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My right index finger has been swollen for a month now. the knuckle is painful to the touch, but i'm able to bend it. Any ideas what it could be?? Thanks for any help!
Over the next couple days I noticed that I couldn't form a fist because my finger was very swollen and hurt to bend that far. Upon further observation I noticed that my first finger knuckle had become very wide, but the rest of my finger remained regular size. It is also very sensitive to touch. This injury happened about a month ago, and I left it assuming it would just heal itself as most injuries seem to.
I am 33 and in very good health. The 1st knuckle on my index finger is pretty swollen, stiff and has a fair amount of pain when I bend or touch it. I have already been to urgent care, and was told it was not infected due to no heat or redness. I was given Ibuprofen and a splint, told to follow up tomorrow if no improvement. They sugest bloodwork to test for uric acid or arthritis. he said possibly gout, but that is usually more painful.
Hours later I felt tingling where I got pricked on my index finger knuckle and my knucke begin to swell and hurt very badly! I don't understand why this could be because the ***** was so small?? Should I go to the E.R? I can't bend that knucke because its so swollen but the rest of my hand is ok.
I lacerated the tendon between my fingernail and knuckle on my left index finger about 4 years ago.(on the top of the finger). I had surgery to repair the tendon and then had to have the internal sutures removed about 6 months later because they used a thicker suture and they kept poking through the skin. Since then my finger has a clicking sound when I bend it but as of lately it is very painful all the time and the pain shoots up my arm at times.
The next day my knuckle swelled and there was a bruise at the base of my index finger. I didn;t think it was broken because i could move it. However, since then, I have knocked in a few occassions and then have pain for a few days. The knuckle is still a little swollen and I also get pain along the finger. Any advice?
It's a gamble with too high a risk and too little benefit. I have a friend who cut her index finger with a kitchen knife while preparing food. She cleaned it well, used antibiltic ointment, and closed it with butterflies. She was worried about possible scarring so put a splint on to keep the finger from bending and re-opening the cut. She didn't call or go to the doctor. Within a few weeks she had been to her primary doc and been sent immediately to the ortho surgeon.
about 6 months ago i started to experience pain in my right hand around the middle knuckle- but more the area between the pointer and middle finger from the base of the finger to the middle of the top of my hand. its often swollen and i noticed a bruise on the top of my hand in that area today. i had an xray when the pain started and they saw nothing.
When i was 11 a girl broke my right index finger at school and no one believed me when I said it was broken. So obviously it wasn't splinted or even buddy tapped. In the eight grade my mom took me to a doctor that told her that my finger did break and that the bone healed eight degrees off. After six months of trying to buddy tape it and splint it, the bone only moved two degrees. The doctor recommended surgery to pin and straighten out the bone and my mom decided on getting me the surgery.
The next day my hand became really swollen around and mostly above my CMC joint on my right hand and my index finger knuckle is a little swollen. The swollen area is hard and I don't have complete motion of my thumb. It hurts but not to the point where my mom is willing to take me to the doctor. From looking everything up onling it seems like I sprained my thumb. If someone has any idea what is going on I'd appreciate it.
it is on the side of the middle knuckle, not centered around the pucture, but to the side. at the widest point my index finger is a good 1/4 inch wider than the other finger. Now there is a red tint to the swelling but no discharge at the punctures. Im getting worried as it seems like it must be getting infected, and its obviously far from the surface. What can a doctor do? oral antibiotics? amputate? or is it just residual swelling from deep bruising?
I'm a 28 year old female and I have been having swelling, stiffness and pain of my right index finger knuckle for over 2 years. It started off as a little right itchy bump on my knuckle (it kind of looked like a welt) and it felt like it was on fire. I noticed it would flare up when it would rain and there was high humidity. From there it has progressed to swelling and it is usually stiff. It has been swollen for so long now that it has started to deform my joint.
Could there be a cyst under the vein or an aneurysm? It is on my lefthand index finger between the knuckle and first joint. I am a 65-year-old woman and did not injure the site.
i was playing with my friends in the cafeteria at my school and one friend kicked me in my hand and now the bottom of my pinky where the knuckle bone thing is swollen. i can bend it but the finger can get straight unless i move it and it hurts when i move it up and down. but it gets tense and tight when i make a fist.ok you know how you have lines in fingers, well after the third line my finger gets reallly really thick like thicker than my other pink.
Due to a bout of lightheadedness I veered off path while walking down an aisle and hit my index finger right in the lower part below the knuckle on the freezer plastic handle. It immediately swelled to a dome like bruise. I got it xrayed and the urgent care doctor said it was bruised and not broken. It is two days later and I have severe brusing beyond the point of impact and a decent amount of pain. The swelling extends into the knuckle below the impact point and to the adjacent knuckles.
I have had about 5 corticosteroid injections in my left index finger over the course of those 3 years. Previously the shots did wonders and I was pain free, but not with my last injection. My finger is stuck in a bowed position, the tendon is standing out and feels very hard and it (finger and joint) gets very swollen. Also, pain is radiating down into my palm In the past few days, my finger is now slightly tingling but I am not sure if it's from the TF or my Raynaud's.
I woke this morning and my left index finger was hurting like hell. Its a little swollen and the blood vessels are more prominent than usual. It hurts from below knuckle (into the hand) to the knuckle in the finger. I cant even touch it. Does anyone know what this is? I've had no injury to the hand and was tested for arthritis about a year ago and it was negative. Any ideas?
It began on my left thumb, then right pinky. Then right middle finger, right index finger, left middle finger, left index finger, and finally left pinky. The only 2 fingers unaffected are my ring fingers. I have seen a multitude of dermatologists and have tried steroid creams. Nothing seems to help. I have not met anyone else that has this condition and many doctors look at my fingers like they have never seen anything like it before.
,i have about 25 % movement at the pip and almost full mobility at the mcp-although sometimes stiff and painfull i sometimes get swollen inside the palm just below the index finger??? have you ever gotten that?? was told by doctor that this is due to the ligament getting stretched and iritated? doctor put me on predisone for 10 days in an attempt to get rid of the swelling! which comes and goes!!
I got a very small cut on my index finger knuckle and it seemed fine. Then, the next day I was putting Christmas decorations up at my job and what seemed like out of no where, there was what looked like a backwards 7 on my finger near the cut, what looks like blood under the skin. The area became tender and stung a bit and got a little bit swollen...I'm just looking for a possible connection or cause? thnx.
After applying some pressure (since I wanted to find out where it hurt) I found that it doesn't hurt in the lower finger like I originally thought, but it hurts at the knuckle. As far as I can see it's not dented in/disappeared. It hasn't swollen / swollen minimally and there's no bruise. Then only weird thing is that a weird bump appears if I apply pressure and I can't apply pressure very well.
i have suffered from a similar condition. problem started with what looked like tiny blisters on my thumb and index finger (left hand). this has progressed to wrinkly look on thumb and first three fingers (left hand). apart from the fact it looks at bit funny it hadnt caused me any problems until two weeks ago when i started to lose sensitivity in those finger tips. spoke to my dermatologist when i was in gettin my moles checked and he tried to tell me i had excema. not likely!
On my right index finger where cuticle begins I development 2 painful bumps. Shooting burning pain up my index finger to hand & wrist. These bumps moved up to the first joint (knuckle). Finger now swollen, painful, hurting. Went to dr had x-ray & blood test for RA. Test negative, x-rays showed no fracture, calcum or cartledge problem. I was told I just had arthritis & given naproxen. However, the medicine does help a little with stiffness.
Today, Monday, the finger pad and around nail area is very dark red, blackish in areas. Rest of index finger down to hand is red and swollen. Middle finger still swollen but not as much. He's unable to use his left hand, keeps it elevated when he can. He said no when I mentioned the doctor so I let it go Monday, but at the end of the day it's not getting better (although, the swelling is not as bad as Saturday bcz he has a couple of wrinkles in the knuckle area again).
I iced it immediately and it's been getting better everyday. It's been a complete week now and the spot I cut between my index finger and middle finger over the 2 knuckles are still swollen and sore. Should I be concerned? I feel if I broke or chipped a bone in my knuckle, nothing could be done anyway, is that correct?
I suddenly developed intense burning pain in my index finger knuckle on my left hand, which lasted for 2 days, it felt sprained. Yesterday it traveled to my elbow. It hurts and burns when I try to lift anything or open anything. My fingers on my left hand seems a little swollen but the pain is gone and traveled to my elbow. It is hard to make a fist and when I do it creates pain in my elbow. I also developed a bad headache yesterday and couldn't get rid of it.
I got in a fight last night. One hitter quitter. The knuckle of my middle finger is pretty swollen right now. It wasn't that bad last night. Two hours after the fight, I was playing pool with minimal pain. Since I have no insurance, I'm wondering how long I can wait before having the more serious consequences of a fractured hand... my friend's mom says hours... but I'd guess a couple days??
I have a swollen line were my gum line meets my cheek on the inside left its swollen a bit but moderitly painfull and getting worse now my jaw bellow it aces as well and im getting mor tired during the day it has not let up iv had this issue for about 4 days now my lymph nodes are a littil swollen as well now like i said its a line its not a lump its like if you rooled some playdoe untill its prity thin then placed a short pice the length of the tip of ur index finger to your knuckle also i hav
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