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Avatar f tn its fdae8f4'>ine to have swollen feet at the end of the day but wakdae8f4'>ing up with swollen feet is not good as far as i kmow...
Avatar m tn i know this is an old postdae8f4'>ing, but i just began havdae8f4'>ing this problem about 4 days go.. Each morndae8f4'>ing, i've been <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> to a <mh_hilight>swollenmh_hilight> left <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight>. Just like you, it goes down slightly throughout the day but each morndae8f4'>ing i awaken, it's big agadae8f4'>in.. it doesn't really irritate me or anythdae8f4'>ing. At times, dae8f4'>my eye is sensitive to light though. i have scheduled an appodae8f4'>intment with the Ear Nose &amp; throat Doctor and dae8f4'>my eye doctor.. Hopefully, i'll fdae8f4'>ind somethdae8f4'>ing out.
Avatar f tn Hi to all. i came across this forum over the weekend <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> with <mh_hilight>swollenmh_hilight> puffy eyes and no reason as to why?!! i don't have any answers to the problem as such but dae8f4'>my symptoms sound very similar to all the posts on here, puffy, red, burnung sensation and very tight skdae8f4'>in. i have done a great deal of research but alas no firm answers. i thdae8f4'>ink mdae8f4'>ine is an allergic reaction to Nickel (Allergy contact dermatitis) but i am yet to prove this, dae8f4'>my doctor has just put me on Cetrizdae8f4'>ine.
Avatar m tn dae8f4'>my case is different from yours dae8f4'>in that i have also been recently diagnosed with anterior uveitis. it cledae8f4'>ared <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> a few weeks of pred forte <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight> drops, but now this complication has arisen. Eye doc was stumped and referred me to an dae8f4'>inflammation specialist at a nearby university hospital. Unfortunately, they cannot see me for 5 weeks, so i guess i just have to try not to perseverate on this...easier said than done!
Avatar f tn but if i use double pillow, its not that much <mh_hilight>swollenmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight>. agadae8f4'>in if i sleep on left lateral side dae8f4'>my left <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight> becomes more and more swollen.swollen eyes dae8f4'>are aesthetically very bad lookdae8f4'>ing. i am sufferdae8f4'>ing a lot because of this.i don't have blurred vision or so but i wear spectacles and dae8f4'>my power is -0.50. what is possible cause of these and what should i do now?
Avatar n tn As i was <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> this morndae8f4'>ing i rubbed dae8f4'>my <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight> and realized it was tender. when i got to a mirror, i saw that dae8f4'>my eye lid is swollen, mostly on the dae8f4'>inner corner. Shortly after, it started waterdae8f4'>ing very heavily and itchdae8f4'>ing. i flushed it with cool water and a cotton ball, though that gave me a bit of relief to the itchdae8f4'>ing, still swollen and is still very low grade dull padae8f4'>in.
Avatar n tn i had this when i was a kid. i ended <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> not able to open dae8f4'>my eyes, because all the goo was stickdae8f4'>ing the eyelashes together. So, you may even need to have someone brdae8f4'>ing you a cool wash cloth every time you wake up, so you can open your eyes. dae8f4'>always get a clean wash cloth each time and don't let anyone else use the washcloth. it should go dae8f4'>in the laundry immediately after use.
Avatar f tn i am <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> with a new symptom - very mdae8f4'>inor crustdae8f4'>iness dae8f4'>in the <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight>. Other than that, the dae8f4'>inner part of dae8f4'>my eye does not seem to be affected. Can you shed some light on to what might be the problem? i never bought dae8f4'>into the sdae8f4'>inus dae8f4'>infection and thought all along i needed to see an opthomologist! Thanks for your help!
Avatar n tn i slept last night dae8f4'>in dae8f4'>my stressless chair <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> dae8f4'>in padae8f4'>in at 2 dae8f4'>in the morndae8f4'>ing. i had gone out to eat late last night and felt dae8f4'>internally like i knew it would be a bad night. dae8f4'>in makes thdae8f4'>ink it is some how food related.
Avatar n tn Not only this, but also a blood vessel had broken on dae8f4'>my actual <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight>. i immediately assumed it to be from throwdae8f4'>ing <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> and the pressure, but now, 24 hours <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> wakdae8f4'>ing with the swollen eyes and eyelids, i woke to them slightly even more swollen. i'm not a baby about doctors and weird health conditions at all, but this is seriously freakdae8f4'>ing me out. it also went from madae8f4'>inly just dae8f4'>my top eyelids bedae8f4'>ing swollen to also dae8f4'>my bottom. i hear thdae8f4'>ings to do: hot compresses, cold compresses, this and that...
Avatar f tn i am 22 years old and recently came down with dae8f4'>my first case of shdae8f4'>ingles on dae8f4'>my upper back on dae8f4'>my right shoulder blade, which spread slightly to dae8f4'>my right side of dae8f4'>my chest. i had it for a week before i figured out what it was. So i was extremly cautious and did not touch it except to clean it with apple cider vdae8f4'>iniger and put an anti itch cream on it.
86664 tn?1291561395 Hi Everyone, i've been experiencdae8f4'>ing swollen ankles, dae8f4'>my left one more swollen than dae8f4'>my right one, even if i don't stand for a long time. They're even <mh_hilight>swollenmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> bedae8f4'>ing dae8f4'>in bed all night. i'm athletic, fit and not overweight. i have two questions: 1) is the edema a sign that HCV is progressdae8f4'>ing? and 2) can liver ultrasounds reveal mild fibrosis? dae8f4'>my stats: 53, female, geno 1 VL 11 million dae8f4'>infected 25 years/blood transf &amp; frequently symptomatic (fever, swollen glands, fatigue, weak, etc.
Avatar n tn one morndae8f4'>ing i woke up and could bdae8f4'>arely swallow bc dae8f4'>my tongue was so <mh_hilight>swollenmh_hilight>. it ended <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> godae8f4'>ing down on its own <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> a long period of hours. all of that happened last week. now, i have just awakend to a swollen upper lip. i dont know how much more of this BS i can take. i dont understand whats godae8f4'>ing on with me.
Avatar f tn it goes away <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> about an hour <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight>, but does sometimes return toward the end of the day (perhaps it is related to havdae8f4'>ing tired eyes?) i have been to dae8f4'>my eye doc 4 times dae8f4'>in the last two months trydae8f4'>ing to figure out how to fix this problem. He seems to thdae8f4'>ink it is allergy related and has put me on Lotemax on two separate occassions with some relief, but once i stop the drops i am back at squdae8f4'>are one.
Avatar m tn most of the time i will stay awake for <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> to 3days and then sleep 2hrs <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> with nightmdae8f4'>ares .. lets just say it sucks and it seems the more you stress out the worst thdae8f4'>ings seem to get.. stress like shock (when dae8f4'>in a accident) is basically like a poison that can affect you dae8f4'>in all sorts of ways and i know me saydae8f4'>ing to you try not to stress is like saydae8f4'>ing try flydae8f4'>ing just jump out the wdae8f4'>indow but here it is anyway,, try not to stress to much ..
Avatar f tn i am 22 years old and recently came down with dae8f4'>my first case of shdae8f4'>ingles on dae8f4'>my upper back on dae8f4'>my right shoulder blade, which spread slightly to dae8f4'>my right side of dae8f4'>my chest. i had it for a week before i figured out what it was. So i was extremly cautious and did not touch it except to clean it with apple cider vdae8f4'>iniger and put an anti itch cream on it.
Avatar n tn Even <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> just <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> from deep sleep, dae8f4'>my left <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight> feels tired. it feels like the optic nerve to left eye is stressed out. There is some vision flicker dae8f4'>in left eye. Opthalmologist examdae8f4'>ined it thoroughly and has assured me there is nothdae8f4'>ing wrong with dae8f4'>my eye that he could see (he's 71 and has tons of experience). However, the problem may lie where he can't see - namely the optic nerve. Would an mRi of the bradae8f4'>in be dae8f4'>in order? What do you thdae8f4'>ink is godae8f4'>ing on?
Avatar f tn Before this about 6 months i had a wierd noise dae8f4'>in dae8f4'>my ear went to the doctor and was told sometime it was normal. Not to worry! Boy was she wrong?? So as you could imagdae8f4'>ine <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> not bedae8f4'>ing able to see i rushed to the doctor!! Once there they told me they though i was godae8f4'>ing to have a stroke and rushed me to get a CT scan that day. The next morndae8f4'>ing i was called back to the office, only to be told it was negative and they could fdae8f4'>ind nothdae8f4'>ing wrong.
325477 tn?1250554909 Sometimes i get the hot flashes...horrible. Other than that, gettdae8f4'>ing <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> laydae8f4'>ing/seatdae8f4'>ing is extremely hard, i get so much pressure on dae8f4'>my pelvic and also i get quiet a lot of Braxton Hicks...thank god they go away after a while! i went to the classes and found them very useful. Still have a tour and breastfeeddae8f4'>ing class to attend. Need to take cdae8f4'>are of a bag to the hospital one of these days.
Avatar n tn Padae8f4'>in dae8f4'>in feet and lower legs, especially dae8f4'>in the morndae8f4'>ing after wakdae8f4'>ing up.
Avatar n tn dae8f4'>swelldae8f4'>ing on the left side of dae8f4'>my head's back (lower part of the scalp), i can't feel a similar dae8f4'>swelldae8f4'>ing on the right side so i assume it's not a bone - loud jaw clickdae8f4'>ing (from the left of dae8f4'>my jaw), especially <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight>, and for a week or so, dae8f4'>inability to open dae8f4'>my jaw completely - clickdae8f4'>ing of most articulations - mild padae8f4'>in that comes and goes dae8f4'>in various parts of dae8f4'>my limbs; the hands, dae8f4'>in particular, often give me strange sensations - mild padae8f4'>in at the left side of dae8f4'>my jaw, sometimes when breathdae8f4'>in
Avatar m tn dae8f4'>my baby is 17 months old and for the past 6 months she has had facial dae8f4'>swelldae8f4'>ing <mh_hilight>aftermh_hilight> <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> from asleep. This does not occur every day, but hit or miss (sometimes a week straight, sometimes once a week). We have been to every pediatrician and allergy specialist dae8f4'>in our dae8f4'>area without any diagnosis for her condition. All blood test come back "good" from what we dae8f4'>are told. No genetic history of diseases on either side of families.
Avatar f tn i want to get a good nigh's sleep without <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> 3 or 4 times not able to get back to sleep or covered dae8f4'>in sweat. i am sick and tired of bedae8f4'>ing sick and tired all the time!!! And i am sure you feel the same way. Keep me posted on what you fdae8f4'>ind out about your condition. Take cdae8f4'>are!
Avatar f tn its been 4 months and i am still not well-at all. i have dizzeness, severe headaches and padae8f4'>in, and dae8f4'>always feel like im under water or dae8f4'>in a fog. Oh ya i stammer a lot and have memory loss and am so very tired and just wiped out. Sometimes i dont see thdae8f4'>ings right. when will this all end? Can someone tell me what kdae8f4'>ind of meds works best for the padae8f4'>in dae8f4'>in the head. i tried Vicoddae8f4'>in but got tired of bedae8f4'>ing nausea, Then i was on Butalbital and that was worse-didnt help the padae8f4'>in.
Avatar f tn im sorry for not gettdae8f4'>ing back to all of you i had a bad week. i was referred to a new Dr as mdae8f4'>ine was retirdae8f4'>ing and this Dr doesnt believe dae8f4'>in Narcotics so i was taken off the vicoddae8f4'>in--cold turkey. this Dr would not even give me enough to taper off. The only thdae8f4'>ing that works for the padae8f4'>in but what was worse was the withdrawls for 3 days. Needless to say i am seedae8f4'>ing a new Dr this week.
Avatar f tn Hey~ i feel your padae8f4'>in. Last year i woke <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> with this SEVERE <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight> dae8f4'>infection... dae8f4'>my entire face was <mh_hilight>swollenmh_hilight>. They told me (dae8f4'>initially) that it was just pdae8f4'>inkeye, and gave me drops. The drops DiD NOT help. This went on for over three months. Every time i thought the dae8f4'>infection was godae8f4'>ing away, it would come back with a vengeance. After the "pdae8f4'>inkeye" fdae8f4'>inally cledae8f4'>ared up, it had caused permanent damage. i no longer produce dae8f4'>my own tears... it hurts especially bad dae8f4'>in the morndae8f4'>ings and at night.
Avatar n tn dae8f4'>my ophthalmologist said it was because of an irritation, excessive rubbdae8f4'>ing or dae8f4'>in dae8f4'>my case i wear disposable extended wear lenses and while i was sleepdae8f4'>ing it probably irritated dae8f4'>my <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight>. The bubble dae8f4'>in dae8f4'>my <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight> either popped or went down and now the corner of dae8f4'>my <mh_hilight>eyemh_hilight> is just blood shot and a little irritated-itchy. dae8f4'>my doctor said to just leave it aloneā€¦ hope this helps. i know it is a little creepy but at least it goes away eventually!
Avatar m tn Hello, i am writdae8f4'>ing a book and a character ends up gettdae8f4'>ing choked (the dae8f4'>intention is to kill) and ends <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> fadae8f4'>intdae8f4'>ing and <mh_hilight>wakdae8f4'>ingmh_hilight> <mh_hilight>upmh_hilight> 4 hours later. i was wonderdae8f4'>ing what would the symptoms be? (Sorry if i'm bedae8f4'>ing offenses, please tell me if i am. So sorry but i can't fdae8f4'>ind dae8f4'>info anywhere else.