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Anyone have suggestions for supplements and probiotics to take along with my antibiotics? My dr has already prescribed a good probiotic that is kept refrigerated, and an high dose of b12. What else? thanks.
It got better as I continued taking it. What is the dosage that you are taking? Are you taking any probiotics like acidolphilis with it?
I was just diagnosed with lyme disease and will be taking Doxycycline for 30 days. Can anyone tell me if I must avoid dairy entirely or just avoid it a couple of hours before and after taking this antibiotics? Thanks.
I have bronchitis with a severe cough I am taking 50mg cortisone a day I am not able to cut down yet as the cough is too severe. It's been around 4 weeks since it started as a sore throat and moved down to my chest am taking antibiotics Clarithromycin 250mg & Doxycycline Monohydrate (50mg), Rikodeine or Codeine cough suppressant, Symbicort inhaler. I'm not sleeping well a couple of hours here and there and I'm exhausted, am severely constipated. I'm off work, but need to get back ASAP.
I think my positive western blot sat on my GP's desk for a while too. The nurse kept saying that they hadn't received it and I called IgeneX back and they said he should have gotten it a long time ago...but said they would fax it over before my appointment. SOMEHOW, when I went in for an appointment he had the original copy dated weeks before, folded up like it had been in an envelope. I had been his patient for @ 6 years and never had any problems before all of this.
He also told me he thinks that I have lyme even though my test doesn't show it and it has caused the onset of the rheumatoid arthritis. He has agreed to keep me on doxycycline since it is helping with some of my inflammation and pain. He also agree to retest me in a few months through his lab and also supply me with a blood sample to send to IGENEX labs in CA. IGENEX isn't covered by my insurance so, if I get a positive result, the antibiotic treatment will be out of my pocket.
I had not taken anything for the past week until today, as I had finished the doxycycline a week ago. But I started back on the diflucan today, and am rinsing my mouth with salt water, eating yogurt and taking probiotics. My question is, if I take the diflucan for a week and then go get retested for syphilis, gono and chlamydia, would the diflucan interfere with the std tests?
I was prescribed doxycycline to prevent infection. I took it for 3 1/2 days and I felt like complete crap everyday and last night was the worst. I was so neasous and felt horrible. it gave me really really bad anxiety. I almost took myself to the ER ( hubby was drunk sleeping, lol) but I was able to calm myself and get thru the worst before I fell asleep. So now I'm not taking it anymore! My sister also has a hard time with "cycline" antibiotics! NO MAS!
Given how many things you are taking (a number of which I am unfamiliar with), it would be a fair question to ask your doctor's office to put together a dosing schedule what you take at what time of day, which with food, which without food, etc. Lyme makes concentration and sorting through a complex set of data very hard to do, and I would hope your doc understands that.
She gain tested positive for lyme, but this time she was treated with 100mg of doxycycline for 30 days. Her focus and concentration came back, and she went back to being an A student. However, her foot kept swelling. The pediatrician told us to see a rheumatologist, but I wanted her to see an orthopedist first. They xrayed her foot and found nothing. Months went by and still swelling - but it got worse.
Hi, most of us take a probiotic. I guess your doctor is saying to eat yogurt since it has some probiotics in it. 2 hrs before or after shouldn't make a big difference but you should ask the Dr. Are you taking Doxy for Lyme? If so, it is not long enough. Even for a recent bite, you should take doxy for 4-6 weeks. My ex husband, whose job was working outside, was bit by ticks often. He took doxy for a month after a bite.
Talk to your doc about starting to supplement with probiotics now, so that you don't end up with a bacterial skewing problem such as C. diff after taking antibiotics for prolonged periods of time. The probiotics will hopefully also help to swing your system back toward 'normal' levels of good flora.
I had an attack of brain inflammation in June 2011, at a time of great stress in my life, with 10 of my 12 cranial nerves impacted. A subsequent 'sensory' relapse in January 2012 - with numbness/tingling in my left hand and two further brain lesions on MRI - led to a diagnosis of relapsing and remitting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) on 30 May 2012 at a hospital in London, UK. I have had other sensory relapses since.
It is about Vitamin A and the problems with it and its association with vitamin D. I am taking this type of vitamin A (retinol) out of my diet (beta carotene is okay from foods) and checking food labels to make sure it isn't sabotaging vitamin D for us. It takes a while to lower toxic levels of vitamin A out of the body - and then vitamin D will work its magic. I am thinking butter is out now, and maybe just using olive oil since there is no vitamin A in it.
When and if I find something that helps, I will post. Meanwhile, my thoughts are with all of us who have these crazy symptoms with no answers. Hang in there.
I have found that early diagnosis with frequent early follow-up, along with an initially more intensive treatment strategy, is crucial in optimizing the best outcomes in this disease. MEDICATION Q. I am 66, recently given a diagnosis of R.A. Was put on methotrexate/prednisone/folic acid. Am currently being weaned off prednisone. What are the long-term effects of methotrexate on the body? — globro, New York A.
My doctor told me to take probiotics and if need be start taking the antibiotics again in 2 weeks. I've been taking probiotics since December 12th and the problem still persists. What could be wrong? I thought that maybe I might be lactose intolerant, but I wasn't before? This is super frustrating. I don't want to deal with it anymore! Please help.
(erythema migrans?) kept forming, along with atrophy and some hair loss on head. He also has me taking naturals, like enzymes, microbial balancer, Enhanca repair, Nystatin, probiotic etc... Then went to 400 mg of Doxy, but problems kept getting worse, so doctor has me off that now. I have sepnt at l;east 100 hours learning online (was a reporter for years) and am now putting colloidal silver on circles, taking one dose of it a day and taking enzymes with probiotic.
Treatment of the cell cultures with the appropriate antibiotics, in this case doxycycline, prevented the Mycoplasma-induced carcinogenesis. The investigators went on to show that genetic mutations occurred more commonly in the Mycoplasma-infected cultures, and oncogenes were induced. They Mycoplasma turned out to be a co-factor or promoter not a direct inducer of carcinogenesis.
1 week after taking plan B woke up with severe bleeding, cramping, thick vaginal discharge. Went to the ER, thought I was having a miscarriage. My pelvic, ultrasound, cbc, std, culture,pregnancy all came back negative. Doctor treated me with rocephin and doxycycline ruling out PID. Took the full course of the doxy. Continued to have thick white discharge, vaginal pain, irritation,constipation, UTI symptoms. Followed up with an OBGYN. The OBGYN thought I had a yeast infection.
Also been putting organic coconut oil on my penis to kill any possible infection, taking 2-4 showers a day and keeping penis dry. Also been taking probiotics and powerful cranberry extract,, drinking lots of cumin and coriander tea. So I am very serious about getting this out of me and trying to create an environment where bacterial infection cant exist. Have not been ejaculating either in case this is prostate related.
My LLMD said he had never seen anyone else have problems with the yeast-based probiotics ... I think from reading various things that there are some people who are more susceptible to fungal infections than others, and that trait may run in my family, looking back. I was bloated, my eyes were red, I had brain fog similar to that from Lyme, my teeth ached and were loose-feeling. I didn't realize what was going on for a long time because the symptoms were not that different from Lyme itself.
You should probably see your doctor and if its still positive for Streptococcus Group B then ask her about prescribing you penicillin/amoxicillin because I had a UTI was treated with doxycycline and still had a recurring problem then treated for bacterial vaginotis and treated with flagyl pills...
One final thing that I found was in an Acne.org forum, since people with Acne are prescribed Doxycycline I found some people posting problems with ulcers, these usually because they didn't take enough water. My personal experience was that towards the end of the seven days around the 6th/5th day I started feeling my stomach irritated like a mild burning, but no acid reflux, nausea, vomiting or any of those other side effects. Plus my prescription told me not to take with food at all.
female that doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, eats very healthy (except for a slight indulgence in chocolate) and drinks 8 - 10 cups of water daily. Since last July, after 3 days of taking Doxycycline for acne (acne turned out to be due to allergic reaction to dairy), my stomach began to swell to the appearance of a 5 mo. pregnant woman (I'm normally a size 2).
etc) but had noticeable testicle pain so I went to a GP who said i had a mild case of epididymitis and gave me some NSAIDs for 10 days and some cipro just in case. I have also been taking doxycycline 2x/day just in case for 14 days. So the testicle pain has all but subsided, but I have this constant tingle in my urethra - it seems to go away for a bit after using the bathroom but is noticeable most of the rest of the time. If I lay down it seems to alleviate it somewhat as well.
Others here can speak in more detail, but if you have been ill for longer than a few weeks at most, taking only doxycycline may not be effective. Also, were you tested for other infections the same ticks often bring along with Lyme? If your doc did not give you hard copy of ALL the test results, whether positive or not, get copies of them for your own files, and let us know (if you want to) (1) what you were tested for and (2) what the results were and (3) what lab(s) ran the tests.
For the past 2 weeks, I've had some pretty bad days with my main symptom, which is pain in my legs. It hasn't been this bad ever, or at least since I got sick 4 months ago. I'm trying to figure out what the heck is going on, since this symptom usually doesn't get too out of control, and I've read yeast overgrowth can make lyme symptoms worse. I'm also consistently getting weak poops... like watery, almost borderline diarrhea.
I went back and was given doxycycline for 14 days. During this time, I was also taking very hot baths and supplements (probiotics, oil of oregano, elderberry and olive leaf extract) twice a day to fight the infection. My problems seem to continue, but not as bad, and I was sent to a urologist who also told me I had a boggy prostate and gave me Rapaflo (silodosin). I took this for two weeks when one day I had an alcoholic beverage.
Prostate Cancer by bbaldwin, 59 minutes ago Our 9 yr old Standard Poodle, Monty, was diagnosed with prostatic transitional cell carcinoma in Oct. 2007. He has had a series of 4 IV chemo treatments with 3.7 mg of Mitoxantrone, the last one on 12/31/07. He takes 7.5 mg of Promicam, 15 mg of Pepcid and 3000 mg of fish oil daily. The last ultrasound showed that the tumor had shrunk to 3 X 3.7cm.
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