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1216899 tn?1288573925 Also, until I read other people's symptoms, I hadn't realized that vitamin D deficiency was such an MS mimic. Even healthy people should probably track their vitamin levels just as they do their cholesterol levels.
Avatar m tn I struggle to explain to people how it feels because although I get pain in my joints it is normally not that bad, I grew up with it and am used to coping with it, the real issue is that the sensation I get in all of my joints is unbearable, it feels like they are drying out, like they're brittle, filled with sand or grit, or bone dry leaves, it is like the sensation you get from irritable leg only in all of my joints,I am constantly aware of every single joint in my body I can feel it inside
Avatar n tn I have the same problem and nothing works as you described Except one thing mine began with a bout of Shingles due to vitamin b deficiency what do you think ? driving me nuts and nothing changes it !
1117655 tn?1291332417 Hi Lisa... Heres a link to a website that goes right into vitamin D deficiency, the symptoms are in the first paragraph. I hope it is of some help to you! http://www.vitaminddeficiencysymptomsguide.
Avatar f tn I stopped them and made my own search in the internet to know what may cause this and found that Vitamin D and B12 deficiency can, so I made a lab test and I found that I am Vitamin D deficient with less than 19. I went back to the psychiatrist and showed him the results and asked me to stop all anti-anxiety and anti-depressants and start having Vitamin D supplement (10,000 UI D3 per day for a month, followed by 5,000 UI D3 FOREVER).
Avatar n tn Do I spray people because my teeth are way worn down from years of grinding. I wear retainers at night now but folks are always covering their faces or wiping their faces etc. It is not good for my socialization. HELP This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1311705'>Spit fine spray while talking - new symptom</a>.
Avatar n tn you may be grinding your teeth at night and it will rub the hell out of your tongue. i had a medication do it to me and i didnt know it till my husband was woke up by me grinding and my tongue was huge!
Avatar n tn and go flat again. Could it be my nighttime mouthguard that I wear for teeth grinding that I've worn for about a year? Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar m tn I've been using a dental mouthguard at night for the last few years because my dentist said I was grinding my teeth at night. The first one broke, and the second one has a large crack in the same location. I've also had TMJ problems, mainly in the right jaw joint, for many years. A couple years ago these got much worse, and I had more jaw pain and migrane-like headaches.
Avatar f tn legs) weakness (exercise doesn't help much) grinding teeth constantly (not sure if this is related) rapid/irregular heart rate This forum has been so helpful for me! It's been really scary and frustrating to be "blind" for so long as to the mystery cause of my ill health. My deterioration over the past 6-8 months finally drove me to seek professional help.
Avatar f tn Daily headaches, jaw pain, heart palps., sounds like stress/anxiety. You sound like your clenching/grinding your teeth. I'm working on the jaw thing. A night guard doesnt seem to help me cause I will still clench so I sleep with my tongue between my teeth. I even find myself grinding and clenching while watching TV. pay attention and you may find this is the same for you.
Avatar f tn * Artificial sweeteners (aspartame) * Caffeine * Cigarette smoking * Diabetes * Hypoglycemia * Insulin resistance * Lack of sunlight/vitamin D deficiency * Under methylation - folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 deficiency * Iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, B3, B6, folate & vitamin C deficiency * Ecstasy, diet pills, and certain medications * Chronic opioid, alcohol, amphetamine & marijuana use * Hormone imbalances (thyroid, adrenal, estrogen) * Progesterone deficiency * Inflamm
Avatar f tn I still have the issues, but I've had them my whole life, so it's hard to determine if I would've had the problems anyway with or without the vitamin D deficiency or if I've even had vitamin D deficiency my whole life, which I may have when thinking about how sickly I was as a young person.
Avatar n tn The pharmacist said that was okay. I was reading something about Zoloft causing teeth grinding and I'm already a teeth grinder so that worries me too.
5502728 tn?1376370886 It might also come with a TMJ problem if you are clenching and or grinding your teeth in your sleep. Do you do this? Also, if you have a musculoskeletal issue, like with your neck, you might awaken with a headache- do you have any issues with your neck? Regarding the visual disturbance, have you spoken with a neurologist about that and your headaches and ruled out migraines, such as the classic migraine, which can come with a visual aura?
Avatar m tn So after some reading, I thought I was grinding my teeth. So I went to the store and bought a mouthpiece... just a plain old mouthpiece that football players use. Well that was a bad idea and I shoulda known better because it just didnt fit my mouth right. It was rubbing up against my gums and making things worse. So I woke up this morning with terrible pain in my teeth. Ive takin some ibuprofen and its a little better since then.
Avatar m tn Nutrients deficiency more commonly noted include vitamin D, iron, vitamin B12, folate, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, vitamin A, zinc. Vitamin D deficiency increases asthma severity as shown in a clinical trial and is linked to allergies. Sleep apnea which can also be associated with low cortisol. Fluid retention (and/or bloating). Excessive tartar buildup and cavities. Ear issues such as fluid on the ear, excessive ear wax, tinnitus.
Avatar n tn in the mornings i find myself with a sore jaw after grinding my teeth the night before...it's been 3 months now since October...and my photophobia is decreasing a little...i just feel nausea and weak with a warm body but cold hands and feet...my lymph nodes are starting to swell as well...and it has me worried that i might actually have HIV...it's December and one is swelling under my adam's apple and just yesterday my left armpit was swollen all the way to the left side of my chest...
Avatar n tn Although I don't know if a normal blood test shows vitamin deficiency but I am pretty sure that was apart of the test. I am getting an MRI and CT scan done in a couple days. But I have been sitting here thinking the worst for over a year now, and wanted to know if anyone else had these same problems because doctor's seem a little perplexed when I describe all this to them.
Avatar f tn t feel like I need it all the time. It works really well for cramps.A family member stopped grinding teeth and snoring is diminished. Sleep is so much better. Definitely life changing. I am careful about using VCO now. I used it before for hypothyroid- as they said, 1 tbsp three x a day.. I unfortunately gained 10 lbs. So I had to stop. That was a few years ago. I have recently restarted but not as regular. I use VCO for any soreness around the mouth, gums and teeth.
488823 tn?1218374167 i would put 2 to 4 bags of the stuff in cool water. you can also try to make your own by grinding oatmeal up in a herb or coffee grinder. you have to grind it up enough so that the powder is very, very fine.
Avatar f tn The neurologist I saw after my ER visit told me it could be a vitamin B-12 deficiency (and advised I started taking a B-complex vitamin...which I have been taking every day since then), she also suggested it could be hypothryoidism (which my mom has, & my tests last year were normal...but I plan to ask for a re-test), she also suggested a sleep disorder (but I've had trouble falling asleep since I was a kid, & nothing has changed).
Avatar n tn The doctor in that forum is highly respectable and intelligent in the field of STD health. As for vitamins deficiency, I am an advocate of vitamin supplements so I suggest you take them. I suggest everyone take a daily multivitamin at minimum every day. If you have low iron, why dont you take iron supplements? Vitamins are inexpensive and will make your body a heck of a lot healthier. I seriously suggest one take vitamins if they do not have a healthy eating habit or healthy diet.
Avatar f tn I get a build up of wax in my left ear from it being so swollen and the jaw bone connecting to my ear is sore and swollen as well. Im being told by GP it's stress and I am grinding my teeth at night and clenching my jaw. I had a crown put in last year and all these problems have started after that although not sure if there is a connection ....
363281 tn?1353103243 Burning, itchy, tight scalp Dizziness Dizzy Dizziness or light-headedness Frequent headaches, migraine headaches Feeling like there is a tight band around your head, pressure, tightness Head, neck or shoulder pain, tightness/stiffness Head zaps, head tremors Giddiness Numbness Numbness tingling, numbness and tingling Shooting pains, stabbing pains, and odd pressures in the neck, head, or face Shooting pains in the face Shooting pains in the scalp or head When you close your eyes
Avatar f tn My family's results on Mg is just amazing !! Much less snoring, if any, no more grinding teeth, sleep soundly and refreshed, like I said, my memory is improved, very minimal leg cramps, hands shaking is under control, IBS is improved, eye twitching of my cousin is less. She used to need Botox injections to control it and so many more symptomatic improvement. Mg is involved in 300 body enzyme processes that lack of it manifests in hundreds of symptoms..
Avatar n tn symptoms of anxiety, depression, neuro problems such as tics, tremors, muscular twitches, memory loss, IBS, instability of blood sugars, cramps, asthma, blood clots, bowel disease, diabetes, fatigue, heart disease, hypertension, hypoglycemia, insomnia, migraines, fibromyalgia, kidney stones, migraine, grinding teeth,osteoporosis, Reynaud's syndrome, tooth decay, etc.. are all signs of Magnesium deficiency. If I could direct you my co hypothyroid sufferers to look at Magnesium supplementation.
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***mb.rxlist.com/rxboard/ultram.pl?noframes;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar f tn I went to yet another neuro who ordered a ABR (Auditory brainstem response) for tinnitus, but that came out normal too. I also gave vitamin B-12, vitamin D, and thyroid tests--all came out normal except for vitamin D which was low. He said there was nothing wrong with me and he prescribed Cipralex for anxiety!! I never took it. Speaking of Cipralex, two years ago I suffered from panic attacks for which I took Paxil for 6 months.