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969163 tn?1281109079 Later in the day, Pain appeared in the right side of the neck around my thyroid, with shooting pain down to my clavicle. All of these places hurt greatly when pressed. Lastly, I have mild hypothroidism. Could this pain and stiffness be related to a swollen thyroid?? Or have any connection to my thyroid??
Avatar f tn Over the weekend, symptoms have not improved and neck pain beginning to return, nausea and a head pressure mainly in right ear. Should I seek another opinion from an ENT or Endo or just let it go?
Avatar n tn Don't get your Adam's apple confused with your thyroid gland. The Adam's Apple is at the front of your neck, the thyroid is further down, and closer to your collarbone. The thyroid moves up as you swallow so anything orignated in the thyroid would also move up. source: thyroid about.
Avatar m tn Hi Everyone, I'm 22years old, male, in good health except that I've had a very very tight neck and shoulder for almost two years. Physio kind of helps, chiropractors do not help, and massage therapy is a hit and miss. What helps the most is going to the gym and working out. Also, within the past year I've had blood tests with unusual results... I have a high TSH (about 10-12ish mIU/L) I have normal amounts of T3 and T4 (4.
Avatar f tn Since I had the infection in both ears, wouldn't it be logical for both sides of the neck to be swollen with pain and tender lymph nodes? Please advise your thoughts to help me with this.
Avatar n tn hello i woke up this morning fine then about 10am i couldnt move my neck and i cant laydown and iam having pain where my throid is in my torat and it is now 10 at nightr and still cant move it
Avatar n tn My ears have a full feeling. I had thyroid cancer last year and had the thyroid removed and did the radioactive treatment. Could this be something related to the thyroid or that area?. The type of cancer I had was called Hurthlel cell cancer.
1099201 tn?1338184518 I didn't even know I had Hashi's until I had an ultrasound of my thyroid (my sister had thyroid cancer.) I had no neck pain but sometimes felt a fullness when I swallowed. I would bring it up to your Endo and also have an ultrasound done if you haven't already. Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn I went to my chiropractor yesterday and got an adjustment. He examined my neck, found the swelling and suggested I see my GP. I have an appointment today. It's been 5 days. Massage won't work, it hurts too much. Thanks for all your advice.
411621 tn?1241232491 I have been having neck pain on the inside of my neck, when i swollow it feels like i have something there and it hurts, but its not my tonsils, they are fine, its further down my neck, its almost like i pulled a muscle inside my neck and its swollen from the inside so when I swollow its like a lump. it hurts more on the left side then the right side and it feels like a pop or a small cracking happend when i swollow too..i am gonna go see about it, but i wanted an opinion first.
Avatar f tn Hello, Neck pain can be due to many causes.It can be due to injury, a mechanical or muscular problem, a trapped nerve caused by a bulge in one of the discs between the vertebrae, or from arthritis of the neck. Sometimes it can be due to slipped disc, brittle bones (osteoporosis), deformed natural curvature of the spine (scoliosis) and, very rarely, structural damage due to tumors or infection.
Avatar n tn I have had pain in my neck and continous infections in my throat. I finally got my doctor to do test. they did a ultra sound of my neck since my right side hurts so much and it is going into my ear. The pain is level 10 and the more I talk the mor out of breath I get. the report came back with a dx of Thyroid Nodules. The right lobe measures 3.7 x 2.7 x2.0 cm. the left is 3.7x1.9x1.6cm. There is a 8x4x4mm hypoechoic hetergeneous nodule in the mid portion of the right lobe.
1535467 tn?1342235270 The selenium helps with the swelling and pain in my neck (keeps the antibodies from raging so much). Magnesium helps with the muscle/joint pain.
Avatar f tn I have a sore throat only on right side, my whole right side of my neck is swollen all the way behind my right ear causing pain and ear pain. I am scheduled to do the uptake and scan in 2 weeks. Just not sure if this is normal for symptoms to increase as rapidly as they are. I am having more dizzy spells, more headaches, heart is racing, chest pains. Only medication given is propranolol, aderal and steroids for the sore throat and swelling.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if there is any relation between neck pain and being hypothyroid? I did read somewhere that there could be a connection but thought that I would post this question. What do you do if it is connected? I do not have a goiter. However, my face and neck was a lot fuller before I started the synthroid which has been about 7 weeks ago, and I am waiting for my labs to come back after the first 6 weeks. Thank you and will look forward to your response.
Avatar n tn can this becauseing my headaches..i,m sure its causes the neck pain and pain right in the back of the head as it appears to be in the same place..but i also have server headaches right infront of my head..the forehead..what can be causing the pain there? pain is so server that i put an ice pack on both places everyday..they gave me anti anti-inflammatory and told me to go back in 6 weeks...i know my referral ask to take extras of my sinuses to see if that can be causes the problem if front..
Avatar n tn I have been so fatigued for years since the birth of my 4th child which I suffered injured bladder, sepsis and meningitis. After years of pain and fatigue and begging for thyroid test and being diagnose with Fibromyalgia and CFS and unable to lose the baby fat like I so easily did with the first 3.
Avatar f tn My 8 year old son had decompression surgery in Jan 08 and for the last 2 months has been suffering from pain in his upper back, neck and shoulders. A physical therapist says he has large knots in his muscles. the therapy helps a little but his pain is constant. Has anyone else had this experience after surgery? Also he has short statue but his thyroid tests have come back normal.??? Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I assume you have pain on touching your neck in the lateral (side) aspect. If with touching you are getting pain it is likely to be an inflammation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue or the trachea. This can happen with injury, repetitive activity or an infection of the skin. It can also be an enlarged lymph node or an inflammation of the thyroid gland. I would advise you to consult your doctor, for proper evaluation of your symptoms.
Avatar f tn hello, i too sometimes gets dizzy and having head pain at the back of my head at the top of my neck..i was diagnosed with multi level disc degeneration and have thoracic issue ( got lots of upper and shoulder pain due to bone spurrs and osteophyte formation.. ) i also have mild spinal lumbar stenosis and pinched nerve same level.. i have sometimes muscle weakness and balance problem.. does anyone has idea if my symptoms are caused by the degenerative process or do i need to have a ct scan?
Avatar f tn The reason I ask is because two weeks after my FNA I had neck pain on the whole left side that felt like I had whiplash and I also had a cold/sore throat. The neck pain lasted about a week and the sore throat lasted maybe 3 days. No one else seemed to think it was related to the FNA, but I couldn't figure out anything else it could be.
Avatar f tn The doctor ordered a ultrasound and it came back as saying many small nodules on the thyroid. A CT was conducted of my neck and it came back with the thyroid being asymmetrical and showing calcification in the posterior thyroid. An uptake scan came back 'within normal limits'. The doctor has order me to do blood work (which all ready came back normal twice) for the next three months. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I had an ultra sound done after complaining I could not swallow without it feeling like it was getting stuck in my throat. I also experienced neck pain for 2 days every time I swallowed. It didn't go away completely as I still have some pain if the food is not real small. The ultrasound reading was that my gland is normal in size and fairly homogeneous in echotexture. The right lobe measures 3.2 x 1.3 x 1.0 cm and the left lobe measures 2.9 x 1.0 x 1.0 cm. The isthmus measures 2 mm.
Avatar m tn I am writing for my wife she has had 2 surgeries for Chiari and developed over time pain in the back of her neck when she swallows does anyone else have this problem or has anyone had this an had it fixed
Avatar n tn I had a a large tumor taken out in may07, it was benige, but now there is something going on with my neck again, could it be another tumor on the right thyroid, blood work has come back with high numbers again, feel really bad. help! This discussion is related to <a href=''>neck/throat pain: possible post-viral thyroiditis?</a>.