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Paracetamol (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Advil) for aches and pains. Travel sickness tablets for nausea (only take when needed as they can make your muscles twitch). Imodium for diarrhoea RLS tablets for restless legs. You can get these from your pharmacy. Valerian and Melatonin or 5HTP for anxiety and to help you sleep. A good vitamin supplement. You can get these from a healthfood store or online.
I have been on percocet for over 5 years, I have stopped cold turkey. I am now experiencing diarea and I am wondering how long it will take for my body to heal? I have been taking 4-5 daily. If anyone can help I would greatly appriciate it.
I was wondering if you could tell me if meloxicam would be better for pain relief compared to 800mg ibuprofen. Also does it take time for meloxicam to build up in my body for maximum benefit? If so, how long does it take? Thanks very much!
If you are done with them, its going to take about a month to find your true pain levels and most of us have found that it wasn't as bad as when using opiates and it can be controlled with otc meds. Let us know what we can do to help.
Thanks agian for your comment. I went in for a procedure on my knee today and they loaded me up with Lidocaine and then started poking around. Afterwards, they were all "do you want something for the pain" and it's funny...I was pretty adamently able to say "no thank you". Last night I had one Percocet and one Oxycontin next to my bed the entire night in case I decided enough was enough. I figure that I'm 72 hours off this stuff right now.
I am sure you know that can your Gastrointestional Tract. I never take a new med without discussing it thoroughly with my Physician, no matter what the circumstances. So if he wants to change a med or increase, decrease or whatever I am not left guessing what his thoughts may have been. I want to know my his rationale. I can than agree, disagree or ask more questions. I encourage you... and everyone to do the same. My Medical Providers have always been fine with my questions.
I have a situation. A pregnant woman was given percocet for pain and the full term baby died in uteral. The baby's skin was peeled off. Does anyone know if this could have been a side effect or allergic reaction of the percocet? The baby is my grand baby.
Tylenol isn't working so the Dr. prescribed percocet. I'm a little hesistant to take it but figure my Dr. wouldn't prescribe it if it wasn't safe. Has anyone else had this prescribed to them for pain? Did you have any side effects while taking it? Thanks.
i do feel a little better i finally got a little sleep but it was with some help from valium i normally dont take them but i could not take the lack of sleep and my doctor and i have been struggling with that for about 15 years so i guess that i the next thing but i can only do one at a time.....but after talking to my brother and sister-in-law i am really determined to kick the habit and i think that i am going to do it for all the meds that i have been taking for years......
I know if I tell them I'm hooked they will take the pills away for good, and this is the only medication that helps me. I can't take aspirin, I cant take ibuprofen. So what is left? Tylenol! Which doesnt do jack sh*t for me. But I do make excuses to my doctors to get my pain pills. Even when I'm not in pain, I'll take them. And I'm worried that it's going to kill me, like kidney failure or something. And believe me I've tried to go without them, but I've only made it for a few days.
I was just switched yesterday from 5-6 Percocet 5mg to Fentanly. My stomach can not take the percocet, vicodin or any other oral narcotics anymore. I had an endoscopy done 2 months ago and they did not find anything wrong in my stomach. I end up going to the ER 1-2 times a month with severe stomach upset where I am in tears and barley walking. I have nerve pain in the left side of my neck and arm.
Well last night was, so today i did not take any or buy anymore to take. I have gone days with out having them. maybe one or two, but always bought more. I disconeccted with any supply i was able to get. The #1 reason i NEED to stop is my health. Second, the money... I have never been stupid enough to speed more then i was able to but still if you only knew the $$ i spent on them. So this is day one going i day two. I will not fall into temptations.
thank you, I am SO scared. This is obviously my first and I just pray that everything is okay! The wait for the first ultrasound seems to take forever! I know I will probably relax then, but I have had other doctors that I should stay away from percocet. Confusing, huh? Last Sunday I didn't take any, and I was in tears all night from my pain. I don't know what is worse.
Do you take anything else other than the narcotic? I find whatever medication I take works better with ibuprofen. I also use some topical prescription gels that help a little as well. Since I don't get great pain control on the narcotics, I use other things to help, i.e., procedures, ThermaCare patches, ice at rare times. Sometimes we have to piece together a bunch of things to get adequate relief. Hope to hear your pain doctor has some good suggestions that will help!
I'm hoping that is the case. I'm unable to take any ibuprofen so I'm stuck with Tylenol. That scares me but being on these meds scares me more. It has caused problems with my husband and I know I'm not myself for me or my kids. My pain Doc told me that I wouldn't have withdrawals being on the patch if I don't take the Percocet. It's hard for me to get through without the Percocet...for the pain and life but I have to do it.
I'm hoping that is the case. I'm unable to take any ibuprofen so I'm stuck with Tylenol. That scares me but being on these meds scares me more. It has caused problems with my husband and I know I'm not myself for me or my kids. My pain Doc told me that I wouldn't have withdrawals being on the patch if I don't take the Percocet. It's hard for me to get through without the Percocet...for the pain and life but I have to do it.
Just an FYI, I have real chronic pain, I understand the percocet are addictive, etc., etc. Basically I want to know if I had to take Percocets for breakthrough pain a single time would it set back my noroc withdrawals. Thanks in advance for any help.
Doctors have told me that this will not hurt as long as I do not take them all day. Every now and then I take a Percocet, got 30 of them in Sep 05 and have 6 left, if the pain gets real bad. I have constent ear infections that contribute to the pain. I am going to Mayo next week on my own dime to see if they can help with the pain and my energy so i can continue to work.
Oh, by the way, you can take ibuprofen along with the percocet even though the percocet already has tylenol in it, because ibuprofen and acetominophen are able to be taken together. Just don't take more tylenol along with it, because that will be too much tylenol and it could damage your liver.
Do you have a primary care doctor that can help while you're trying to find a new pain management team? Ibuprofen doesn't interfere with urine tests, nor does urine output. I guess if you metabolize your meds too quickly that would interfere and it would also cause you not to have your pain under control. I'm not sure what pain condition you're suffering with but maybe some type of patch would work better for you.
i am having a horrible tooth ache its my wisdom tooth it needs to be pulled but it cant be extracted until wednesday so this morning i took a vicodin 750 mg but i dnt have any left when the pain kicks back in can i take a percocet 10 mg and it want interact with the vic in my body thanx for your time
I then got a steaddy prescription from my doctor. It started about a year ago with percocet 5/500's then about 5 months ago I got it increased to percocet 10/325's. I now take about 10 of those a day. I want to come off these SOOOO BAD but I am scared to death about it. I dont really want to go to rehab but wonder if I have to. My life has become ruined from this ****, I HATE IT!
Hi i been on Percocet for a year now.i am 9 weeks pregnant.i still take about 20 mg a day.i told my doctor about it but she said to stop takin them.but I need them but I am really concerned.will it affect my baby's brain.will it make my baby slow or deformed.i am really worried cuz I am still takin them every day.i read all these story's about girls takin them while pregnant n said they were safe as long as u don't abuse them.
to ease that...take ibuprofen or tylenol....hot hot baths for the aches and stress....ensure or boost...bananas....crackers, soup...anything you can eat will help....gatorade so no to dehydrate....the Thomas recipe at the bottom of page is great....i take melatonin for the no sleep thing...but nothing honestly helped me the first week or so to sleep.... just keep close to this site and we can help you with questions or if you just need to post to vent....it's a great site!
I know for sure that my body did become tolerant and my emotions were playing around with wanting to take them when I shouldn't? But as of yet, I have only taken them as scheduled, when there is a documented kidney stone. The ONLY reason I am considering using percs when I pass more is because the pain is horrible and I have so many stones in both kidneys the radiologist wrote on my report that he could not even count them.
I am 17 years old and 5'5 and 160 pounds and the perscription says take one or two of the 5mg pills every 6 hours also i take iy with 600 mg of ibuprofen. I still dont get sleep at night bc of the pain and i dont want to take more than the bottle says...
Now, I am scared to take anything, but also don't want to die from taking the Percocet when the pain gets bad. If a take half a Xanax, will that help to get through this? This is terrible, and I don't wish this on anyone.
I was prescribed percocet 5/325 for a lower back problem, I found out that my back wasn't really hurting but the need and desire to take the pill was there. I was only taking 1 - 2 pills every day for about almost a year and found myself feeling very tired every day and not performing to my full potential at work, often times forgetting things. I caught a severe flu and decided to quit. I am now on day 4 and regardless of the terrible flu symptoms I feel good that I am off the pills.
I would say just try the advil, it that doesn't cut it for you then the next time that you can take some meds take the percocet. By the third day I barely needed the advil anymore. I hope it starts to feel better for you soon! Take care and keep us posted.
a loved one of mine almost died from tylenol, it is like pulling teeth to convince them that the stuff had almost killed them...folks who take lots of this, or who take it with other drugs or booze are asking for liver failure IMHO. 2. acetominophen was discovered in the 1800's...it didn't become widely used until a drug company in the 50's coined the word tylenol and began a mass market campaign.
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