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im 16 and for a while ive been having white thick creamy discharge and sometimes it has a funky smell to it. i am sexually active. i have noticed that when i drink water the smell and discharge goes away, i RARELY ever drink water...can that have something to do with this problem and should i be concerned? help please.
Hello, The thick vaginal discharge is most likely to be due to yeast infection or candidiasis. Since your husband gets red small sores after sex, it is most likely to be due to transfer of yeast infection. The best tests involved in the diagnosis of candida are scrapping or swab examination of the scrapings after KOH mounting.The other test that can be done is fungal culture of the scrapings from the tongue of the vaginal swabs. Try to avoid wearing tight underwear and pants.
I'm 38 Weeks pregnant and just noticed a thick white discharge no smell what could this be
Me and my boyfriend sex this morning and he noticed i had thick white nut(discharge).It was kinda rough sex and my right lip got swollen.Last week i was spotting but i don't think i'am pregnant. i wanted to know if this is normal?
i always feel like i dont have alot of lubrication down below now and if there is any discharge, it's always thick and sticky and white. i dont think it is a yeast infection because it's not itchy or anything is this something to be concerned about, or is this normal for me to be experiencing?
I have been sexually active for about a year and until recently I have noticed that the day after sex (that may qualify as being "rough sex") I experience a really thick white discharge that's kinda of clumpy or pasty. There's no smell, itch, or odd color to it and it lasts for many days.
you see this time i noticed its back but with only (SORRY ABOUT THE DESCRIPTION) the white thick but not smelly discharge. has anyone got this before? can you get only one symptom when you get a yeast infection? i notice that since i got my first one a few months ago that my discharge is not the same around the time that i am due for my period... any advice? by the way i did see my doctor a few days ago and she said that she does not see some discharge for me to worry about.
hi. ive had this thick white discharge its white-ish/yellow when it dries , ive had this for a little over 6 months now and it smells pretty bad as well and if i was to masturbate its on my fingers , its not itchy though it just always end up in my underwear and when me and my girlfriend have sex even when i masturbate i dont get wett .. but i used to qet very wet since this has started i dont qet wet anymore .. WHAT DOES THE DISCHARGE AND VAGINAL DRYNESS MEAN ?? SHOULD I GO C A DOCTOR??
I've been having all kinds of discharge from thick white to milky and watery white with an odor. So I figured it was a yeast inf. So I started taking miconazole 3, now my discharge is pink. Is this normal?
Vaginal yeast infection may present with abnormal vaginal discharge which ca be slightly watery, white discharge to a thick, white, chunky discharge; pain with intercourse; painful urination; redness and swelling of the vulva; vaginal and labial itching and burning. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper diagnosis. A pelvic examination is usally done and a small amount of the vaginal discharge is examined using a microscope to confirm the diagnosis.
Between my legs are very sore and it itches..I've been seeing a white discharge but it doesn't have an odor..this morning the discharge was clear and thick and a lot with no odor as well..I think this is a yeast infection but I don't understand y I keep getting them..I hardly have sex with my bf and he was treated for it a while back..
Sometimes your natural discharge can be thick and white. It depends on what part of your cycle you are on.
I'm eight months pregnat, and I've been having some severe itching and thick white colored discharge for the past day. I think I may have a yeast infection, should I go and see my doctor or can I treat it at home?
I was thinking about going to the store and getting like something for a yeast infection but idk if that will hurt me if i dont actually have a yeast infection. I also have some old amoxicilin lying around i was thinking about taking but if i dont have a yeast infection i dont want it to get worse. Please please please help me, let me know what you guys think & if theres something i can do in the mean time.
i had a pretty bad yeast infection for about a week, symptoms included a horrible rash and a thick white discharge, It starting getting a bit better after i took an over the counter tablet from a pharmaist, but it still wasnt completly gone. I got my period a few days after that, my period finished yesterday and i still have the yeast infection but the rash is gone and the discharge isnt as thick, is it normal for a yeast infection to last this long?
It sounds like a possible yeast infection. I would recommend seeing your Dr if this is the first one you've ever had. They are not that uncommon in women and can be treated with meds. If you knew for sure this was a yeast infection then I would recommend getting an over the counter med from your pharmacy.
How does a yeast infection looks ?
(I am on birth control so I am possibly open to getting this) but, I have read that the symptoms of Yeast infection are itching, burning, and cottage-cheese like discharge? I don't burn or itch or have any pain in my vaginal area, but I have thick chunks in my discharge ( Yuck), its white and cottage cheese like. Not huge, but strings and clumps of it. Do I have the infection? If I do, what can I do to get rid of it ( and soon?
A yeast infection feels like a burning itching sensation in your private area that can at times be really painful. Another sign is a thick white or light yellow discharge that looks like it has small cottage cheese curds in it. However it is common for some women to have only one sign or no signs and still have a yeast infection. I always got them when I was pregnant and I am battling one now because of an infected tooth and two rounds of antibiotics.
I am quite itchy and for the past 2 weeks it seems like I have a thick thick thick white/ivory in color build up that is on the outside of my vagina all over. I can't tell if it's skin coming off or just a build up of something like discharge. It comes off in little pieces when I wipe after using the restroom. It's quite gross. From time to time it burns when I go to the bathroom, but that comes and goes. So for those of you who know or have had yeast infections, does this sound like one?
Yes it's very common during pregnancy. You'll get itching and discharge will be white or kinda off and thick and cream like consistency and stinky. If you think you've got one its best to go get checked out to make sure.
Also the skin infected is white and it itches sometimes, and the discharge a day before my period is white and very thick. Its been almost 3 months and this infection keeps coming back very often.
If you're also itchy, it could be a yeast infection. If nothing else seems amiss then it's probably just your normal discharge for this time of your cycle.
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