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What is food and supplements are safe to consume with Cytomel. I am actively trying to lose weight through diet and exercise and feel like I am fighting with a brick wall. Very defeating! I eat certain things or take different supplements, I get extreme reactions. Please advise. . .
Some individuals that have sensitive stomachs might want to take it with food. However, whatever way you take it, it should be taken at least an hour after Synthroid, if you are on the combo. Good luck and you should feel the difference within next week.
That's doing good for now...... Cytomel can be taken either with, or without food, but NOT within 4 hours of calcium, magnesium, supplements, etc....... The information sheet that comes with the script from the pharmacy should tell you..
I take my first T3 pill with my T4. Unlike T4, Cytomel/T3 can be taken with or without food, so it's okay to take it with lunch or slightly before. It's okay to experiment with the timing and see what works better for your schedule. Do make sure you don't take any calcium or other mineral supplements within 4 hours of taking either thyroid hormones.
you might try taking your Cytomel a little later in the morning, after you've had some food. Cytomel doesn't have the absorption issues that T4 meds have, so you don't have to take it on an empty stomach.
i take cytomel in the morning with my synthroid--and also again the afternoon. does cytomel have to be taken an our after synthroid? never heard that but just read that here? also i am getting different information about whether cytomel can be taken with food, or on an empty stomach. also i am on yaz birth control, which i take several hours after my cytomel--is that ok? please help.
Should my Doc be telling me to take the first dose of the day, of my Cytomel WITH my Levoxyl? Isn't that a contradiction to having to take the T4 med on an empty tummy with only water and then keep it empty for least an hour? (2-3 hrs for me since I have SUCH a slow metabolism)..
I gather i will only take 1/4 of the 5mcg pill to start. My question is - do i just take it with the t4? do i wait a little bit? If it works, should i eventually bump it to 1/4 a pill twice a day? Last time i tried this stuff was a year ago and i failed miserably. Took it one time and that was it. It was way too much for me. I want to try to do this right this time.
The absorption of T3 does not vary as much when you take it with food as T4 meds do so you seem to be able to take it with food OK. There is no interaction with Hydrocortisone, you can take it at the same time if you are on HC. Iron does affect absorption, although T3 absorbs MUCH faster than Armour or T4, Taking iron even an hour after T3 is fine but at least 4 hours before the next dose.
I take cytomel 3 x a day. t3 is used up fairly quickly by your body so 3 x a day is close to how your own body would produce it.Talk to your doc.I also take synthroid and I am feeling pretty good these days. let me know what your doc says.
I agree that you should not take calcium supplements, etc for 4 hours after taking thyroid med; however, I'm not convinced that a bit of milk in your morning coffee is going to mess things up much, if at all. Read the information sheet that came with your cytomel. Mine says it can be taken "with or without food". Levothyroxine, which is a T4 med, should be taken on an empty stomach at least an hour before eating; however, I don't believe that holds true for cytomel.
cancer and was to stop Levothyroxine and take Cytomel 25 2xs a day. *Levothyroxine I would take in the morning/empty/with h20 no food for 1 hour *Cytomel I take one in the morning 8-9am same as above, then one at 9pm My question is I felt amazing on Levothyroxine (alive again!) and I feel OK on Cytomel. My issue is I am really tired between the hours of 2pm and 6pm. My legs ache a lot, mainly in the morning. If I take a nap, then I cannot sleep until 12am-3am.
you need to have Free T3 and Free T4, along with the TSH. Why did your doctor take you off the cytomel if your FT3 was low? Were you taking the whole dose of cytomel at once or did you split it between 2-3 doses/day? Don't lower your calorie intake that low - you aren't doing yourself any favors. I was like you at first -- no matter how little I ate, I continued to gain!! Talk about discouraging!!
Also you want to try to have your blood labs drawn under the same cirtcmstances as best you can. Usually if possible when on a medicine with T3 you don't want to take your medicne before the blood is drawn. T3 is fast acting and thus is ramps up and is used up entirely in a few hours. I think T3 usually peaks about 2 to 3 hours after taking it.
I take Synthroid in the morning and then I take Nexium and Cytomel together. Is that ok??? I then take Vit D and Iron with dinner. I am also seeing a new doc to test thyroid/adrenals. What tests should I have run? I feel horrible and want to feel better!!!
Really it is a matter of symptomatic improvement -- ie, do you feel any better with the cytomel? From a lab standpoint, the TSH is still the most important clinically. Reverse T3 is not helpful to manage patients. The body fat is not likely to change with thyroid dose titrations.....it will change with the proven scientific concept of taking in less calories than you burn off.
I am also on 5 mcg cytomel, along with my levo. I tried splitting 5 mcg, but it didn't seem to do any good that way; therefore, I simply wait until later in the day and take the whole thing at once. I was started out on 10 mcg and my endo also told me to take it all at once with my levo, but that caused all kinds of uncomfortable things, so I tried splitting it into 2 - 5 mcg doses -- I still had rapid heart rate, etc, so we cut back to 5 mcg.
I also wondered if anyone has ever tried cytomel, that is t-3 instead of t-4 i heard you feel better on this cytomel than just synthroid alone, i take leveothoryrixine. Any comments on this, or find me on facebook. My email on there is ***@**** and my name is Deborah Davis.
I think if it were me I would keep the Synthroid level the same and if possible split the Cytomel into 4 peices and take 1/4 in the am. and 1/4 in late afternoon. I'd do this for several weeks and see how you react. Then if all okay then I would go to 1/2 in a.m. and 1/2 in late afternoon, and then after 2-3 more weeks I would get retested for FT3 and FT4.
While I was on Cytomel after the operation I didn't have any issues with energy or feeling tired, but once I was on Levothyroxine and stopped the Cytomel I felt horrible. Since I had some Cytomel left I did take it along with the Levo and felt better again. The ENT told me Cytomel was not for long term use and to only take Levo, my TSH at that time was very high at between 31.0-46.
Second, do you think there is any truth to the idea (which I have come across twice on the internet) that Cytomel is risky for someone with hypothyroidism because it can weaken the heart muscle? I am sure it can do all sorts of damage to the bodybuilders who apparently favor Cytomel for "bulking up" (which makes me wonder if they have anything at all inside their skulls). My concern is about me, as you undoubtedly can guess.
Body builders take high doses like 100mg plus twice a day , that might be a high. I take 12.5 mg of cytomel and it does not give me a high. Before you judge , again every BODY is different.
Hi Dr. Lupo, Your advice on my case has been on target in the past months. After going off of Armour after 40 years because of heart palpitations I have been on Synthroid since mid-March and have felt awful the whole time. I was on .88 mcg and saw my endo on Wednesday, 21st. My blood results were within normal range after 4 weeks on .88 mcg and all of my symptoms continued. He added 1/2 of a 25 mcg tablet of Cytomel ONCE a day and lowered my Synthroid to .75 mcg.
So I am hoping this will also be the case with the reduced iron stores. So if increasing my iron intake through food or supplement does not change my level then it might be an absorption issue. I am eating more beans (black, mixed ...), chickpeas, lentils, nuts (hazelnuts & almonds), eggs, pumpkin seeds/pepitas, tahini (sesame seed), blackstrap molasses (cooking - combo of fancy & blackstrap), potatoes, kale, quinoa, and yogurt that contain iron according to Canadian Nutrient File.
IMHO, he should have kept her on that dosage and added Cytomel, because, yes, her FT3 labs were very low. However, with Hashi, sometimes we have to play with the numbers until we get them right. I have been reading and I also conducted a poll in this forum (To Soy or Not to Soy?) on soy/gluten free diet. If your daughter is not soy/gluten free, it will also impact her T4 absorption. I do feel better without soy or gluten. Also, make sure she's taking her vitamins.
It has a very short half-life and it can be taken any time with or without food. I think you would be better off taking it with food, so you won't have to worry about the stomach side effects and take it with lunch so you can get a tiny little afternoon boost - 2.5 is eh - nothing. I take 15mg spread out through the day and have for years. I don't have a thyroid either.
I have seen where people say to take it a hour later from synthroid and with food yet the pharmacist said take it without food, yet the pamphlet from the pharmacy said take it with or without food. I always take my synthroid upon waking early without food for 30 min. and wait till lunch for vitamins and calcium etc. I am also on the generic cytomel hence the pharmacy changed that so I hope it is the same. DId you feel any changed when you first added generic cytomel, just want to be prepared .
Also, I decided to split the 1/2 or the 1/2 tablet (so that is getting about 6+ mcg at a time) - one in A. M. and one after lunch. I also read that you could take it with food and it would act like the time-released version instead of being absorbed all at once. Questions: Any insight on experiences with Cytomel? How long does it take to notice any improvement? Doctor said about a week??????
"Is it normal or okay to take Cytomel and fall back asleep for two hours? " - It kind of comes down to whatever works for you. Some people take T4 meds before bed and it makes them sleep better. Thats kind of the opposite of what most would assume. Never heard of the same result with a T3 med though. When I was very hypo, I could sleep like a rock for a few hours, then layed there with my eyes closed for the remainder of the night till the alarm went off.
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