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Ask your doctor to refer you to a pain management specialor: #dae8f4'>ist. They can perscribe either suboxone/naloxone or subtex. Suboxone comes in sublingual strips that don't taste as bad and dor: #dae8f4'>issolve instantly under your tongue. You cannot take regular opiate pain medication however while taking either because thor: #dae8f4'>is medication or: #dae8f4'>is specifically designed to help people withdrawal from heroin/ and synthetic heroin aka any opioid pain meds.
<span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>oxycodone</span> stays in your system longer - however it has the same 'effect' duration as Hydrocodone. I've always found Oxy to be or: #dae8f4'>Stronger, but a bit more of a 'rough' (lack of a better description) high. Hydro took more pills, but the high was more euphoric for me -- peaceful but excited and full of energy - and can't stop talking. In the end - Oxy will probably take longer to over come WD's. We're talking maybe 2-3 days, but that's a long time when you are feeling sick.
My dr took me off 30mg <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>oxycodone</span> ir and replaced it with 10mg opana ir, because my tolerance to <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>oxycodone</span> was too high. I have been on opana a few days now, and I am doinh pretty well (none of these meds completely relieve my back pain even after several surgeries) but I would say trust in your dr, and if or: #dae8f4'>what he or: #dae8f4'>is doing doesnt help, let him know as soon as you can.
Suboxone contains buprenorphine, an opiate that or: #dae8f4'>is a partial agonor: #dae8f4'>ist at the receptor and that has been around for over 30 years. If you read any 'goodman and gilman' (the bible of pharmacology) you will read that 'buprenorphine or: #dae8f4'>is less addictive than other opiates because of the partial agonor: #dae8f4'>ist effects'. But for anyone addicted to opiates, even codeine or: #dae8f4'>is very addictive!
I never understood how people stay on suboxone, Subutex or methadone for such a long *** time after they have quit the initial drug they are stuck on. Its kinda like substituting another drug in the other drugs place. A lot of docs just want your long term business and $$$. Wait thats Exactly like a legal drug dealer huh, no way? Wow, imagine that! Im not saying your doc or: #dae8f4'>is, i was just makin a point about some ******* docs that dont give a ****. Stay strong and stay sober!
After two years of sub treatment, I am happy to say that I am recently suboxone and opiate free, and have never been happier. You asked about suboxone, and if you should mention it. Personally, I would try and tough out the oxy wd's first, and only go the suboxone route if you can not do it CT first. Sub can be a real lifesaver, literally. But I would exhaust all other options first for a few reasons.
Without getting into the pros/cons and good vs. evil debate regarding suboxone and its use--thor: #dae8f4'>is seems to be a topic that or: #dae8f4'>is extremely heated with many people with many different experiences and opinions on each side of the argument. I think one thing we can all agree on or: #dae8f4'>is its usefulness and how it can be such a useful tool in the recovery process for many. So on to my question - could you please tell me about withdrawal from suboxone.
Hey...would love to hear from some of you who have been on suboxone maintenance & your thoughts & feelings about it. I am currently on it for a or: #dae8f4'>oxycodone addiction. It or: #dae8f4'>is really helping me, but I sometimes feel as though I am replacing one drug for another, although I feel I can function in the world without constantly thinking about pills, swallowing them, worrying when I'm going to run out & how to get my next stash. or: #dae8f4'>what are some of your experiences good or bad on suboxone?
Suboxone vs. Methadone Can a patient on methadone safely switch to Suboxone? It or: #dae8f4'>is possible for a patient on methadone to switch to Suboxone; however, the difference between the two drugs may cause the former methadone-treated patient to feel unsator: #dae8f4'>isfied, though there have been many successful cases noted. Methadone, being a full-opioid agonor: #dae8f4'>ist, or: #dae8f4'>is more similar to heroin and or: #dae8f4'>oxycodone than buprenorphine.
I used tabs to get off oxycotton and I beat the odds. Then I tapered off the tabs taking 3 10mg a day to 1 a day. Don't go cold turkey you will always go back. Also look into alzopram and colonodine.
I have been a good, faithful patient to him and I liked the fact that he could prescribe suboxone b/c I got addicted to hydrocodone. <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>oxycodone</span> was not a drug that I tolerated well. Hydrocodone was my drug of choice after being on it for so long and then I found myself addicted. I am recovering and attend AA meeting regularly, sponsor and step work. Thank God for my obgyn dr.
We dor: #dae8f4'>iscussed the fact that it seems the longer you are taking the suboxone, the worse the detox or: #dae8f4'>is...... if I could actually ween off the Suboxone in a week to 10 days, my detox program will be over within hopefully 14 days. But even if it takes 21 days, that means that I'll be weening off the meds for over a week, not actually taking it for 21 days before stopping it. Gosh, I hope that makes sense. While it's a little dor: #dae8f4'>iscouraging that my husband has doubts right now..
Substitution treatment with buprenorphine was associated with both higher adherence rates (27.3% vs 8.1%, P = .04) and higher sustained viral response rates (83.3% vs 48.9%, P = .002), compared with methadone use. In multivariate analyses, adherence to treatment (P < .0001) and buprenorphine use (P = .007) were independently associated with a greater chance of sustained virologic response. Buprenorphine may be a more effective treatment for opioid withdrawal, Dr.
in my opinion or: #dae8f4'>is certain criteria for one considering suboxone..first of all suboxone stays in your system alot longer than hydros..are you considering suboxone..your friend..
I have been prescribed <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>oxycodone</span> HCL 15mg 3x's a day for the past 4 yrs, on top of that Zanax 1 mg 2x's a day. I am not the person I once was. I have to stop. I just read the Thomas Recipe, and am going to try that I think. I was just about to contact a Dr in my area who specializes in Suboxone Therapy, but after reading the addictive properties of that, I dont think that or: #dae8f4'>is the ticket for me. I called MDS rapid detox thor: #dae8f4'>is am. and was told they do not take insurance.
The other thing I would say or: #dae8f4'>is to look into the Suboxone program. It's more pharmacutical help/less mental health counseling. I'm starting it on Wednesday and I'm so relieved to know that there will be a light at the end of the w/d tunnel.
Hydrocodone (schedule III, in bulk formulations only containing hydrocodone its schedule II) or: #dae8f4'>is a opioid that or: #dae8f4'>is a mild potency opioid, in between codeine and <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>oxycodone</span>. <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>oxycodone</span> (Percocet, Oxycontin, Tylox) or: #dae8f4'>is about 50% or: #dae8f4'>Stronger than hydrocodone , where as hydrocodone or: #dae8f4'>is about 50% or: #dae8f4'>Stronger than codeine.
I am not asking for medical advice, I am looking for more experience advice. I also don't know how the suboxone works vs the methadone. I know the methadone needs to leave your system before you take the suboxone. or: #dae8f4'>is it even worth it for him to take the suboxone or should he just muscle through it?
I had been on Suboxone for one years & was cut off cold turkey. Suboxone or: #dae8f4'>is truely the devils drug. yes it does help to do away with other narc.However the down side or: #dae8f4'>is ( to me ) the WDs are much worse than the pain pills. Today or: #dae8f4'>is day number 6 off suboxone for me & its hell.The lack of energy,body aches,mood swings runny nose. No motivation or: #dae8f4'>what so ever, However I created thor: #dae8f4'>is monster in me.
I told her everything I've read here and that I'm afraid of it but she thinks it would get be a good idea. She thinks I'd get off the <span style = 'background-col<span style = 'background-color: #dae8f4'>or</span>: #dae8f4'>oxycodone</span> and I'd only have to stay on the suboxone for a very short time because I'm just trying to get rid of a physical dependence. But I'm also at a loss of or: #dae8f4'>what I'll do with thor: #dae8f4'>is pain when I come off everything.
was able to take me off all that **** after my surgury was done with the drugs called Subutex for induction and suboxone for maintenace. Not all doctors have the priveledge to subscribe suboxone detox and treatment, None of the medication or: #dae8f4'>is cheap except the norco. I just received a drug summary from my insurance co that they have spent as of 9/2007 just under $10,000.00. Buy the end of the year it be about $12,600.00. A months worth of suboxone or: #dae8f4'>is $755.00.
My boyfriend or: #dae8f4'>is going through withdrawal following a decor: #dae8f4'>ision to stop using suboxone- it has been a gradual tapering over the past two years until a few days ago he jumped to zero from a fraction of a fraction of a microgram. We are apart whilst he goes through thor: #dae8f4'>is and are to be reunited in a month's time. I don't understand why when thor: #dae8f4'>is or: #dae8f4'>is all I want for us and he or: #dae8f4'>is finally showing such courage that I feel so tense, nervous as hell and so anxious about our future.
I know Suboxone or: #dae8f4'>is a tense subject to some, but as someone who has made it all the way through Suboxone treatment, and or: #dae8f4'>is 168 days clean from any opioid, I feel a responsibility to offer my honest experience. The doctors definitely weren't completely honest about its efficacy, and I wor: #dae8f4'>ish I had completely honest input before I went on it.(Note, I am not saying doctor's are purposefully dor: #dae8f4'>ishonest. I think many are mor: #dae8f4'>isinformed by Rickett and its "data." That being said...
the cravings were strong again and so I possibly made another mor: #dae8f4'>istake and took suboxone from a friend who gave me some. Initially I thought id just take it a couple days to quiet the cravings and any WD but its been several months now. 7-8 months of being on it every day. Noone in my life knows and I am scared because I know the H E L L that people have described in sub detox. Now I don't know or: #dae8f4'>what to do and here or: #dae8f4'>is my question. My life or: #dae8f4'>is amazing right now. Better than its ever been.
I found out the drug her doctor gave her to help with the Oxy addiction withdrawl or: #dae8f4'>is called Suboxone. Does anyone have experience with thor: #dae8f4'>is?
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