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As time progressed both my feet, ankles, and legs midway of my thighs were very swollen. I could not flex my ankles. Pushing or pulling, like a lawnmower would bring sharp pain up my left leg. I have iced the areas, taken Epsom salt baths, and ibuprofen and aspirin for the inflammation and pain. I have also tried to stay off my feet and elevated them.
Well now where that red is its puffy as well but stops at my ankles. My ankles and feet aren't swollen but do feel warm. What is going on now?
I finished my last chemo treatment one week ago. My ankles and feet are swollen and my toe nails are bothering me, they are sore. Is this anything to be concerned about in your opinion or just a new side effect of the treatments?
it actually brings down swelling... footbath with epsom salt helps too if you wanna try that... keep ur feet elevated and if you areable to.. massage them. Icant think of an alternate way of getting things ready for tge baby besides walking.. lol.. I guess do a little here and there and then rest and resume and rest.. I have been doinh this as well. Actually I have been trying to clean my room for the last two hours..
Try soaking your feet in Epsom salt bath. Worked.for.me.
However, since then BOTH of my feet and ankles have been swollen most all of the time (sometimes severely). The weird part is that I've noticed that whenever I'm on antibiotics for any unrelated illness, my feet and ankles do not swell. I've mentioned this to several doctors who all say that it can't have anything to do with it. But, I just think it is very odd that it never fails. Has anyone else ever noticed this?
I'm calling my doctor today because I finished up the medicine she gave me and I'm still very swollen, the sensitivity went away but obviously having a swollen clitoris and inner labia isn't comfortable! I will ask her about that. However, for it's not the hood that really swollen, it's my inner labia. But my clitorus does feel very hard underneath the hood like you mentioned. As if it was eroused and stayed that way. My doesn't feel sore to touch but it doesn't feel normal either.
today i have cankles.. my ankles are so swollen that it hurts.. :( think i may soak them in a bucket of cold water..
I'm 38 weeks today and for the last 3 days my ankles and feet have been so swollen its hard to wear my shoes. I haven't had ANY swelling the entire pregnancy so this is a first for me. Is it just because I'm so close to the end or is this something to be concerned about? I'm still working 45+ hours a week and on my feet a lot...
Try soaking them in Epsom salt I heard it's supposed to help
She could get compression stockings to wear during the day. Soaking the feet in water with Epsom salt may also help. If she has any other symptoms, like fatigue, racing heart, jaundice, she should probably see a doctor. Goodluck!
but I have that problem and I have stopped eating bread for a while and I am taking Epsom salt, (I make my own capsules) and vein circulation capsules. My stomach is much better and has gone down, however I am still having problems with constipation and leg cramps. I plan on changing my diet and rule out things, before I go to the doctor.
Every day since I have had tingling in my feet and sometimes I look at them and there purple. My ankles aren't swelling just my feet. I've been doing epsom salt baths every night in my foot spa with massage. I've also had pain in my fingers when I bend them the joints hurt. I think I'm gonna call my Dr tomorrow. I've been keeping my feet elevated any time I am sitting. I'm so glad that Friday was my last shift at the bar I guess I timed that just right.
I noticed last Thursday my toes hurt to bend and when I took my flip flops off I noticed that I had marks on my feet from the straps. I soaked my feet in an Epsom salt bath and went to bed. By morning my feet were fine and I noticed that when I put my flip flops back on they were loose but about two hours later they were tight on my feet and my feet were tingling. Every day since I have had tingling in my feet and sometimes I look at them and there purple.
soaking your feet in epsom salt & warm water for 15-20 minutes a few times a week can help reduce the swelling.
I know turmeric (a spice, common in Indian food) is supposed to be a good natural anti-inflammatory. I've read others here post about epsom salt baths, which I should really try. My only hesitation is my heat intolerance and previous experience of trouble getting out of the tub! Perhaps I should try foot bath, for starters :) mrs_k75, Lyme arthritis can also cause significant, even massive effusion (build up of abnormal joint fluid), most famously in the knees.
I put peppermint lotion on my legs and feet and it helps and I soak in hot baths with epsom salt. Good Luck and God Bless. Let me know how you are doing.
Symptoms are Extreme and constant and ceaseless end your life type of pain, exhaustion so bad it hurts, the GI problems, nausea and vomiting, joint pain, neuro and myelopathy symtoms, sweating, sebaceouus hyperplasia, MRSA in a sebaceous gland that recurrs, tremors, twithces, clonus, osteopenia/soft bones/teeth, pronate ankles, dark urine, elevated liver enzymes, positive ANA, swollen lymph nodes. The all time horror as my friend just died of lymphoma with symtoms similar to mine.
I dont quite understand it and my daughter now being 12 is really having a hard time understanding whats wrong with her when the doctors dont have the slightest idea what causes it and they say its not genetic but me too at her age had all symptoms except for the red bruising spots that appeared to spread from her ankles to her buttocks when she finished a hot epsom salt bath it made it worse.
Have you ever tried soaking in a warm tub, with about a cupful of epsom salt? Epsom salt tends to pull excess moisture from your tissues. Again, best to check with your doctor, but I find, sometimes that soaking my feet or hands in epsom salt, reduces swelling; we replaced my bathtub with a shower stall, so I no longer have the option of soaking my whole body.
I have shooting pains in my hands, knees, ankles. My skin itches. Now I have a sore throat and earache. I'm drained and stressed and have been crying all morning. I'm a single mom with a 14 year old son. My son lost his dad when he was 8 years old, to lung cancer. Seeing me ill is really frightening for him so I'm also trying not to "act sick" much of the time.
A month ago after work I came home and had a hot Epsom salt bath like I usually do and bam! The veins from knees down looked like the hulk. They did not hurt at the time so I put them up, put on my compression sock for running and tried to go to sleep. They kept me up all night with twitching and electrical shocks so I went to the ER the next day. They looked for a clot, there was none so they sent me home.
I couldn't get out of my work clothes the other night, fast enough, to jump in a bath tub of warm water with Epsom salt. When I was driving home, I was in all kinds of positions behind the wheel. I was very aggitated and couldn't sit still. I don't know what that is or what is causing it. Any ideas from anyone?
Switched her to Zyrtec after reading about it here, and will try some other remedies mentioned here too. She is soaking in an Epsom Salt bath now, and will try the sea salt bath too. How much sea salt to put in the bath?
Nothing has helped. Now my ankles have swollen so I can't see my ankle bones and my legs feel heavy and swollen and they are still very tender like bruised all over. I have been trying to find a clue online and have come up with maybe the possibility of a thyroid condition. Without health insurance yet, I have limited $ to spend trying to find the right doctor. I am going to try to find an endocrinologist though asap to see if *** could be a thyroid thing.
By this time my hands are burnng hot and swollen to more than twice their size lasting into the next day. Very hot water helps. You'll know how hot. Then a freezer bag filled with ice. Thats all I can help with. I'm still searching the web.
Saturate it with ice cold water and liberally sprinkle it with ordinary iodized table salt. Place the pad on the infected are (salt side down) and hold it in place with a bandage. Note: I use a piece of stretchy material held together by velcro. This method reduces the itch and salt (being a natural disinfectant) causes it to heal up.
Thank you, I tried magnesium ,it make the nerve pain worst , I can't even take Epsom salt baths as I have severe burning everywhere ,and I mean even in that sensitive area both sides so Epsom bathes makes it worst, question is the symptoms from Lymes are they just sensations ? Just messages coming from the brain and spinal cord like mixed signals/messages? OR it causes real physical/medical symptoms, like inflammation that can be detected from blood work, etc....
I thought I'd let everyone know that I've been soaking my hands in warm to hot salt water (table salt or Epsom salt) this week for about 10-15 min. The first time felt really strange. At night, I've been trying to keep medical gloves on my hands with neosporin, or a generic triple antibiotic ointment, while I sleep. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and take them off, however, due to how the gloves seem to interrupt my sleep on some level.
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