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“People come in with endocrine problems—thyroid dysfunction, low testosterone,” which kills sex drive, “and hair loss. Tooth loss with Suboxone,” which is orange-flavored and is usually dissolved under the tongue. Scanlan’s big concern: bupe’s 37-hour half-life, which makes the drug build up in the body when dosed every day. “Look at it this way,” he says. “If I maintained you on oxycodone, and every day I gave you one milligram more, you’d never complain, right?
Yep- been on that low of dose and suffered for much longer than weeks - everyone is different don't let that scare you- you may be fine real soon- but for me it lasted months even on super low dose - I was long term user - have been on and off opiates for years Libido- in beginning it never was an issue- then in last ten years everytime went on an opiate I lost all sex drive- it definitely comes back! I thought it never ever would!
Oh ya, after opiate abuse, he needs to have a full hormonal check up, 9/10th of the time he will have damage to his testosterone system and have LOW testosterone, resulting in low libido... That problem is easy to cure with a patch, gell, or shot....
I am worried that the Endo might dismiss the elevated prolactin, and like my primary doctor be confused on what FSH and LH should be when you have low testosterone (normal FSH and LH when you have very low testosterone is 'abnormally normal,' according to some well cited articles I've read. My symptoms are all of the traditional low T symptoms, including fatigue to the point where I am unable to stay awake all day even with a Nuvigil prescription (I also have sleep apnea).
Low testosterone causes low sex drive and erectile dysfunction. I give myself prscribed shot of testosterone twice a month which definitly brings back your sex drive but sex drive if you cant get an erection is probably worst that not having it, so I also take prescribed Viagra on occasion.Sounds like a hastle but put my performance and satisfaction to where it was when I was 25. That makes it worth it. Get testosterone levels checked. Simple blood test.
when it is time for me to come off suboxone, i will go as low and as slow as i can, no rush (and if it takes me months to do it properly, than i will), and i KNOW it will be nothing compared to methadone at all. there are plenty of success stories of people coming off long term maintenance of suboxone with mild discomfort...that i can do, this is attainable ... methadone i couldnt.
He will lie, steal and cheat. He will make your life miserable. He will take your money and your soul and will probably try to get you addicted too. If this is a new relationship, run like heII !!!
I learned that suboxone has two of the same side effects as vicodin, namely constipation and low libido (sex drive). I took my last dosage last saturday and have been very fatigued and lethargic since then, and today I got some of the the classic opioid withdrawals (diarrhea, stomach cramps, runny nose). I understand it will take a while to get back to normal, but I believe the drug has helped me.
I'm 6'4 and the dr tested all my endocrine levels because of my size and revealed that my testosterone level was really low. So went to a urologist. Because I was so young they wouldn't never routinly check that so it was a happy accident. Opiates taking daily lower your t levels and any other muscle organ in ur body. I.e. stomach, bladder... I take a supplement now and wanting sex is not a problem anymore.
I wasnt a codeine user, but the past 12 years have been prescription methadone and suboxone. My sex drive is WAY low, and I like you narla only did it cause I felt that it was my role. Im 35 days off the sub, and my desire is still in the pits. How long after opiate discontinuation does that desire return? Fortunatelly my guy understands, but its causing tension I can tell. Being only 28, this is a huge concern of mine.
Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence. Shoot forget this for me anyway I'm already on suboxone........enough opiod receptor antagonists for me.
i am having the same problem with my man.. he is also in methadone treatment for addiction to opiates.. he also has no sex drive and has weight gain, and i feel the same way u do i feel he is no longer attracted to me and it hurts. we use to have GREAT sex too.. now since he has been in methadone treartment it went sour.. And i too dont understand why this is happening.. i just wish it would go back to normal.. for my self esteem, it has went down drastically, because of this.
I hate hospitals-but I knew I either go or the dehydration from vomiting,the horrible pain, the hallucinations, the hot and cold sweats, the rapid and high blood pressure, the shallow breathing, and no sleep for 72 hrs, were going to kill me!!!(THEY GAVE ME A STRONG SHOT OF VALIUM AT THE HOSPITAL, AND THAT didn't phase me )It took four shots of valium,five shots of vomiting medicine(within 6 hrs) to just ease the symptoms. I lost ten lbs. in 48 hrs.
Chronic use of any opiate, including Suboxone, has the potential for negative effects on testosterone levels and sexual function, and the use of Suboxone is complicated when surgery is necessary. Short- or moderate-term use of Suboxone raises a host of additional questions, including how to convert from drug-induced remission, without desperation, to sober recovery, which often requires desperation.
I am aware I might have a kidnapper-empathy complex, but my dealer was not a bad woman. She has cancer and a proven chronic nerve condition and cannot work. Most likely she will not live long (even though she's maybe 40.) ...Plus she is divorced and has a kid. Luckily she is on longterm disability with health insurance.
You might want to think about see a Urologist. Did your Dr do a prostate exam? If so, was there any swelling?
sounds alot like what i went through... my doctor checked my testosterone levels and found out that they were very low (opiates stop your body from making testosterone) so my doc gave me a shot of testosterone and in 4 days i felt like a new man... now i get a shot of testosterone every two weeks and i feel great...
The Acupuncture will be most helpful for your depression and low energy, the Chiro Adjustment will do every part of you good - headaches, body aches - cause going through this is so stressful and gets everything so out of whack and the massage - well what can I say. Spoil yourself a little it'll simply give you a well deserved sense of well being :o) Have a great day!
My hubby to be is addicted to opiates. He is on suboxone and like the rest of the sub users he has NO SEX drive. WE have sex maybe 1 time every 2-4 months, he will not discuss it without getting upset and giving up. he has made a appt for some cream or gel they offer its a testosterone cream. He as well as everyone has no libido but just for sex. I am so aggravated with this, i except the addiction and the treatment. I can't get laid ever?
I know that the lower hormone levels could be a direct result of my drug abuse, but I abused drugs to self medicate for depression, and low testosterone causes depression... so which came first.. the chicken or the egg, the addiction or the depression.. wtf should I do? I'm so lost now... was I self medicating my depression or causing it... what do I do now? I'm soooo sad just because I am sooo lost...
I was on up to 300mg of oxycodone till VA put me on Bupenorphine (suboxone). I take 16mg a day and I am SO TIRED! Had my testosterone was fine. Don't know if this forum is's been a year and-a-half since precious post. But here goes: I was on up to 300mg of oxycodone till VA put me on Bupenorphine (suboxone). I take 16mg a day and I am SO TIRED! Had my testosterone was fine.
These are often prescribed for runners, sports injuries to joints, and those suffering from arthritis. Syva labs has recently reworked its Cannabinoid test and claims to have eliminated this problem. But a Science magazine article (July 8, 1988) lists Ibuprofen as cross reactive. Under the new government guidelines THC testing levels will be reduced to 50 nanograms. Many more THC false positives can be expected in 1994. Dristan Nasal Spray, Neosynephren, Vicks Nasal Spray, Sudafed, etc.
want to thank everybody on this site really dont think i would be clean today, tried so many times and failed, came here and got support and did it, my wife who said that she would be on suboxone rest of her life told me yesterday that she told her doctor she seen how much hapier i am and wanted to taper also! so this site will maybe kill 2 birds with one stone i hope! god bless all and happy recovery!!
I've heard that SSRIs can over time, actually lower the amt. of serotonin available in the brain. I also am low in vit D (very low), and am on 50K units/mo for that. My question is, under these circumstances, do you feel some attempt to raise serotonin levels would be worth a try? I've looked at the precursor, tryptophan, as well as 5HTP.
Gallbladder removal due to stabbing pain 2 years ago Medications: Testosterone Propranolol Suboxone - Currently tapering Basically, my stomach symptoms appear worse around anxious events, but can continue during relaxing weekends or for days after high anxiety events. My job is high pressure and I am not a "let it go" personality.
22 Think I must have slept for over 7hrs last night, feel a bit fluy and head a bit wooly, arms and legs ache a bit, energy low, but after the last week what can I expect, the birds a making a lovely racket this morning ( chorus anyone ).And blimey even a small thing like having a good old stretch is so pleasurable 7 DAYS 2 hrs NOW. ( CLEAN ).
I googled withdrawal symptoms and was linked to a site for suboxone (sp??). Has anyone tried that? Does it work? Is it worth it? I have not told my medical doctor about this b/c I don't want it in my medical records. I don't want my employer to find out. I don't want my family to find out. I just want to deal with this and get it over with. I have a therapist and am going to try to see him tomorrow. Should I see my medical doctor?
Fortunately, he does have several friends who were all in the same boat with opiates and Suboxone, and they all managed to get off opiates entirely. My boyfriend is now going to their very same doctor, and following their advice. I'm very glad they managed to get rid of opiates because it is making it seem like more of an achievable goal for him. He is getting strength from their success. I am not entirely aloof to the world of opiates myself.
Well, if this is not due to depression, then this can be due to diabetes, anemia, thyroid disorders, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, sleep disturbances, side effects of all the drugs you have been taking, or due to low testosterone. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined to rule out these conditions. If they are all ruled out, then you should consult a psychologist. Take care!
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