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i too am complaining about these exact symptoms since mid-February, have had antibiotics twice but my ilight>chestilight> feels like it is ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight> sometimes ilight>andilight> i cough up phlegm morning and night. if i get any good results from my Dr. whom i plan to see this or next week, will let you know, in the meantime good luck to you.
i'm 22w5d and the last few days i've had the worst heartburn ever so bad it keeps me up at night. Nothing works so far ilight>andilight> my ilight>chestilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>throatilight> are burning like hell. Any suggestions? i'm over it, i know it's probably only gunna get worse but something has got to give!
All i was able to take was tylenol, and hot water with lemon ilight>andilight> pasturized honey. The doctor ilight>andilight> pharmacsist said no to vapor rub. My ilight>chestilight> wass ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight> ilight>andilight> so congested. i was also able to do the old fashioned steam flush (where you put your head over a bowl of steaming water with a towel over your head to breathe in all the steam). i hope this helps!!
Burning Lungs ilight>andilight> ilight>Throatilight> i have a burning sensation in my lungs ilight>andilight> ilight>throatilight> when i run or when i do any high intensity excise. Several hours after my exercise i take a large breath and it feels like my lungs are on fire. The only thing i can equate the burning sensation too, is when you take a huge breath on a very smoky day. i assume that something is being inflamed in the lungs and along my esophagus. But i don't know what the cause.
Always when i eat Chinese food, my throat will start gradually tightening up to the point where i can't eat, my ilight>throatilight> ilight>andilight> upper ilight>chestilight> feel like they're ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight>, my eyes water -- this lasts for two or three minutes and then it goes away and i can finish my meal. Do you think there is something in the food which causes this?
i am also experencing very intense abdominal pain that comes on like a dulling ach and intensifies like a knife stabbing pain that burns so bad it breaks me into sweats. i have burning in my ilight>chestilight> ilight>andilight> ilight>throatilight> ilight>andilight> it get hard to swallow sometimes. i can also feal it in my ears and when i go to bed i will wake up with my tounge on fire and my lips will be burnt.... i have tried to take over the counter medicaiton like pepcide and prilosec OTC but they are not helping me at all.
Now i'm guessing this attack was caused by an allergic reaction seeing as though my asthma had been fairly controlled. About a week ilight>andilight> a half later, i felt a similar attack coming ilight>onilight>... i over reacted and so did my body. i was rushed to the ER and they did the EKG, ive done blood tests, X-Ray. it all looks fine. text book anxiety story right. Now my body has been in shock ever since. i haven't been able to snap out of this state.
it feels like my heart is in my ilight>throatilight> ilight>andilight> it beats really hard once or twice ilight>andilight> then goes back to normal. ilight>andilight> it makes my chest feel weak or like i cant breath. it only lasts a couple seconds. someone please help!
when i'm worried or upset, my ilight>chestilight> starts to really tighten ilight>andilight> hurt. i'm ilight>onilight> lexapro ilight>andilight> take xanax when needed. The xanax definatly helps with the chest pains.
Anyways after i got home from the hospitalm i had dizziness, heart rate and blood pressure elevated and my skin was burning on my back chest ilight>andilight> arms ilight>andilight> especially ilight>onilight> my ilight>throatilight> area. also had a feeling of someone having their hands ilight>onilight> my throat. After going to ER to rule out blood clots,(which i did not have) they said go home and try taking off your estrogen patch. i did and i started to feel better.
Lymph nodes are swollen and painful, pain radiating into ears ilight>andilight> feelings of sore ilight>throatilight> exist. i am ilight>onilight> Prednisone ilight>andilight> Singulair. Singulair makes me feel worse. i can't help but wonder if they are overlooking something. My blood pressure has been higher in the past few months and i am slightly anemic. Has anyone found relief from the constant sensation of a swelling throat. Right now, i feel totally helpless.
it has been going on 2 to 3 times a week and it progesses all day long ilight>andilight> after a while my ilight>chestilight> starts to hurt ilight>andilight> my ilight>throatilight> feels like its ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight> ilight>andilight> raw... What can i do to fix it and get some relief and what could be causing it to happen?? A i don't eat eggs so i shouldn't be tasting them!!!!!
The main symptoms were originally burning in the ilight>chestilight>/sternum, regurgitating acid into to ilight>throatilight>, burning between the shoulder blades, ilight>andilight> constant belching. More recently these symptoms increased to include a thick coating of phlegm in the mouth, and a thick, heavy, mass of mucus in the back of my throat. The latter makes swallowing uneasy, and panics me sometimes that i can't breath. i went to the doctor who prescribed me the PPi Protium (Protonix in the US).
The pain has also spread down my spine to my butt bone ilight>andilight> my entire back is ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight> ilight>onilight> the inside. it is going down into my thights ilight>onilight> the outside area. Here it is March 18 and nothing has helped the pain is covered my spine and lower back and my legs.....My insides are on fire at all times i can't walk to fast or move to fast . The pain is severe and i can't seem to find out what is wrong. Every doctor says they dont know to go to another doctor. CAN SOMEonE PLEASE HELP ME!
i was told that i had insignificant heart damage, but since then i have had minor aches ilight>andilight> twinges in my ilight>chestilight>, ilight>throatilight> ilight>andilight> jaw. The past few days, i have been getting a pain in neck just right of front center. The pains usually last less than a minute, but reoccur quite often. They are not big enough that i have taken my nitro yet, but quite concerning none the less. My cardiologist didn't seem too concerned and said they are probably nothing.
if my blood pressure spikes, i can feel like my heart is in my ilight>throatilight> ilight>andilight> my ilight>chestilight> feels heavy ilight>andilight> i am weak. i could go to bed and 8 hours later it is still spiked, with my heart rate at around 100. Dr. says to take a Verapamil, which brings me back to normal within 2 hours. Dr. originally said symptoms would last 30 days, then 3 months. i have seen so many varied experiences on this forum, i appreciate all who have shared. i don't feel so alone in my experiences.
The pain has also spread down my spine to my butt bone ilight>andilight> my entire back is ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight> ilight>onilight> the inside. it is going down into my thights ilight>onilight> the outside area. Here it is March 18 and nothing has helped the pain is covered my spine and lower back and my legs.....My insides are on fire at all times i can't walk to fast or move to fast . The pain is severe and i can't seem to find out what is wrong. Every doctor says they dont know to go to another doctor. CAN SOMEonE PLEASE HELP ME!
i've been drinking 1 ounce of the aloe juice with 1 ounce of grape juice all day long today anytime i feel the beginnings of a burn and immediately it stops. it's like putting water ilight>onilight> a ilight>fireilight> in my stomach. My Nexium won't work ilight>andilight> my Aciphex won't work ilight>andilight> aloe vera juice works almost instantly? i am amazed to say the least. i'm going to see the doctor this week but maybe now i will last until my appointment.
For 15 minutes i was breathing in smoke in the waiting room, ilight>andilight> nobody realized the roof was ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight> until i went outside cuz my eyes were burning and noticed the damn roof was smoking, so i went inside and told everyone to get out. it apparently was going through the AC unit inside the building. i went outside, and since then, i've had trouble breathing. it was small at first, but the next day or two, i was really struggling for air.
i have had this problem for atleast 10 years, and i feel like it runs my life. This stupid rash occurs at anytime, ilight>andilight> always starts ilight>onilight> my ilight>chestilight> ilight>andilight> works it way up to my neck ilight>andilight> face, it makes me extremley hot. i will also get it if i drink, work out, or in hot weather. i have very very VERY fair skin, so when i get even slightly red...its RED. i have notcied that it will occur when im more nervous, but it has also occured in happy, sad, exciting situations.
This lasted about 5 seconds, during which time my pulse ox jumped to a heart rate of 256. ilight>onilight> it's own everything stopped ilight>andilight> my pulse went down to 137 ilight>andilight> stayed there. A co-worker had called 911 and i went to the ER in an ambulance. i was ashen by this point. My arms and hands were numb. Nothing wrong could be found. i no longer monitor my pulse during exercise and i have not had another episode like that since.
For the last 10 days i've been ALSO taking Gaviscon after every meal, up to 4 times a day. ilight>Andilight> i suck ilight>onilight> plenty of Rennies, as well as Lemocin ilight>andilight> even a prescription throat pain killer. Nothing really helps. i don't eat for at least 5 hours before bed. i've raised my bed head several inches. i've lost 10 kilograms, and am now 84kg (at 174 cm, that's not bad.) The problem is that my throat simply isn't getting any better.
Why else would i have chest pains, numbing in the left arm, tingling sensations throughout the ilight>chestilight> ilight>andilight> shoulder. Sometimes feels like my ilight>chestilight> is ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight>. and the left arm is often very fatigued after an episode. iv been refered to a Neurologist; they are certain that there is a nerve being pinched somewhere. Unfortunately i am uninsured at this time and am unable to afford a neurologist.
Try not to focus on your heartbeat, it will only make you more anxious, which i think would contribute to the sensation in your ilight>throatilight>. Anxiety is the fuel to the ilight>fireilight> ilight>andilight> makes everything worse. Which is why i think you need to see your doctor to put your mind at ease. You mentioned that you are overweight, so that could explain the shortness of breath while running. i'm sure that everyone's heart beats fast & hard running for a train!
i am also having problems with my ilight>throatilight> ilight>andilight> have lumps ilight>onilight> my uvula as well as pain further back ilight>andilight> feeling of having a swollen tongue. i was wondering if anyone ever got a definate diagnosis? i too suffer from anxiety which i am doing something about and am four weeks into CBT to tackle my health anxiety problem. ive got myself convinced that ive got the start of throat cancer and the ongoing lumpy feeling when i swallow doesnt help to alleviate my fears.
Every once in a while i also would get mild ilight>chestilight> pain ilight>andilight> pain in my sternum. i also get this feeling that there is a lump in my ilight>throatilight> but have tested negative for thyrhoids. My red and white blood cell has come back normal. Ultrasound if stomach is normal. X-rays of chest and stomach are normal. Ct scan came back normal also. ive been to it could be due to acid reflex and heart burn but i don't get the burning sensations or the acid reflex coming up my throat. Anyone have a clue?
my throat feels swollen by my collar bone and also up by jaw line i can feel it when i turn my head either way up by my jaw line i have a runny nose and my mucus is yellow ive been having a weird headach that starts in the back of my head and runs down to my chest and yesterday my ilight>throatilight> felt like it was ilight>onilight> ilight>fireilight> Help!
Anyhow -- yeah --- we are the far ilight>andilight> few betweeners... So hold ilight>onilight> --- ilight>andilight> remember --- the medical world is out to help --- the best they can... And the pharmaceutical companies are out to make a buck. But some of us get better. i'm getting better --- a year and a half later... So --- if it can happen to me - it CAN happen to you!
After climbing the stairs or other exertion, i've started having a burning, painful sensation in the area of my ilight>chestilight> ilight>andilight> neck junction. it actually feels centered at my lower ilight>throatilight>, immediately above the sternum. it feels like it's on fire. Also, my heart rate speeds up considerably. it subsides quickly with rest. i am 3 years post RNY (gastric bypass). i also have cirrhosis (non-alcohol type), with an enlarged spleen and portal hypertension.
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