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Avatar_f_tn Three of them are perfectly fine but I felt a sharp pain in the 4th one I ignored it. Waking up in the morning I noticed my gums were swollen too only around that one tooth. I immediately told my parents and they said I must wait and see what happens , its been three days and four nights since then, my gums are still swollen around that tooth and I noticed my jaw is swollen and feels hard if I touch it and its difficult for me to open my mouth widely..its the bottom right side of my mouth.
Avatar_n_tn I have one really swollen and painful lymph node in my neck just under my left jaw kind of. It just kind of sprung up over night. I feel fine besides that. No runny nose, ear ache, or anything like that. I went to the doctor and he said that it was tonsillitis and that I didn't have any other symptoms because I am already on antibiotics for something else unrelated. He said my body has just kind of fought it off itself. Sounds kind of strange to me?
Avatar_n_tn I went home feeling better about it but all the while my right ear has a dull ache as does my upper right side of the throat. A few weeks ago I noticed that when I turn my neck two bumps poke out on each side of my thyroid. They are about the size of a golf ball but only in diameter as they are very large but not deep at all. As I said, you can only see these bumps when I turn my neck.
Avatar_f_tn The pain felt centered in my gums in the first and second molar although they were not swollen or red. The pain continued to increase as each day went by. I finally saw both my OS and regular dentist. Neither seem too concerned. An xray showed no problems with those teeth. By now the pain was all over the left side of my lower jaw and into my ear. It doesn't keep me awake at night although I do clench my teeth. I recently went for my healing caps and adjustment to the partial.
Avatar_n_tn Dull ear ache with crackling (like that of tinnitus) constant, especially when swallowing, internal dripping of the left nostril and some type of cut like feeling inside the nostril or between the nostril and throat, clear mucus accumulating in throat with constant need to spit it out due to foreign body feeling. Somewhat stiff neck, but less than before. Ears seem to cause the most pain. I have not been drinking alcohol since Feb 2010.
Avatar_n_tn Hi All I have had painful lymph nodes under my jaw and infront of my ears both sides for about a week, Also feel some discomfort under armpits. I cannot locate any swollen glands. I have been to the doctor and he didnt know what was wrong. I have been regularly monitoring my temperature, which is normal. The pain is a dull ache, and I feel throbbing and pulsating in the nodes under my jaw. Today I have a very sore left side of neck, I dont know if it is more lymph pain or muscle pull.
Avatar_f_tn My left eye has recently began to feel puffy as if there is swelling Abdomen - swollen Ankle sprain swelling Breast - premenstrual tenderness and swelling Foot, leg, and ankle swelling Gums - swollen Joint swelling Mastoiditis - redness and swelling behind ear Scrotal swelling Swelling Foot swelling behind it, although I can't see any swelling Abdomen - swollen Ankle sprain swelling Breast - premenstrual tenderness and swelling Foot, leg, and ankle swelling Gums - swollen Joint swelling Mastoid
Avatar_f_tn I get a build up of wax in my left ear from it being so swollen and the jaw bone connecting to my ear is sore and swollen as well. Im being told by GP it's stress and I am grinding my teeth at night and clenching my jaw. I had a crown put in last year and all these problems have started after that although not sure if there is a connection ....
Avatar_m_tn Yesterday I woke up with my bottom right wisdom tooth sore and the tissue around it swollen. My right ear and scalp are also very sensitive to the touch. If either are touched or move, they hurt a lot. I also get what feels like ear ache pain on the right side whenever I swallow. Is a nerve being compressed or does this sound like an infection?
Avatar_n_tn Hi, i am 23, female and scared as hell. All began with swollen lymph node on under my left ear. Soon after noticing it i had extreme pain in my tonsils/throat and neck glands. I soon developed a fever. I was extremely tired and all i could do was sleep, i also had pains in both my left and right side abdomen under my ribs. I became breathless and started to get alot of clear mucus come up. Since being bed ridden, i still have ongoing symptoms.
Avatar_n_tn I am a 30-years-old male. I have swollen lymph nodes on both sides of my neck, which an ultrasound scan determined are sub-centimetric and hyperplastic, "with non-specific structure". I also feel a submandibular one, which however wasn't scanned because I had not noticed it yet at the time I took the scan (and my doctor can't feel it).
Avatar_m_tn Two weeks after the biopsy my glands started swelling up and the feeling behind my ears (not in the ears, as a ear ache) had this dull ache swelling feeling... The swelling would come and go.... If I talked to much my throat, vocal cords seem tired... (Did you ever go to a game and scream in excitement for the team and you throat would get tired... Not a soar throat, just wore out kind a like... I don't know how else to describe any better) Then I started having the heart palpitations...
Avatar_n_tn Specifically, my right ear and sometimes jaw ache and it feels as if I have fluid buildup. My hearing is not impacted, aside from the strange sounds I hear every evening. I hear popping, crackling, and my blood pulsing through my ear canal in a heartbeat rhythm. I don't have allergies, asthma, diabetes, sinus, or any other possible causes. I associate this "ear thing" with an oral surgery to remove four wisdom teeth two years ago.
Avatar_m_tn Ever since my wisdom tooth got infected two weeks ago I have had a sore throat that has not gone away. I also have what appears to be a very slight bulge (swollen lymph node?) on my neck on the same side as my wisdom tooth infection...the bulge feels hard and painless, and can be mistaken for a muscle but I'm not sure because I don't know what lymph nodes are supposed to feel like. A week ago I went to the dentist and got screened for oral cancer.
Avatar_n_tn Done the gammit of allergy tests, ear docs, eye problems-floaters, ear aches from hell neck and jaw swollen all the time, headaches. reading all of these pages has actually given me some relief! I asked my doctor about the relationship of my ear face and neck pain and he says he's never heard of the relationship between bad teeth and all these symptoms. I have extremely painful teeth and am ready to have them all pulled. Can't afford it but willing to go through it some how.
Avatar_n_tn Since yesterday I've had a large swollen bump on the labia majora..it's very painful, it hurts to walk or sit. I've been putting warm cloth on it and it seemed to help with the swelling but it's still really painful. I don't really want to go to the doctor because I just don't have the money right now, and I feel like it would be a waste if it's something that I can take care of on my own. Anyone else ever experienced this before? What can I do to ease the pain?
Avatar_n_tn I have the same problem as this red swollen itchy eyelids. Don't have allergies like this. I do wear contacts--why would they cause this? I haven't been wearing the contacts for days now....
Avatar_n_tn ive also had slight ear ache and pressure sore heads.my face feels swollen and im finding it hard to eat.when i press the both sides of my mouth (top and bottom) the pain gets sorer.im worried this could be arthritis or something more serious?any ideas? i had an operation a few years ago to get 3 teeth out and was told my wisdom teeth could come in earlier than expected but not sure if this is what it could be.
Avatar_f_tn I had pain with the last one, but nothing like this... I have headache, ear ache, sore throat, achey limbs, and the thing that's worrying me the most is I'm suffering with night sweats... Is this normal??
Avatar_n_tn My left upper molar #14 started hurting a couple years ago, no one knew why, I had a root canal, it hurt very bad after that so I had it extracted. My gums itch in that area, they are sometimes red and swollen around the tooth behind the extraction area. My bite on that side is also WAY off. Can't chew on thay side, mu upper left teeth are very sensitive. Sometimes they ache. I also have ear pain and a sore feeling on the left side of my face. Is this TMJ or some other problem?
Avatar_n_tn I took the partial out and put it in solution to soak. Almost immediately the pain subsided and stopped, my ear ache stopped, I can move my tongue and it no longer burns. There is soreness, but more like that from bruising. To be frank, I am unsure whether I even want to try all this again.
Avatar_f_tn For the past year my symptoms have gone from mild to severe! It started off with light muscle twitching on my lower left jaw and i felt this area was quite swollen - then my gums have been slightly swollen and sore like pounding,pulsating!
Avatar_m_tn Now over 4 months later I have a lump come up on the bone behind my ear it's saw but very solid and I have had neck ache constant for about 2 months and a head ache all I want to know is should I test and is tonsillitis a early sign of primary infection. I promise I'll take the answers and never post again Thanks.
Avatar_m_tn If this lymph node on right is bigger than left does it mean that its swollen or its just bigger? 3. I had swollen gums(left) because of wisdom tooth before 4 mmonths the infection spread to throat and was treated by antibiotics my dentist said my wisdom tooth were crooked and needed removal which i have not done yet. One month after that i had sore throat again. I have ear pressure in the right ear i cant pop my ear open completely.
Avatar_f_tn Over the next month, everything became much worse. My face and gums ( top and bottom) became hurt and swollen. I could not sleep at night. I got an ear infection. At this time I decided that perhaps it really was not my tooth and I scheduled a Dr. appointment. In the meantime, I began treating myself by taken 4,000 mg or more Vitamin C per day and swallowing between 3 and 6 garlic cloves depending on how sick I felt.
Avatar_n_tn I was already given some AMOXICILLIN 500MG to take and started to take imidatly, however it is now tuesday and my face has been swollen and the gums near the tooth is all puffy and sore like i have thousands of mouth ulsers. i am getting worried as it really hurts. I have stopped taking the IBUPROFEN as i read this could cause face swelling. Please help, is this a rare thing that can happen after root canal?
Avatar_m_tn Sometimes also the right tonsil and the lymph nodes on the neck are swollen and painful. It feels as if pain was located along a line going from the ear (the ear itself also sometimes aching), through the teeth (and there it seems to concentrate) to the tonsil and neck lymph nodes. The lower teeth also ache sometimes. The right tonsil had actually got a little bigger after a serious infection I had about a year ago, before my teeth started to ache.
Avatar_m_tn And then two days after, I developed a sore throat and chills and fever and body ache and there was a swollen lymph node right behind my ear. I had sort of blisters on my lips and my gums were kind of rough. We went to the hospital and I was given paracetamol, and co-amoxiclav which is an antibiotic.