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oh btw i uploaded pictures of my colon and throat please look a tthem and tell me if you think the doc was rright...i think they look inflammed..which would explain my frequent sore throat..gagging all the time,and also i see in one pic the colonoscope is pressed hard against my colon did he puncture... u can hear me clear my throat in the vid(or try atleast....sore throat FTL!)
lets see, lung cancer, throat cancer, esphogeal cancer, sinus cancer, tonsil cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, bone cancer, etc...the list continues. I know I'm acting crazy. When I think about it rationally, all of this just sounds absurd. But I can't stop. My wife just tunes me out now. Its got even worse after our son was born because of my fear of leaving my wife and child alone when I die...of cancer.
A few days ago I discovered a strange thing in my throat, a small lump - went to the doctor the next day and he confirmed it as a polyp attached to my tonsil tissue. I've looked this up and found only info for colon/nasal polyps so what kind is this then? Also I'm 18/female and normally in good health so is this uncommon to happen for someone like me?
does the med cause you to have constant caugh in throat (w/o mucus) and soreness in throat area? and 2. is it possible that i could have some form of thyroid cancer AFTER radioactive iodine treatment? 3.and is the thyroid really completly destryed after this form of treatment? 4.should i have pictures taken of my thyroid area again?
But i am still worried sick as on the net,almost everything says white patches are highly likely to be cancer. i took some pictures of my mouth and pls advice! Oh dear i am so worried right now. For the first picture: At the back of my throat,there seem to be small red spots.anything unsual about those? For the second picture:Above my finger,i have a small red pimple like thing. The link is : http:/ /s193.photobucket.
Nobody knows that about another person, even if they were not just diagnosed with cancer. it may help you to say that but not the person you are saying it to. To jen; I was also very calm almost all the way through treatment, that is. Just let yourself feel whatever you feel; you don't have to try to be positive. for myself it has been harder since I finished treatment. I think though you will be able to stand whatever treatment you have.
Before I was diagnosed with anal warts I did the same thing and I was right. I'm scared Im going to die soon because I read this can cause throat cancer. I smoke and drink which they say makes it worst, I mean how was I to know I had HPV and how long have I had it. In scared,lost,but I have faith in Prayer!!
First off, I apologize for the "graphic" language in trying to be as descriptive as possible. Pictures are attached. Late-twenties male, 6'2" 270 lb. Don't eat many fruits/vegetables, mostly carbs, meat, fats... don't work out/exercise... ok so I'm not really healthy. The bump started forming below my arm pit on my upper torso, maybe 6 inches below my "arm pit crease" on my side. I get a lot of ingrown hairs that turn to zits/pimples and I thought this was just another.
Also, my grandmother died of uterin cancer when she was young. (I'm 47 by the way) My sister's cancer was a glioblastoma cancer (the ugliest cancer around), which was found in the left lobe of her brain. After diagnosis, she lived only 8 months. So, you can see why I'm so scared! Way too much cancer in my family. I realize that they are seperate individuals, but still, I'm losing it, here.
From what I can make out from various forums etc, it doesn't sound like cancer but its not an almalgam tattoo judging by the other pictures. Does anyone have any clues as to what this is? I don't know if this is purely coincidence but both times have happened right after I have returned from a holiday.
**Seen my primary care doctor*** He looked at my organs in the lower part of my body and saw no signs of anything, looked at my neck and face and said he didn't see any swelling? I showed him pictures and he knew, to be honest i dont think he knows what im feeling. I went to an ENT and she saw nothing in my throat, although I did tell her about the swelling issues and she said nothing about them. I've taken antibiotics, quite a few different brands and they have done nothing.
(Secondary to improved mucocilliary escalator function) After 5 years The risk of lung, throat, oesophageal or bladder cancer is halved. After 5-10 years The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases or thrombosis is basically the same as for a non-smoker. After 10 years The risk of lung cancer is halved. The risk of developing osteoporosis decreases. After 15-20 years The risk of lung, throat, oesophageal or bladder cancer is basically the same as for a non-smoker.
It is generally appropriate for women with tumors less than 2 cm. As your cancer is multifocal, mammosite may not be a good option as the purpose of radiation may be to include the entire breast. It cannot be done if the person has had a mastectomy. It does not replace the need for chemotherapy or surgery. Without reviewing all of your information, including pathology reports, records and doing a physical examination, we cannot make any specific recommendations for your situation.
I had a barium swallow and the radiologist kindly took a few extra pictures of my stomach as he knew how anxious I was. He said he could see nothing bad, my throat and esophapgus were fine, but I did have some reflux. I have to go back to see my consultant in a couple of weeks. My local doctor prescribed me a PPI Omeprazole 20mg as I said about my tummy growling all the time and I'm awaiting breath test results for H Pylori.
Had endoscopy today for acid reflux,they found a white lesion at the very base of my tounge.I am terrified. Took biopsy, results next Thursday.Are all lesions cancer ? I was aware and saw the pictures,it looked huge,does the camera make them appear larger ?
I get mall particles of food that gets stuck in the back of my throat somewhere around the nasal passage area. These are small particle of hard food like a part of a peanut shards after being chewed up.. or really small pills like 10mg lipitor (I don't know how many of the liptors have literally dissolved back there instead of my stomach) Almost every night I have something stuck there it causes my sinus to swell in the during sleep and can sometimes get painful if it does not get dislodge.
Grace, thanks a lot for responding! This is my story: I had a vertigo, which sent me in a coma to the emergency room in 2005. Along with the vertigo, my whole left side of the body was numbed or paralized. I was summited to several tests and everything came out negative. after going through another extensive serie of tests at an ENT clinic, I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease. The Drs. have been treating me with all kinds of diuretics and vertigo medicine. Nothing seemed to work.
And most importantly, I know survival rates of mouth/throat cancer patients are extremely low. It might be nothing, it may have been there my entire life and I just noticed it (as it has not changed form since I noticed it several months back), and the fact that i dipped for aseveral years on and off puts a bit of fear behind it (and enough fear in me to where I'll never touch tobbacco again)... Judging from the pictures, does it look pretty bad, like a cancer formation?
There is no dark crusting, and it does not resemble pictures of skin cancer that I have seen. Swollen ankes and edema, even though I am watching my salt intake. Some days it is really bad, others it is mild. Swollen and tender abdomen that sometimes feels achy. I have a long history of IBS, but this feels different. Friends and family have commented recently on several occasions that my eyes "look funny" at times.
I have looked up pictures of strep throat and of oral cancer and it looks like cancer. I am scared that I have contracted hpv and now am developing orpharyngeal cancer. I also read about hiv causing most of oral problems and I was tested in March and came back negative. I also tested myself with an in home kit last month and it was negative. My question is what do I need to do in my next step? Go to a gyno? Ask for std testing? See an ent doc? See a cancer specialist? Get a shot for hpv?
I've checked online and I have no idea what I have. I'm including pictures of my throat. Anyone have an idea of what it could be? And can cancer be ruled out?
I have looked up pictures of strep throat and of oral cancer and it looks like cancer. I am scared that I have contracted hpv and now am developing orpharyngeal cancer. I also read about hiv causing most of oral problems and I was tested in March and came back negative. I also tested myself with an in home kit last month and it was negative. My question is what do I need to do in my next step? Go to a gyno? Ask for std testing? See an ent doc? See a cancer specialist? Get a shot for hpv?
I had a ear infection and a sore throat. My throat still burns sometimes and hurts, so does my ear. I took medicine and it went away for a while and came back- however the bumps in the back of my throat remained the same. I got these growths on my pharynx before i got sick. Does the look like cancer? Or an std? Hpv? Im so worried. I attached a few pictures. I had a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy a few months ago.
4 weeks ago he has a upper scope done where they removed several biopsys. about a week later he was told by his Dr. that he has cancer cells in his throat and they were sending the biopsy out for staging. He then goes in about a week later for a CT scan, the Dr.
I will go to the GP and have this checked out as soon as possible but from looking at the pictures I have attached, what are the odd's that it could be cancer? I know that you cannot give a full diagnosis without an actual examination. By the way, I also can swallow fine, eat fine, there is no tongue pain and I don't have a sore throat and I have no red patches on my tongue.
Ive had a barium swallow ( normal) oesophageal pressure testing ( normal), various scans, xrays as id cancer treatment, blood work appears normal. everyone appears baffled, im on heart medication after a stent was put in, they think my heart attack was caused by 10 weeks of chemo radiotherapy. it doesnt appear heart related, ive had fluconazole for suspected oesophageal thrush, acid reflux meds,lansoprasole,gaviscon, sucralfate, no improvement.
The new labels, which you can see by clicking the image at the beginning of this post, have either morbid pictures of the health effects of smoking, like a mouth plagued with oral cancer, or images designed to trigger a more emotional response in consumers, like the image of a mother and child. They will be big enough to cover half of a cigarette pack.
All the pictures of thrush I look at online my tongue looks nothing like!! My tongue doesn't look disgusting. If you look at it you'll see some white kind of furry hairs but it's not gross at all! This week I got strep throat. When I went into the doctor I tested positive. At the end of the appointment I asked the nurse to look at my tongue to see if it was normal. She said no it wasn't and it was because of the strep.