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Does anyone have an idea of what suboxone treatment would cost without any insurance? I plan to go this route when I move to Arizona. That's in a few weeks. Also is it hard to get in? Should I make my appointment now. Have tried a few offices and can't seem to get anywhere.
For both of my meds it cost me aroound $25 for both without health insurance. It really works. also have faith in God, he has been on my side.
Hi i was wandering sence i dont have insurance will the DR. help me by prescribing me the saboxin pills...I can pay cash...does anyone know..The nearest Dr to me is 100miles so I kinda wana know some info on what to do...Do I just give him a call and tell him my situation and ask for a APPT. plzz some one help me my drug use is outa hand and braking me every paycheck....Im hoping this pill will help me...
So I called the Pharmacy and they sold me 2 for $13.99..that is without insurance coverage. I heard that 30 pills were over $400.00 without insurance but mine were only $7.00/each.
I just got out of detox for herion and now got a perscription of suboxone but the problem is is that i dont have any insurance so i have a script of 60 suboxone that i cant even fill because i dont have there any free suboxone clinics i can go to to get this script filled untill i find a doctor that provides suboxone??
I just got a prescription for Suboxone. I found the dr. on The office visit was covered by insurance and only cost a copay of $35.00. I filled the prescription, again covered by insurance, which only cost $25.00. Go to the website and call around to all the dr.'s in your area to find the cheapest one.
The best thing about the gel is that they are all non-addictive, less drug on drug interaction and you can apply it directly to the source of your pain. If you dont have insurance to cover the cost then its probably not worth it because the bottles were $240, luckily all I had to pay was $10 co-pay. Now I havent heard of too many people that have used these gels, but it worked wonders for my pain.
By the way, how did you get your suboxone? how much did it cost? Did it keep the withdrawls 100% from happening or just a little help? I am VERY CURIOUS to this drug as well. I am too weak to quit cold turkey!
I will go to if I go that route will take me if I pay and not use my insurance because they already have their 100 insurance patients. Also, like Mar said, when you talk to them, ask if there is any other dr. nearby who offers sub. I hope it works out hun.
You operate the machine which has a key pad like your computer, You type what to show on the tag, mine says name and alert suboxone 32mg, It cost me $7.00 with the chain, it takes about 5 min and well worth it, Getting back to your ? as the sub is only a partial opiate antagonist. Not every receptor is occupied. The card states on the back that the average dose needs to be adjusted and anaesthesiologist know what to do.
The list goes on and on, but I think you understand my feelings on this drug. The cost is a lot with no insurance, like $7 a pop, but how much more can a pill addiction be anyway? Be as honest and upfront with your doc. They have heard it all before and it will help you to get your life straightened out. Good luck.
He was worried about me cause of my situation and my insurance would only pay for a 21 day in house rehab. How was I supposed to leave my husband and children for 3 weeks when he was the only one working at this time. That was not an option. Then Dr. F asked me about my income. He didn't care about the cost that he started me for 350.00 for the first month, 35.00 for the med and it will be 125.00 each additional month. I was so excited. However I took a vicodin this morning at 10 am.
keep in mind that suboxone is a long term treatment, it is not something you can walk away from without suffering great pain in my experience suboxone wd was harder than my actual drug of choice it actually took longer too but i wasnt ready to give up a chemical peace of mind, so it served its purpose, i am asuming you are on here for a family member, its really their choice how long they take the suboxone the problem i see with rehab doctors sending patients home with a suboxone prescription is
There's a wealth of information online as to the difference between Subutex and Suboxone. Without getting into all the information you can find pretty much anywhere, Suboxone contains naloxone along with the buprenorphine; Subutex does not.
Dr. Moe. First time visit. Will cost $120.00 a month to see him over$200.00 /mo. without insurance for meds $65.
The only thing I'm nervous about is the cost. I heard doctors who can prescribe you subs usually dont accept insurance and even if they do it is very costly!
I heard that now he wants to come home with suboxone which was part of the problem that led him to rehab in the first place. He had told me earler tho9ugh that he was going to be off it but now i am not so sure. The pscyhologist told him to get a dr to perscribe it but the only one in our area that does is a "pain management " doc that insurance doesnt cover and i heard doesnt care if a person stays on a highly addictive medication without it monitered.
And, go to Also, there is a suboxone assistance program.......that can help u with the cost.....and the meds would be free BUT good luck getting in there. The drs can only have 3 patients on it at a time...........and since every city has an piate abuse epidemic AND people without healthcare, it is next to impossible to get in.
There is a lot of info on the internet out there- read up on it, call your insurance company to find a suboxone clinic in your area that is covered by your insurance- talk to the doctors. Just know that the subs will get you off the hydrocodone- but then you will be hooked on the subs! That's why I felt worse- I am going to NA meetings and although I am off the pain pills I still didn't feel like I was drug free- and I wanted to be!
I know alot of the problems is cost,I have insurance,but still,anyway i spent 3 times this amount on street drugs,i wore out my prescriptions from all drs.of course,and the subs also beats running around sick trying to find vics,perc,oxy,s ect....It sounds like alot of people are really hard on themselves,trying to fast to get better,I happen to have a great dr thats working with me to get off of sub,s,so i am tapering,tapering.tapering,slow.
I am going to call doctors in the morning who prescribe suboxone to try and get him in. My question is 1) how expensive is suboxone if you don't have insurance (I'm sure less then buying OXY off the street at $80 a day) I was going to put him on my health insuance after the first of the year but can't live like we are for another month.
I took them regularly for about 3 years and I don't know if this is odd or not but when my insurance ran out and I could no longer afford my doctor visits and cost of medicine, I never suffered from anything more than my knees aching. As far as withdrawals, that was it for me with them (I don't know if loratab even will make you withdrawal or not). It has been several years since I had taken them regularly.
I would rather be taking suboxone than large doses of prescription pills or street drugs. I am not crazy about suboxone, but as someone that can't stop the other stuff without it, I recommend it. And I would disagree that you are trading one habit for a worse habit. Suboxone is not worse. And I have ran out of suboxone for week a couple times due to cost and such, and I didn't think the withdrawal was a problem at all. As a matter of fact, I don't think I even noticed it.
I have no insurance and right now I am buying 6 suboxone pills at the pharmacy from my perscription at 45.00$ I can only afford that many at one time. Hopefully I will only have to do this for 1 more week right now i am down to one a day. next week I am going to go down to 1/2 a day and then NONE!!!!!!! But some insurance plans do cover it.
so, I began my drug seeking behavior, looking for them anywhere I could find them, and paying whatever the cost...I couldn't function without them. Long story short, I have reached a point in my life where I cannot do this any longer...I just cannot. So, I went online and searched pain killer addiction and how to "ween yourself off". I found out about Suboxone. I am a single mother and am currently unemployed so there is just no way I can afford rehabilitation.
I am extremely grateful that my health insurance through my job covers my meds and my office visits. 90 2mg suboxone pills are around $500 i'm told, (which was my first persription). My insurance co-payment was $35. I hope that down the road my insurance provider doesn't decide to stop paying for it. From my experience, I think you'd be better off listening to your doctor and taking it all in the morning. I think this may be why you feel you are in withdrawl.
No one knows that i have been going to a methadone clinic for 9 months and i will not burden family/friends with my problem. Privacy laws do not allow insurance or doctors to discuss any info regarding you or your meds. Most methadone clinics now offer suboxone and will help you bill insurance. Notmenow/Noah knows a lot about insurance and suboxone. Hopefully, he'll check in soon. OH..NOAH.........
I've been checking around some of the Doctors here in my area and they all want anywhere from $800 to $1500 just to see them not including the Suboxone. Okay so like most of us that barely have any money have to struggle with the addiction. and want nothing more to get off of them. Unfortunately I have a job and can't do the detox thing.
) Though I don't live in Alabama I too explored this option without insurance, and for me at a few different Dr's offices, the office visit was $300.00 for the first visit, and that wasn't including prescriptions, on top of this every office visit after that was $100.00. When you get the prescription though I would recommend going to Walmart or somewhere big like that, Walgreens, and your 24 hour pharmacies were so much more expensive. Just some food for thought, hope this helps.
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