medicine. This month however, its day 11 ilight>andilight> still ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight>. for the past week or so i have been experiencing very painful/sensitive nipples, slight abdominal cramping, excessive tiredness, headaches, and nausea. i took 2 htp and both were negative (although i didnt have much money, so they were bought at a discount store). My question is, what could be wrong? if i'm truly noT pregnant... what's going on? My biggest fear has been cancer.
And he proscribed me ilight>Medroxyprogesteroneilight> to get rid of my ovarian cysts. Well last month when i ilight>tookilight> the medicine i started my ilight>periodilight> three days before finishing the 12 day course. Returned to my doctor for Clomid to cause ovulation. Therefore to cause pregnancy. My days for possibility to get pregnant were Sept 12-Sept 22. i then returned to my doctor on day 35(Oct 7). He did a pregnancy test that came back negative. Then re-prescribed the Medroxyprogesterone and Clomid.
started taking the tablets that same night,10mg for ten days. i ilight>tookilight> my last dose on 9/14/08. ilight>andilight> 4 days later i got my ilight>periodilight> , very heavy flow. it lasted 10 agonizing days. i could not even walk right!!! and my hips hurt really bad, well i figured that it had been almost 3 yrs of no period and well i got over it. but i started spotting on 9/30/08 and still am!!!. i had unprotected sex while i was "ok", is there any chance that i might have gotten pregnant!?
but is been 4 days since i ilight>tookilight> the last one ilight>andilight> ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight> yet. im worry that im not going to get my oeriod.. i was really hoping that it was going to help me.
i got my period on august 3 ilight>andilight> that was it- now it's oct.11 ilight>andilight> i can't seem to get it- i ilight>tookilight> a pregnancy test ilight>andilight> it was negative- i use condoms during sex so i don't think i'm pregnant, but i'm not sure. Does anyone have any insight as to why i'm going on 70 days with no period, i know your period can get out of whack from stopping the pill but it's been almost 6months!
hi, i have been on birth control ilight>andilight> metformin ilight>andilight> ilight>Medroxyprogesteroneilight>, ilight>andilight> they still didnt bring back my ilight>periodilight>, i had my baby in dec 02 and went on the needle in jan 03, and been on it since 05 and ever since i been on the needle, no period at all. i been on the needle 2 years, i dont know if its the needle,alot of people i know who have tried the needle for long periods of time got pregnant right after they stopped the needle, maybe im differ?
i started Clomid on cd 5-9 ilight>andilight> started testing using ovulation predictors on cd 10. i'm now on cd 15 ilight>andilight> still ilight>noilight> LH surge. Could i be getting a false negative? Thanks!
i started taking that along with iron pills ilight>andilight> did manage to get my ilight>periodilight> to stop! i ilight>tookilight> these two pills ilight>andilight> did stop my ilight>periodilight> with ilight>noilight> side effects. And no fainting occurred! i continue to take the iron pills daily, however i stop taking the chasteberry when my period stops though continue to take the iron. So now whenever my period wont start or is continuous i will start up the chasteberry again. Check it out ladies!
well i never usually go past 25-26 days from the last day of my ilight>periodilight>. i am late ilight>andilight> i went to the doctor ilight>andilight> they did pregnancy test ilight>andilight> it came back negative. i also took two hpt. i have had the normal symptoms right before my period arrives..sore breast, bloated tummy...but still not period. i had a little discharge but not a doc gave me antibiotics for it. i am to take 5 mg Medroxyprogesterone twice a day for 5 days.
Dr says not having a ilight>periodilight> more than 4 weeks is normal. Although if it gets 6 weeks ilight>andilight> ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight> you should go back to the dr. to get a pg test done. Still waiting on mine to come!
i ilight>tookilight> ilight>Medroxyprogesteroneilight> a few times too, ilight>andilight> most of the times it delayed my ilight>periodilight>, the longest it delayed was 24 hang in there. As for Proemtrium, i've been using it for a year (ttc) and my period will never come on its own if i don't stop it.
He put me on ilight>Medroxyprogesteroneilight> for 5 days ilight>andilight> right after that i got my ilight>periodilight>. it lasted for 5 days ilight>andilight> stopped ilight>andilight> then all of a sudden started again and hasent stopped since. i don't know what is going on! i'm affraid of going thru that again! it was the worst experience ever because i didn't know what was supposed to exacxtly happen and my doctor at the time wasn't helping me by telling me what to expect. i wish you luck!
My 1st cycle i took 50mg clomid, but till now, there' s ilight>noilight> sign i'm pregnant ilight>andilight> ilight>noilight> menstrual. After found out, i'm not pregnant, i ilight>tookilight> another cycle of provera. i'm suppose to have my period today. Later, i will on 100 mg clomid D2-D6. wish me luck.
my doc didnt do nothing about it since recently, he put me on abunch of diff pills, metformin,ilight>Medroxyprogesteroneilight>,birth control ilight>andilight> nothing bought my period back, im just wondering if the depo caused this, ive been on the depo after my baby was born in dec,02 and got off it in oct,05 and havent been on any birth control since.
i had the same ? you have, ilight>andilight> my dr. said if there is ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight> then there is ilight>noilight> ovulation! i hope that this info helps a little.... The best way to avoid pregnancy is to be careful and avoid unsafe sex. Alot of us are desperately trying to have a baby and it kind of hurts to see a female become pregnant if that wasn't on her agenda. i hope things work out the way you want them to.
i went from not having a period for months and months and months to bleeding for months and months and i went to many different drs and even to the er a few times and they kept telling me it was a just a heavy period i finally callaped due to the fact my iron was so drastically low yet no one could explain for almost 3 years as to why finally a dr said oh you have cysts we have to do a complete hystorectomy i was 26, got a 2nd opion they said no way because of my age this went on for almost 6
it's less invasive, an in and out procedure, ilight>andilight> you end up with ilight>noilight> ilight>periodilight> or one that requires a pantyliner (if that) for 1-2 days during your cycle. Your OBGYN should be able to do the procedure.
i got my implant taken out a month ago now ilight>andilight> i am not usin any contraception i started my ilight>periodilight> on the 8th feb ilight>andilight> finished on the 14th feb 8 days after i went to whipe and i found a pinkish colour it was gone after 2,3 whipes but i have never had this before and my breasts hurt just like on my period but all the signs have gone now and its the 24th now all im left with is heart burn a bad back and a headache is this a sign of pregnancy or is it a sign of me