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So I'm at work and I bent down to put something away and threw up in my mouth. And quite a bit. I mean we've all done that once or twice in our lifetime when we burp after eating. But this just seemed odd because I didn't burp at all and it was quite a bit to where I started running to the bathroom because I wasn't sure if more was coming. My husband did *** in me during my fertile window. Is that something that happens during pregnancy?
My older (11 years, so not very old cat) has been having medical problems for the past year or so and we cannot find out what it might be. First she started throwing up food once in a while, then it got more constant and she stopped eating (at that time she threw up clear foamy licquid) - that was around half a year ago - and we took her to the vet, they did a blood test and it came out normal. They thought she might have inflamed gums so they gave her antibiotics and ranitidinum for gastritis.
I am going to have the original vet fax all the paper work to the new vet so they can have the info. Since he threw up earlier he hasn't had any interest in eating so I'm just really hoping I can get answers and help tomorrow for him. He did have an almost normal bowel this morning. Just differed in size and appearance some. I'm guessing because of food intake etc. But he had another one earlier and it was more back to the nutri-cal appearance.
Every time I've taken her to the vet I've mentioned it. There's a million reasons why she could be throwing up, I'm told. She could just have a nervous stomach, eating too fast, isn't tolerating food well or it could be a medical reason. They ran all kinds of expensive tests on her before doing her surgery a couple of months ago and everything came back fine, including diabetes, kidneys looked fine, etc. I'm not sure what else to do at this point to help her.
only have done it a handful of times this month. I ended up throwing up while I was in the shower (yuck I know), but I didn't have my glasses/contacts on and couldn't really see it that clearly. What I did see was a bunch of like little red chunks, and a couple pretty big black sludgy looking chunks.... thought it must have been like food left over or something, but then I was thinking about it and I only ate a slice of pizza before drinking and that was really early in the evening.
I was told that hairballs don't just naturally remove themselves thru the poop thats why kitties need help to pass them with 'hairball remedy' or they NEED to huck it up, this hair is accumulating in his tummy.............. When the Vets do remove this tube make sure they do some exploring around inside the area and grab that big wad of hair...poor Abby.
I threw up until 15 weeks and I had the taste of blood in my mouth before throwing up. The taste of blood in your mouth is a common complaint in pregnancy. Also some women throw up their entire pregnancy. I'm 22 weeks and while I'm not throwing up constantly I threw up yesterday, apparently baby didn't like what I ate :P. But I'd see a dr about it bc it also could be an indication of an ulcer.
I have noticed she eats very fast and then starts running around so that might be the reason for the vomiting after eating but im very concerned about the vomiting after she wakes up in the morning. She is pooping in her kennel and i have caught her eating her feces before, so could that be it? The vomit in the morning looks like diarrea and has a very strong odor and is slightly projectile.
I don't know why I have been throwing up. I feel no pain in abdomen, no fever or chills. I get a little nauseous just before I'm about to throw up, I throw up and I'm fine. I don't know what sets it off, but I'm scared to eat.
I have a specific type of emetophobia. I'm not afraid of throwing up in general, just afraid of throwing up in public. Sometimes I feel as if I would feel considerably better if I did just throw up. But I can't, no matter how bad I'm feeling. The fear started a few weeks after I had a stomach bug. When I had the bug, I was riding home from school on a Friday afternoon (I'm a high school student), and I threw up all over the bus. The thing is, it didn't affect me psychologically at all.
He doesn't do it when he is starting a meal and hungry, but often does it before entirely done eating (in other words, if I feed him a piece, he is still interested in eating it). But it is pretty obviously a boredom thing, and probably means he needs a change of venue. Of course, I can't always be ready to leap up from the table to give him a change, so sometimes he just has to sit there.
that was a hypo-allergic reaction as the doctor described (where the body reacts to a large pollutant introduction after a sickness by become hyper-active and producing a lot of mucus to the introduction of pollutants) But It got pretty bad (with the humidity?), to the point that I started throwing up after meals. I went to the ER when I almost couldn't breath anymore, and I was diagnosed with bronchitis.
( in tired all the time even after I wake up in the morning. I take care of my daughter and niece in the morning and I start work at 4pm and get home around 10. Idk what's going on with my body.
My acid reflux is caused by medications and while I am under treatment for it, I am still hungry ALL the time, it's ridiculous. I am hungry WHILE I'm eating and after I'm done even though there's not much room in my stomach for additional food (I don't eat until I'm full, but I eat the right portions). Anyways, thank you for the input! I have been wondering about this hunger issue for some time now!
) His favorite is cheese slices, which I tear up into little balls. He will gladly eat two slices at a setting and want more, tho I limit him to 2. He also eats scrambled eggs (with milk mixed in); pancakes; Cheerios; diced apples, pears, peaches, bananas; crackers, english muffins with all-fruit spread; peas, corn, green beans, etc. Again, these are the foods I put on his tray to keep him happy and occupied while I try to sneak baby food into his mouth.
I know there are lots of timetable/food chart guidelines out there, but your child will let you know when their ready for more. If he's throwing up, it's either too rich for his system or he can't digest it quick enough. Don't worry about him turning one soon, Olivia will be one next month and she is 80% breastfeeding, and about 20% solids. Great healthy high caloric foods for him are AVOCADOS, bananas, mostly all fruit, mashed potatos, SWEET POTATOS.
when my daughter comes home from college, we can always tell that she has been throwing up because you can see little splatters in the bathroom. i have tried to make her be responsible for her issues and make her clean up after herself instead of leaving a mess for us. she is seeing a counselor and i hope it is helping her. i don't know if there is any way that you can tell her that you are aware of what is going on and encourage her to get some help.
Even eating now she throws up alot and doesn't have an appetite. Eating by mouth alone, she is not getting enough calories or nutrition in my opinion.
html -- it gives you some parameters to go by. I ended up switching my rottweilers dog food to Kasco which can be found in most large/ farm animal feed stores. It is easy on the stomach and has the right balance of nutrition for dogs in the working class or those with high energy.
I have tried fighting the feeling but it almost always ends up in me throwing up. I think this has to do with my stress level as well as my anxiety. I have felt more anxious about pointless things lately and it is starting to scare me. I think i had a "panic attack" once but i cant be sure. This also happens to me while drinking heavy liquids especially alcohol. I think also that this might tie into an irregular eating schedule but it had never had an effect on me before...
My 3 month old was up to easily eating 8 oz every 3 hours but the in the last few days he's barely getting 4oz in. He's constantly spitting up (half of those 4oz must be coming up between those feedings - and small handful comes out every few minutes regardless of how I hold him).
He's not pretend gagging, he's gagging like he can't get it down without throwing up (and DH and I were eating it, it tasted fine to us, he must just not have liked it.) He gagged a few weeks ago on broccoli, but I assumed he's a kid and didn't like the texture. He really only likes corn for vegetables.
I took great satisfaction in throwing away the very last box (Peg-Intron comes in a box with a vial of water, a vial of powdered interferon, two syringes and two alcohol pads. How does Pegasys come?) in the trash. I actually get a cabinet in my kitchen back first, where I stored all the stuff. Only wished I could have stopped a bit earlier. One of the guys at work broke his hand last week and will be out for at least 6 weeks (he has to have surgery), so my work load just got a lot heavier.
Have you tried any finger foods yet, cheerios are loved by many children, he is old enough to feed himself so put some finger foods in front of him and see if he does the same throwing up, pieces of toast ,a bowl of fruit and yoghort,you can clear up the mess,spagetti Os and beans, peas,lots of bites he can get hold of ,perhaps forget the spoon feeding.. him let him take control...
she did well for about 2 weeks she had her enrgy back she was her self Till she started throwing up and had watery stool. so we took her back put her back in the vet which she stay five more days did all kinds of test and every thing came back normal . We did some research on our own and we thought it could be pancreatitis which the vet said that souned right so we brought her home and put her on this dog food low in fat . that was 12 -12-12 when we brought her back home.
When we put him in his highchair one night to eat he said he didn't want supper (which was chicken nuggets which he loves) and then after a couple minutes he stuck his hand in his mouth and threw up all over his plate. It's more like he is doing it for attention or to get out of eating something he doesn't want rather than just sitting and not eating. We never force him to eat anything he does not want because there is no point in it.
He is a lovely one and I want to bring him up. I am 52 years old and so far not interested in pets. Especially dogs. And after I had my puppy "KITTU', I love him more or equal than my kids.So please give your valuable suggestions.
case of it my ankle and knee became significantly swollen and extremely painful over night which prompted me to seek immediate medical attention - blood work showed I had highly elevated sedimentation levels but this young lady has not had anything unusual show up in her bloodwork. It is also highly unlikely that Rieters syndrome would not have cleared up after this amount of time and does not it does not effect the lungs nor does it cause nausea after eating.
My appointment with dietitian went well, basically she said that I should be eating three meals and three snacks in intervals of time and monitor the blood sugar. Carbs should be cut and protein should be more in diet. I am taking iron supplement too. My level was 11, doctor asked me to take twice a day, but I take only once at night with my vitamin because I always forget to take the other one.
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